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Setting up SAP Web IDE with On-Premise System

Nov 3, 2014: Note: SAP River RDE has been rebranded as Web IDE. So the title has been changed. Rest of the info are not changed.

Hi Friends,

I set up my River RDE with my on premise Gateway Server and wanted to share this experience. I see several videos on working with RDE, but did not find an end to end guide on setting up RDE to communicate with my On Premise system; so thought of creating a video around it.

Part 1: Gives an Overview of what we are going to do. A little about Cloud Connector and the landscape in question is explained here.

Part 2: Here we will set up Hana Cloud Connector and expose Gateway Server with paths for oData service and UI5 repository.

Part 3: In this part we set up our Cloud account with Subscription to RDE and destinations to connect to exposed resources in Gateway server.

Hope it is useful.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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  • HI,

    I followed the videos and  done as same.I can connect to Gateway system and I am getting all services in the system when I was trying to create new Project.

    But when I was trying to extend my fiori application I am not getting drop down box in the system field .

    Below is the screen shot.


    The mapping  to the Cloud connector is like below.


    My Hana cloud server is in One system and my RDE is in another system

    Please guide me where I have done mistake.



  • hi krishna,

    I am successfully able to run and get service after connecting to my gateway system.But unable to deploy my app on sapui5 abap repository.Have done the settings as mention by you.



    Can anyone suggest something??

  • Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for sharing .

    Im getting an error while connecting to the initial configuration in  hana cloud connector administrator.There are 2 different errors .

    1) Configuration XML was not updated.

    2)An Authorized problem occured when downloading the configuration.Check the spelling of your account/user/password:401 & 403 :forbidden

    Please advise.



  • Hi Krishna,

    Thanks for the helpful videos.

    In your second video, you mention about downloading the SAP JVM.

    But the link is no longer available. Is the SAP JVM really necessary to use hana cloud connector?

    Also, I have noticed that the cloud connector is not supported for windows8.x. Is this true? Please confirm.

    Thanks in advance.



    • Hi Prerana,

      Ya even I have faced the same issue. But got it solved by pasting the file "sapscc20jni.dll" from the auditor folder of the HCC's directory to System32 directory of the windows.

  • Hi Krishna,

    I get the below error in Web IDE:

    grd-adt error.PNG

    What could it be? Have I missed something? I have done the set exactly as you mentioned in your second video.



    grd-adt error.PNG
  • /
  • Hi Krishna,

    Now a days I'm getting an error while connecting to hana cloud connector . What could it be?

    Im using the SAP JVM 7.1.0_24 latest version .

    hana cloud err.jpg



    hana cloud err.jpg
  • HI Krishna,

    Due to Transition from RDE to WEBIDE whether the Additional 3 properties that to be created will be changed.I mean for say,WEBIDEEnables something like that.