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Enterprise Search – Use additional fields in CRM 7.0 EHP 1 with contact person search as example


We want to use additonal fields in the enterprise search for contact persons and we have CRM 7.0 EHP1.

Step 1: Create new template set.

Use the same component set as teh original, e.g. BP_APPL for contact persons.

Transaction CRM_ES_WB.


Step 2: Copy template CRM_CONTACT in this newly created template set.


The target template ID has to start with Z.

Step 3: Adjust “Search”, “Result” and “Select”-Flags for the attributes


Step 4: Transfer templates


We used BBPCRM.

Step 5: Configure extraction user for indexing.

We used DDIC.


Step 6: Create new search object connector

Transaction ESH_COCKPIT.


Step 7: Schedule indexing

Delete previous content.


Step 8: If errors happend, start indexing in GUI.



Step 9: Test connector


The new atttributes should be available now.


Step 10: Set namespace /1CRMES/ as changeable


Step 11: Create search-query-structures



Step 12: Test query in BOL-browser


Step 13: Add new query in customizing for enterprise search

SPRO: CRM – UI Framework – Technical Role Definition – Define Central Search


Step 14: Clear cache of central search


Execute method CLEAR_CACHE



Good luck when implementing.

Thomas Wagner

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  • Do you know if the CRM_ES_STRUC_GEN report is still required in EHP3 SP06?

    I would like to add to the result view the custom attribute I added in the modeler. In my case, the corresponding GenIL object is CRM_ACCOUNT_ESResult. I therefore think I have to modify it if I want my attribute to be displayed in the result view.

    So I ran CRM_ES_STRUC_GEN with the following parameters:

    CRM_ES_STRUC_GEN Report.png

    But at the end, it asks me for an access key, as it tries to modify the standard /1CRMES/CRM_ACCOUNT_R structure. I don't want to provide the access key unless I'm sure that is the good thing to do.

    CRM_ES_STRUC_GEN Report.png