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“SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA” 30 Day Trial… and what is next?

Hopefully you did have a chance already to use one of our latest trial – SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA – and you were able to experience some of the new capabilities, for example SAP Fiori – by yourself.. If not, please follow this [Blog] and enjoy your experience of SAP ERP on SAP HANA integrated with SAP Fiori and SAP HANA Live as well as Access Control.

This trial offer is based on the SAP ERP Foundation Extension rapid-deployment solution (RDS) as a fully activated appliance in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL). For a detailed scope of this RDS solution, please read the [Blog] or take a look at the site here.

Now, what if you want to use the landscape for a longer period than the 30 day trial?

What if you want to do more in the landscape, than just following the provided demo scenarios?

Perhaps you want to add more SAP Fiori apps, or create your own scenarios or use your own data?

If those are questions that you are already asking yourself, perhaps the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription with the SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA appliance is the right solution. [Direct Link on SAP Store]

Using the SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA subscription solution, you have access to the exact the same technical layer as the trial solution:

  • •SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 07
  • •SAP HANA SP07
  • •SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP02
  • •Fiori
  • •SAP Lumira Server 1.15

It provides the same business scope:

  • •80+ business processes across Finance, Controlling, Manufacturing, Order to Cash, and Procure to Pay
  • •60+ Fiori apps offering a personalized, responsive and simple user experience for enterprise-wide engagement
  • •50+ SAP HANA Live reports for real time operational reporting on live transactional data

As part of the subscription you can keep the system as long as you wish! More exiting is that you can develop your own applications and build your own reports based on your very own data. Why not create your own Fiori application? Or try out to extend the HANA VDMs and create your own Lumira report on that!

In addition to these great benefits, the subscription is also giving you access to the complete library of appliance. So not only could you leverage the SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA appliance, but you could also use the SAP CRM on SAP HANA appliance or the SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA.

The prerequisites for using the subscription solutions are:

  • You need a S-User with a buyer role assigned.
  • You need your own Amazon Web Service account and the Security Credentials – Ideally with VPC setup (VPN into your corporate DC). Check how here
  • You do need valid SAP Software Product Licenses as the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription model is working in a “Bring Your Own License (BYOL)” model.
  • SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription package – can be purchased via SAP Store [] (electronic Purchase Order) or via your Account Manager (material number: 8000610) 

Follow the steps below to create your subscription based solution:

1) Log on to SAP Cloud Appliance Library via

2) Subscribe to an SAP Cloud Appliance Library solution by choosing Unlock the full library. You might extend the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription package at this step.

3) Create an account for the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. As the user who has created the account, you become an account owner and can assign other users to your account. For more information, see Creating an Account.

4) Browse for the SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA in the Solutions tab page and activate it for the SAP Cloud Appliance Library account. For more information, see Activating Solutions. Note that, only when you have the valid software license, the SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA can be activated under the Solution tab.

5) Select the activated solution and create a solution instance. For more information, see Creating a Solution Instance

6) Connect to the solution instance. For more information, see Connecting to a Solution Instance.

    More CAL related operations can be found here

7) Now follow the attached Virtual Appliance Configuration Guide to the solution, execute the technical settings described before you explore the business scenario.

If you are a SAP Partner, you should definitely look into the following useful information sources:

Think about your individual use case; choose the right one and start!

PS, read also this interesting blog [What is this CAL subscription fee about?]

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    • hi Anil,

      that is correct. Indeed we are going to publish an updated trial with Simple Finance1503 included, stay tuned with us, it should be published in these two days.

      regards, XH

    • hi Anil,

      we will have an investigation on that.

      which solution are you using? The trial version or the SAP CAL paid version?

      – Xiaohua

        • hi Anil,

          The trial solution works with the defined scope. The error message you sent is related to a missing ODATA service implementation ( data provider class not found ). This ODATA service is likely to be /IWFND/OM_MED_CATAL*. This ODATA service /IWFND/OM_MED_CATAL* is not part of the solution scope. It is not clear for us how you tried to implement that. Without checking in your system, we cannot make any judgment.

          Please be noticed that it is not compliant with the Trial solution Terms and Conditions to do any development kind activities. Instead, there is a SAP CAL paid edition for the same solution for any additional usage beyond trial.

          best, Xiaohua