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Finding KPI’s Where Used in Bex Queries.

To find the KPI’s (CKF, RKF,Formula) where used in Bex queries.

Access required to SE11/SE16, SE37.


Steps to Follow

  1. Go to SE11/SE16
  2. Enter the View Name – V_COMPDIR_COMPIC


3.Select a Definition type of an Element with A version, I am selecting  RKF here.


4. Execute and get the COMPUID .


5. Go to SE37 , use the FM RSZ_DB_COMP_WHERE_USED


6.Input the COMPUID  got from STEP 4 into I_COMPUID


7.After Execution you will get the where used list entries as highlighted/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/5_477632.png

8. 9 Entries shown below. Since i have chose RKF, the list shows the RKF’s used in CKF’s and the query names


PS : You can get the COMPUID  from the table  RSZELTDIR .By choosing the needed element definitions , input the COMPUID in the FM.

Hope this helps….

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