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Hi All,

In the business layer and data foundation view we can include comments, This comment or note boxes can assist other universe designers working on the same universe to identify

1. Find out any changes in the initial universe design.

2.What data is included in a data foundation view.

Business layer

Select the Business Layer in the local project and double clicking to open into edit mode.

Click on the Properties tab -> Enter the note under description. (Updated date, updated by and updated reason etc…)


Data foundation view

Select the Data Foundation in the local project and double clicking to open into edit mode.

Select Insert Comment from the Insert menu.


Will get edit comment pop-up, in the “Edit Comment” box, define the display parameters (Text Front, Background Color, Brooder color, font color) of the note, and enter the comment text.


Arrange comment is inserted into top left corner of master view.


We can also include same in different inserted views (Sales, Inventory, and Purchase) and Drag the comment to the Sales view where you want it to appear.

Save the data foundation by clicking the Save icon in the main tool bar. And export to repository.


Hope this helpful.



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