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How about updating a BDC field with Dynamic value using a Search String?

This is the first time I am writing any blog in my life, so please bear in case its not in a structured manner. πŸ˜‰
Pre requisite: The reader should be aware of the use of Search strings in the Electronic bank statement (preferable MT940 file format).
A couple of years back when I started learning the configurations of Electronic bank statement, I bumped into this sap node in the SPRO path called, ” Define Search String for Electronic bank Statement”. I was amazed with the use of this functionality and the power it provides to the functional consultant to meet the basic requirements with no involvement of ABAP developer.
While going through the SAP help document for this node I found various usage of this search string and how we can populate the required value in the target fields of any accounting document. There are some basic frequently used fields like cost center, profit center which are provided as default target fields in configuration step of ‘Search string use’. In case the required field is not available then you can use the option of BDC fields as the target field.
While reading the details on the use of BDC fields in the help document (see below snapshot) I realize that it only talks about identifying a string of data from the Bank statement and then passing a fixed value to the required BDC field.
But, then I asked myself, ” What if my data in the file is not the same always and I need to get this dynamically varying data from the bank statement to fill the same BDC field?”.
Do I need to create ‘n’ number of search strings based on each value that appears in the bank statement? or Is there any other option?
Eureka!! πŸ™‚
After a few trial and error methods, I found the below solution or work around or whatever you would like to call it out.. πŸ˜‰
Lets take a scenario that based on some identifiers appearing in your bank statement, you need to populate the Reference key 3 (XREF3) field of the accounting document with some data from the bank statement itself.
Lets assume we are using MT940 file format for the Electronic bank statement and below is a sample data of tag 61 and tag 86.
Now, in the above example we are doing some FOREX transactions (like hedging) with the bank for which the reference contract number is as highlighted above. If we want to populate this contract number in the XREF3 field or another field of the SAP accounting document then we can do it with the below trick πŸ˜‰ ,
Assumption: the contract number (length 6 digits) always follows after /SR/CONTRACTXXXXXX in the tag 86 of the file. This acts as an identifier for us. In case you are not able to identify a fixed value then you can consult with your respective bank or ask them to add a fixed identifier before the required data.

Step 1: Define first search string say ‘String1’
Srch strg name: String1
Description: Identify data sequence from the file.
Search string: /SR/CONTRACT######
Mapping: empty, empty…. empty (i.e. you need to keep the mapping value as empty).

Step 2: Define another search string say ‘String2’ whose search string definition is same as the first one but with slight change in the mapping value.
Srch strg name: String2
Description: Getting the contract number from the file.
Search string: /SR/CONTRACT######
Mapping: empty, empty…. empty,#,#,#,#,#,# (i.e. you need to only map the # digits as it is and rest keep it empty).
Step 3: Assign the Search String ‘String1’ defined in step 1 to the correct target fields.
In this step add your required details like company code, house bank, account ID, etc. with Search string as ‘String1’, corresponding target field as ‘BDC field name 1’ and in the Mapping Prefix enter the field name i.e. BSEG-XREF3 in our case.
Step 4: Assign the Search String ‘String2’ defined in step 2 to the correct target fields.
In this step add your required details like company code, house bank, account ID, etc. with Search string as ‘String2’, corresponding target field as ‘BDC field value 1’. The Mapping Prefix field will be blank in this case as the value would be determined from the file itself based on the search string definition.

That’s it you are ready to dynamically get the value from the file. πŸ™‚

Didn’t you realize the trick.. πŸ˜‰  
No… πŸ™‚ well below is the explanation,

In case you read the SAP help document (see the first snapshot) then it asks to maintain the target field as ‘BDC field name 1’ and ‘BDC field value 1’ for the same search string and thus we are only able to pass a fixed value via mapping prefix to the BDC field of the accounting document.

In my case, we define two search string which is having the same definition but different mapping rule. Here, the first search string is used to identify the sequence in the tag 86 of the bank statement and if its successful then it will fill the target field ‘BDC field name 1’ with BSEG-XREF3 (as per our example). While the second search string (having the same definition) will be used to identify the dynamic value from the file and then to fill the target field ‘BDC field value 1’  as ‘XXXXXX’ (from the file) i.e. value for the BDC field BSEG-XREF3.

As the definition of both the search string is same, then either both will be successful or both will be failed. There won’t be any case were either of them is successful and this is the Trick πŸ˜‰ which I have used to identify the BDC field name with first search string and then the BDC field value with the second search string.

This really works. Try it out and let me know your results πŸ™‚

Please share your suggestions, corrections or any other pointers in the comments section.

Thanks again for reading this blog πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: The above work around mentioned is based on my personal experience and is not copied or referred from anywhere else.

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  • Hi Nikhil..

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with respect to updating of dynamic values by using search string in EBS.

    My customer had similar requirement to update some text in SGTXT field and your document was very useful.

    Initially my search string was not working because I was filling Transaction type field as UNALLOCATED (since the same is being used for posting rules) but when I kept it as worked!!!

    Thanks again..


    Seema Saboo

    • Hi Seema,


      I faced the same request from my customer.

      I did the setup the same as this message, but I still cannot get the text updated as what I want.

      step 1:

      step 2

      step 3 and 4

      EBS file example: customer name follows "B/O CUSTOMER=", user wants to show customer name in the post document line item.

      but with above setup, the customer name is not showing in the document line text still.

      can you share me how you did? Appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Nikhil,

    Very good work.. thanks for sharing the knowledge..

    do you have any idea, if a search string can be created based on text in tag 61?



    • Hi Nitin,

      The search string only works on the 'note to payee' field information which gets updated in the table FEBRE. There is any OSS note ( can't remember the number now) which can bring some part of the text from tag 61 to the note to payee field section so that search string can work on this. Please check SCN or SAP Support portal to find that OSS note number.

      Thanks & Regards

      Nikhil Kothari

  • Hi Nikhil,

    thanks for this piece of very useful information! I had a similar issue where I would have to define like 20 different search strings for every value I want to populate.

    I will add my piece of experience - it works also with Z fields (table COBL) and Nitin Tulsyan search strings work with any type of bank statement (I am using them for XML). You only need to get the information to FEBRE.



  • Hi Nihhil and community:

    Your post was very helpful for my requirement, basically I have to extract a 10digits deposit# from segment61 of a MT940 and put in the assignment field of the 2 line items of the document. Following your guide I could do it for only 1 of the 2 line items (the first one). Could you please give me additional advice how to put it in the 2 line item? Thanks in advance for your prompt help.

    Scenario Information:

    MT940: 10 digits deposit is highlighted in blue.


    OT51: I am using external transaction 681 + (Deposit)


    Search String: I defined two 1) BS_DO_COL_DEP#_STA1 defining only the search string, but no mapping  and 2) BS_DO_COL_DEP#_STA1A repeating the search string, but including desired mapping.

    Search String only.JPG

    Search string plus mapping .JPG

    Search String Use: I created 2 lines

    LINE1) Scenario combination using the string name = BS_DO_COL_DEP#_STA1 (Search string only), target field = BDC Field Name1 = BSEG-ZUONR.

    LINE2) Scenario combination using the string name = BS_DO_COL_DEP#_STA1 (Search string plus desired mapping) target field = BDC field Value1 = empty.


    Result after FF_5 (Upload MT940): Doc FI was created, but the 10digits deposit# is in the assignment field of the 1st line item, not in the 2nd line item. (it is the missing part, needing your help!!!)

    Result FI Doc.JPG

    FEBRE Content:


    Thanks again.

    Julio Lo

    • Hi Julio,

      Thanks for this kind reply. As of now I don't have system access so I cannot replicate your scenario. But I see below possibilities,
      1) There is another field for BDC line number to which search string can be assigned along with the BDC field name and value field which you have already done. You check the SAP SPRO documentation note for search string. So, you would need to aad two more assignments giving the line numbers where the mapping value needs to be updated.
      2) The might be an existing custom logic to update the text field trying getting this scenario debug by an ABAPer.

      Thanks & Regards
      Nikhil Kothari

      • Nikhil and Community,

        I found the root cause, there was a FI substitution replacing the assignment value defined by search string customizing. I deactivated the FI substitution and works fine.

        I also recommend to check other customized code overwriting your search string result. for example exits, badis, btes or enhancements. In my case, I had the bad luck that the enhancement "*TRE_I300024_GL_UPDATE_POST" was also implemented, we realized it after hours of FF_5 debbuging.

        I hope it helps.


        • Hi Julio,

          As I suspected your issue was related to some other custom logic.

          Good to know you found the root cause and this blog helped you for your solution.  



    • Hi Atul,

      I believe you are referring to reference key 3 field for credit line item. Check my blog the example I shared was for reference key 3 field. For hitting the specific line item check you accounting entry and at which line item the credit item appears  i.e. line item 1 or 2. According pass the value for 'BDC account type' as 0,1,2,3 check the screen shot in the blog or help document in the search string node for more details.

      0 - posting area 1 line item 1.

      1 - posting area 2 line item 1.

      2 - posting area 1 line item 2.

      3 - posting area 2 line item 2.

      In case still stuck then share an example of your data and current configuration so that I can provide specific inputs.


      Nikhil Kothari

  • /
  • /
  • Hi Nikhil,

    I like to update the reference Key 3 on Debit and credit line item... as of now only able to update reference key 3 for debit line.But same I have to update it in Credit Line item .for Clearing purpose .

    Appreciate your help.

    Best Regards

    Atul Khosla.

    • Hi Atul,

      I see that you have not used the option of "BDC account type" in your configuration. So, this means that ideally the reference key should be updated for both the line items (debit and credit).

      Is the document getting posted based on current settings? check the FSG for the credit GL account to see if XREF3 is available for input or not.

      Thanks & Regards

      Nikhil Kothari

  • Dear Nikhi,

    Now the issue  for Clearing document  both the XREF3 are getting updated with check number. along with this I have set a clearing rule in OB74 for XREF3 But when I excute F.13 Automatic clearing I am not able to find any item in it with it.

    Best Regards,

    Atul Khosla

    • Hi Atul,

      If you can share with examples of EBS posting and then expected results from clearing program F.13 then I would be help you better.

      Thanks & Regards

      Nikhil Kothari

      • Dear Nikhil,

        We have done EBS IN MT940 format. From format it updates Ref key3 which is given in MT940 Format.

        Lets take a simple Example here. When Payment is made to vendor the entry passed is Vendor a/c    DR.

             To Outgoing Bank...

        And when Bank Reco is Done the Entry generated is:

        Outgoing bank  A/c Dr.

             To Main Bank.

        So my credit and debit line of outgoing bank have same reference key 3 info i.e check number it should be clear automatically clear on the basis of rule set in OB74 as below

        We have set Rule in OB74. With Criteria 1  XREF3 ie Reference field 3.

        and when execute F.13 for outgoing bank account clearing does not happen please refer below screen shots.

        Screen Shot 1.png/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/ob74_852365.png/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/f_13_852367.png

        • Hi Atul,

          As per the OB74 settings I see the GL account range given is from A to Z but your selection screen of transaction F.13 shows GL account number as 100027. So, I dont think your OB74 settings are correct. You check this by following approach.

          1) You can do a manual test i.e. post F110 document and then manually post the bank reco posting with correct expected check number in XREF3 field. After this execute F.13, if the documents are cleared then check your OB74 configuration.

          2) If F.13 works above then check the XREF3 field in the document posted through EBS whether or not then field contains any white spaces. If it does then this might be the cause of the issue.

          Thanks & Regards

          Nikhil Kothari

  • Hi Friends,

    Need some help to setting up a search string with SGTXT. I have a requirement to update to setup a search string to automate a specific postings & copy some text from note to payee to BSEG-SGTXT.


    1. Search String created with textΒ KKR ZENTRALKASSE DES BUNDES this will map to a new posting rule to automate the postings.
    2. There is another line in the Note to payee which contains text "KFZ-STEUER FUER HH VX 3986 FUER DIE" the number will change on each line of the statement.
    3. I have created a search string 1 with "KFZ-STEUER FUER HH VX #### FUER DIE" with no mapping
    4. Search string 2 withΒ KFZ-STEUER FUER HH VX XXXX FUER DIE where mapping with "KFZ-STEUER FUER HH VX 3986 FUER DIE"
    5. Assigned String 1 with BDC-Field 1 - BSEG-SGTXT
    6. Assigned String 2 with blank.

    Result - Same, unable to populate SGTXT from Note to payee.