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Requesting and Applying SAP HANA License key and installation for SAP HANA databases

How to Install SAP HANA License. Data required for the license key request.How to request for SAP HANA License Key. Authorizations to apply SAP HANA License. How to get Hardware key and installation number.  Apply  HANA license.

You must request a license key in the following cases:

  • The current license key is about to expire.
  • You have changed the hardware. As a result, the hardware key has changed. Your database continues to run with a temporary license key that was generated automatically.
  • There is a change of the main memory amount.
  • A change of the system ID of your existing SAP HANA database is planned, for example, due to recovering, copying, and/or renaming. A valid license key for the new system ID must be available for the change to avoid a system standstill.
  • If there is a change of the installation number due to the reassignment of a system.

To request a license key, you require an S user and the “Request License Key” authorization for the installation number or customer number you require. If you do not have the required authorization, or if you do not have an S user, create a message under XX-SER-SAPSMP-USR.


If your SAP system runs in combination with an SAP HANA database, note that you must create two systems and system IDs. Create one system ID (SID) for the SAP system as usual, and create the second SID for the SAP HANA database. Do not request the SAP HANA database license key for an existing system. Procedure:To request your license key, always access SAP Service Marketplace at (this is a simple and safe way to request your license key).

1) Data required for the license key request:      

        ->Installation number

        ->System ID

        ->System type

        ->SAP product

        ->Product version

        ->Hardware key

        ->Operating system

        ->Main memory amount in GB

Info: All the incoming requests are processed automatically within a few hours (maximum processing time: three working days).

2) Determining the hardware key and the SID You can get this information in SAP HANA studio from the Properties page of the system as below:

  • In the SAP HANA studio, select your system in the navigator -> right click -> Properties -> License tab.
  • In the navigation area, choose the option to display the license. Note that you require the system authorization LICENSE ADMIN to access this page.

3) License key requestProceed as described below to create a license key request on SAP Service Marketplace at

On the “Request license keys” tab page, choose either “Search an installation” or “select it from a list” and search for an ERP or an SAP NetWeaver installation.

In the installation list, you can enter the installation number directly in the blank field in the column for the installation.

Alternatively, you can also use the installation search. Here, the system displays all of the installation numbers for which you have to request the license key authorization.

4) License key request for a new SAP HANA database Choose “New system” option and enter all required data provide below.

Provide the below listed data.

    ->Provide the System ID

    ->Product type

    ->Product Version

    ->Hostname of Server

    ->System Usage Type

    ->Operating System Type

To proceed to the hardware data, choose “Continue”.

    ->Enter your hardware key

    ->License Type

    ->Quantity (Amount of main memory in GB)

    ->Validity until

Choose “Save” to save your entries. Choose “Continue” to display all the system data again. Enter your e-mail address and choose “Send”.Info: You can also split your acquired SAP HANA license (total amount) over several instances (also over several installation numbers). For test and development systems, you can request license keys as required. These license keys are permanent and contain the licensed memory amount number for each request at the most.

5) Downloading the license keyLogin to SAP Market Place and Navigate to keys & Requests -> license Keys -> Select it from list

    ->From the SAP License Installation Overview screen select the respective installation.

    ->click the required system ID and Choose “Display System”

    ->In the next screen Choose “Continue” and select the relevant entry.

    ->Then choose “Display license script” and “Download to PC”.

    ->You can then choose “Open – File – Save as” to save the license key file directly to your host.

6) Installing the license key           You can install a permanent license key received by e-mail or by means of a download in your SAP HANA database only by using the SAP HANA studio. The prerequisite for this is a database user with the system authorization LICENSE ADMIN. Carry out the following steps to do this:

  • In the SAP HANA studio, navigate to the properties page of the relavant database for which you have requested the license key.
  • On the properties page, choose the button for “installing the license key”.
  • Navigate to your license file and select it.
  • After a successful confirmation, the properties page of the system is updated with the new license information if this is valid for the database.

           Another way of installing a license key is to use the SQL command line of the SAP HANA studio. In this case, you also require a database user with the system authorization LICENSE ADMIN, who can install a license key with the following SQL command:
                    SET SYSTEM LICENSE ”content of license file”
           Note that you must use the complete content of the license file, including the line breaks, for this command.
           If the specified license data is correct and corresponds to the database (hardware key, system ID), the license is updated in the database and you can verify it in the system view M_LICENSE.


If a production standstill occurs, you can create a message with priority 1 under component XX-SER-LIKEY to request atemporary license key that is valid for one week. The following data is required for the license key to be issued: System ID, hardware key, and installation number. The key is issued immediately. Request a permanent license key within this week.

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      For those interested, there is a video tutorial available on this topic on the SAP HANA Academy:

      SAP HANA Academy - SAP HANA Administration: Managing Licenses [SPS 09] - YouTube

      SAP HANA Academy - Administration: License Management - YouTube (older version)

      Best regards,

      Denys van Kempen

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      Additionally please go through this document
      and also use this link

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