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Performance factors of Webi Reports in BI 4.x

Hi All,

Environment : BI 4.1 .

Reporting Database : BW 7.4 SP3.

Recently we migrated to BI 4.1 SP3 from BI 4.0 SP6.

From then reports in BI 4.1 launchpad was taking so much time compared to BI 4.0 and BI 4.1 Rich Client.

There was drastic change in performance .A report which is running in 30 sec in BI 4.1 Rich client and BI 4.0 SP6 was taking >10 minutes in BI 4.1 launchpad.

Below tasks helped us to achieve the performance again.
1.Disabling logs:

-Go to CMC,navigate to the servers and then webi processing server.

-Right click and go to properties.

-Set log level as “None”

-Do the same for all webi processing server.

-Same step you have to follow for rest of the servers.

-For only CMS keep log level as “Unspecified”.

2.Delete logs:

-Go to Installing Directory of BusinessObjetcs\SAP BusinessObjects\SAPBusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\logging directory.

-Delete all unwanted logs(.glf files).

3.Clear Cache:

-Go to Installing Directory of BusinessObjetcs\SAP BusinessObjects\SAPBusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Data directory.

-Take back up of all the content inside it and delete everything.

4.Clear Tomcat cache:

-Stop Tomcat.

-Go to Installing Directory of BusinessObjetcs\SAPBusinessObjects\Tomcat\work\Catalina\localhost.

-Take back up of all the content inside it and delete everything.

-Start Tomcat.

After performing all these steps, Restart SIA.

In Addition to above , we can consider below points also for better performance.

A. If source to webi is .UNV

– Change the connection pool mode to ‘Disconnect after each transaction’.

– Increase the Array fetch size to 1000.

– In Universe Parameters, click on the Parameters tab and change the setting DISABLE_ARRAY_FETCH_SIZE_OPTIMIZATION from the default of “No”, to “Yes” and click the “Replace” button, then Ok to save the


B.Disable Connection Server Trace

Modify cs.cfg In Windows this is located in the following

directory C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dataAccess\connectionServer Set the

following parameter to this value <Traces Active=”No”>

C.Follow the SAP NOTE:1930558

How to utilize the 64-bit SAP BAPI driver with UNV universes in BI 4.x (Windows) .

Thanks to Sabari Vasan.S for his valuable sharing

Please post if you have any other points to consider for better performance. 🙂

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      • Interesting. Thanks. I'm wondering if it's a BW handshake issue or a general performance issue.

        We've not noticed any significant performance differences reporting over Oracle betweeen 4.1 SPs 2 and 3. I've always recommended an Array Fetch Size of 1000 as a starting pointing in XI3 and BO4, so that's decent advice from you and good to see that my opinion on it is valid too!.

        One thing that was key that I found when working over BW in XI3.1 was that all your patches should be up to date on BW and we kept having to check back that we were on the right Service Packs and Fix Packs. As our main BW developer at the time said, "this is as flaky as it was ten years ago!"

        • Mark,

          We too disappointed by that performance degrade.But I'm sure this will not be the case for all the upgrades.I guess something went wrong on installation.In our other upgrade : from BI 4.0 SP6 to BI 4.1 we didn't faced any issues 😛

          In your case ,those updates may be for getting use of latest supportability. 🙂

          • I work for an investment bank and there are a lot of complicated calculations that have to be done at report level with multi-level calculation contexts and so on. They and graphs were the main things we had trouble with converting from XI3.1 - the installation of SP3 improved the conversion process so that we didn't waste weeks rewriting formula. 🙂