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How to Deploy a custom SAPUI5 on Fiori Launchpad

Not all SAPUI5 apps can be deployed on FIORI launchpad, there are some considerations that you need to take care while developing your app like –

– FIORI supports only XML Views

– Embed app in UIComponent

Assumptions – You already have a working SAPUI5 application

I had created this document for a workshop so this will have some naming conventions like studentXX etc. please excuse.

You can find the Link to the how to document here – How To Deploy an SAPUI5 App On Fiori Launchpad

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      • Hi Yugandhar,

        Your Component.js should have atleast the minimum code to call the view for eg:

        createContent : function() {

          var oViewData = {

          component : this


          return sap.ui.view({

          viewName : “”,

          type : sap.ui.core.mvc.ViewType.XML,

          viewData : oViewData


        you do not need to specify ZUI5_Ex1.Component, if ZUI_Ex1 is your component – just specify the component name ie ZUI_Ex1

        if this does not solve your issue, please open a new thread, a lot more people will be monitoring

  • Hi Babu,

    Is there any guide about this topic on HANA UIS?

    I am trying to deploy a customer UI5 app on a customer launchpad, but not success.

    What I have done includes create a new UI5 app, create a customer widget, create a customer launchpad. Also I have finished semantic object configuration.

    • Hi Chris,

      I am not aware of how this is done in Hana, you can check the launchpad designer in Hana to see how existing apps are configured.

      Best Regards


  • Babu,

    The tutorial is very help full. I have some issues that I facing deploying custom app’s to launch pad. We built app’s using latest sapui5 version 1.34 but our sap netweaver version is 7.4 which has 1.28 . When we test the app’s as standalone it’s working as expected as it uses index.html, but when deploy to launch pad it’s using component.js and which is referring to netweaver sapui5 version 1.28 causing app’s to fail(Our Basis mentioned that to have 1.34 sapui5 library we need have sap netweaver 7.5).

    Do you have any recommendation to address this version issues because our basis team is not planning to upgrade sap netweaver version to 7.5 in near future.

    Also can you please provide some guidance to launch external app’s from firoi launch pad that got built using angularjs or jQurey.



  • Hello friend, I have an app of type SAPUI5 Mobile Kapsel Starter Application. This kind of apps haven´t the file Component.js, How can I upload this kind of apps to the Fiori Launchpad?


    These are the files of my project.


    I need to do this because I need to have access to the camera. So I need to use the application by the Fiori Mobile Client.

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