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Simplified SAP Lumira Server Feature Configuration

After SAP Lumira Server installation there are a variety of features such as publishing data from SAP lumira desktop to SAP Lumira server or enablement of the discovery service that need to be configured in order for SAP Lumira Server to take advantage of them. The configuration includes assigning the role to a technical HANA user and configuring SQLCC connections. These steps are needed for backend processes. With the SAP Lumira Server 1.17 release we have improved the post-install configuration and the SAP Lumira Server Configuration application will help administrators to easily and fast set up these configurations.

The following features can be configured using the configuration tile

  • Publishing – Allow users to publish stories from SAP Lumira to SAP Lumira Server.
  • Extensions – Enable the consumption of third-party chart extensions.
  • Self-service Analytics – Set the SQL connections betweenthe SAP HANA repository and SAP Lumira Server.
  • Discover – Enable a job scheduler to automatically provisiondatasets as a background task, reducing the wait time when generating related visualizations
  • Data Acquisition – Allow users to create datasets from CSV and XLSX files.

In this blog I will describe how to run the post-install configuration.


  • You must use a SAP Lumira user assigned to the BI_CONFIGURATOR role, and a technical user assigned to BI_TECH_USER must exist.
  • You must have access to SAP Fiori.
    use this URL:
    Replace <HOSTNAME> with the name of your SAP HANA server. Replace <INSTANCE> with the number of the SAP HANA instance that SAP Fiori is
    deployed on.
  • If you are working with SAP Fiori on ABAP you must configure the catalog before SAP Lumira can be added. Please see the “To configure the SAP Fiori catalog on an ABAP application server” section of the SAP Lumira Server Installation Guide

Adding the Configuration tile to SAP Fiori

The post-install configuration is done in SAP Fiori. You need to add the Configuration tile to your SAP Fiori launchpad.

    1. Log on to SAP Fiori.
    2. Click the symbol at the upper-left corner of the SAP Fiori launchpad, and click Open Catalog to open the Tile Catalog.
    3. Open the SAP Lumira Administration catalog
    4. The SAP Lumira Administration catalog contains two tiles
      • Manag Extensions: allows you to add, remove and update extension to SAP Lumira Server. For more information see SAP Lumira Server: Managing extensions
      • Configuration: enables you to quickly perform post-install configurations for SAP Lumira Server.
    5. Drag and drop the Configuration tile in to the Administration group (or any other group) or alternatively check the + sign under the tiles, which will also add it to the My Home group.
      add to homepage.png
    6. Use the back button to navigate back to the homepage
    7. You can now see the tile on the homepage

Initial SAP Lumira Server Configuration

  1. Open the Configuration application from your SAP Fiori launchpad
  2. As SAP Lumira Server has just been installed none of the features are configured. You have the option to configure all features with the same technical user or choose a different technical user for each feature. It is recommended to use the same user. Clicking on Learn More will show details about what configuration will be performed.
  3. Enter SAP_BI_TECH_USER into the tech box and press the “Run Configuration” button that is now enabled.
    • Note: You can use any other user name for your technical user, however the HANA user does have to exist on the system already
      run Configuration.png
  4. The configuration is now running. Once completed press the OK button
  5. The SAP_BI_TECH_USER has been configured with the appropriate roles. It is possible to edit the configuration by pressing the Edit button

All needed rights have been configured. This application can also be used to confirm configuration in case of an issue. If someone for some reason  removed the needed user or some rights in HANA Studio, then the configuration application will indicate that it is not completely configured. If you are running into issues, you may check this configuration application first to see whether rights and role-wise everything is set up.

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  • Hi Christina,

    Great blog! Works very well! Love to see these simplified options to setup initial configurations!

    With kind regards,

    Martijn van Foeken

  • All I get on the fiori page is a spinning flower. Beautiful as it is, I’d like to get to the useful stuff. I’ve tried logging in as the XS Admin, as the BI Configurator, still blue flower. What am I doing wrong?

  • Thanks Christina for nice and Informative blog.

    I have installed Lumira Server 1.18 and working on post installation configuration. I have one query in that context. In the above blog you have mentioned that “ The configuration includes assigning the role to a technical HANA user and configuring SQLCC connections. These steps are needed for backend processes.” Does the configuration steps you have shown above take care of SQLCC connection set up as well or does it require some additional steps?



    • Hi Abhijt,

      The configuration steps above also takes care of the ‘SQLCC’ connection setup. If you click on ‘Learn More’ next to the ‘Data Acquisition’ feature more information is displayed of what the actual feature represents.


      With kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken

        • Hi,

          I did the configurations as mentioned in the blog above. I created following users with mentioned roles.

          LSADMIN – and

          LUMIRADEV –

          LUMIRADEMO –

          I logged into SAP Fiori with LSADMIN and successfully added Configuration Tile to New Group “SAP Lumira Server” and Configured all the roles for LUMIRATECH user that has role assigned. It was successful.


          After this when I tried to publish a story (created using excel data) to SAP Lumira Server with LUMIRADEV user, I am getting below error.


          Please help.



          • Hi Christina,

            Yes. I am using LUMIRADEV user that I have created as Analyst and have assigned BI_DATA_ANALYST role as mentioned in your blog.

            As a random trial I assigned MODELLING role to LUMIRADEV user and also granted SELECT rights on LUMIRADEV schema to _SYS_REPO with grant option. Post that I noticed, I could publish Stories created on HANA in online mode to Lumira Server with out any issue but still having same issue for other data sources e.g. HANA Offline, Excel etc.

            Please let me know if there are any additional rights required for LUMIRADEV user.



  • Hi Christina,

    When i click on the configuration tile, i get a “Could not start the app due to an internal error”

    Do you know what could be the issue?



    • Hi Kriti,

      Could you specify your versions of Lumira Server and HANA? You could open your browser’s developer tools (F12 in IE, Ctrl+Shift+I in Chrome), and observe network traffic and console outputs to see if you can get a more detailed error information.



      • Hi Boris,

        I am using Lumira server 1.22 and HANA 91 revision.

        Nevermind though, I was able to fix the issue. 🙂

        Thanks for helping anyways.



  • Hi Christina,

    I am using SP09 HANA Rev 95

    Lumira Server Version – 1.23

    I am getting the following error while making Lumira Configuration.

    Can you please help to resolve this Issue.


    • Hi,

      If you need to – Please could you open your own Discussion thread, rather than comment on a blog? 

      I hate to say it, but HANA rev95 isn’t supported with Lumira Server 23 – according to its PAM compatibility pages.