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Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Mobile Phone

/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/smartphone_312816_640_477114.jpgWorldwide mobile phone sales in 2013 to end users totaled 1.8 billion units. That’s a massive amount of phones being sold on the market, which also means a huge and ever increasing number of users are buying and using these phones.

But the question is – Are these people choosing the right phones to use? There is a good chance that out of the more than 4 billion people using a mobile phone, there will be many who have chosen the wrong phone. They’ve made certain mistakes that have prevented them from getting hands on a phone that comes good on all their expectations. The phone they choose is not necessarily bad but it just doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Why does this happen? This happens because they’ve made many of these mistakes:

  1. Taken in By Design Rather than Functionality

There are some phones that have striking good looks but lack functionality. The problem here is that it’s the design that has lured its users into buying the phone. Without really going through its functional attributes or the lack of them, they bought the phone purely because it looked good. That’s one of the worst mistakes you can ever make. Yes, some of the best phones have tremendous visual appeal but there are some phones that are only about form and no function. You need to stay away from such phones.

  2. You Wanted a Smartphone but bought a Feature Phone or Vice Versa

There is a difference between a feature phone and smartphone and mistakes happen when users don’t understand this difference (however subtle) and buy one when they want the other. Some people think if it’s a touch screen phone it’s got to be a smartphone. That actually isn’t the case because there are a number of features phones available on the market that offer touch screen functionality.

Features phones are the in-between phones that occupy space between traditional mobile phones and the smartphones. They have apps but do not typically support third party apps. Also, they are powered by a proprietary operating system that is by no means as powerful as the mobile operating systems running smartphones. Also, the multimedia capabilities of smartphones are far superior to that of features phones.

Smartphones can best be categorized as a mobile computer that can be your entertainment hub, gaming console, office workstation, camera, video recorder and editor and a whole lot more all rolled into one.

So be very sure what you want to buy. If you want to buy a smartphone, zero in on the different choices available; however, if you do not want the extensive features that such phones bring to the table, go for feature phones.

  3. Not Going Through Mobile Phone Price List

Smartphones, especially Android devices are available across a broad price range. There are those models that are sold at what can be called ‘dirt cheap rates’ and then there are others that are in the ‘budget range’ and if you are willing to pay through your nose, then you can go for the really high end phones available in the market. The mistake many buyers make is that they don’t take a close look at a mobile phone price list. They zero in on a few expensive phones that some people are talking about without bothering to find out if there are cheaper models available in the market that are more in line with their budget. 

When you buy a phone you need to strike a balance between your price and your needs. Otherwise, you’ll never be happy with it.

  4. You listen to Everybody Else but Yourself

Everybody will have an opinion on the kind of phone you must buy and at times politeness demands that you listen to all of them. Mistakes happen when you don’t take time out to do some research of your own and depend too much on the opinion of friends and family. You will do well to remember that it’s you who are going to use the phone and not anybody else. You are the one who will pay for it, so it must be your choice and yours alone. For e.g. if your friends are iPhone enthusiasts and are pressuring you to buy an iPhone, don’t blindly choose the device. Make sure you know everything there is to know about the phone and compare it with other options available in the market. If you think there is another smartphone that suits your needs and requirements best, go for it. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a phone just because your friends are telling you to.

  5. You Can’t Wait for the Purchase to be Over and Done With

The number of mobile phone options that you’ll have to pick from is confusing, so much so that some buyers just want to get the purchase process over and done with as soon as possible. The problem here is – you need to take your time to choose the right phone. It is a process that requires some effort. If you go ahead and choose the first phone that you come across just because you think researching for more phones is a waste of time, you will end up making a choice that might or might not be perfect for you. Leaving things to chance is never a good idea. More often than not, such decisions never work out the way they are supposed to.

To conclude 

It’s important to avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article and the many others that you might make otherwise your mobile phone will not deliver the ROI you expect. The dissatisfaction this leads to might see you searching for a new phone to replace your existing device. This is a sheer waste of money. Why get into all this. All it requires for you to buy a phone that takes care of all your needs and requirements is to put some time in reading about the latest phones available in the market, going through customer reviews that are easily available online and only then zeroing in on the phones that you believe is the best pick for you. The idea is to make an informed decision and not an uninformed one.

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