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Hiding Views in SAP SRM User Interface Add on

For hiding a view in UI Add-on follow the steps given below :

  • Goto transaction  spro
  • Execute SAP Implementation Guide -> SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SAP SRM User Interface Add-on -> Extension and Field Controls -> UI Configuration for Administrator
  • Search for view with the view key and un-check ‘Adm. Visib’ and ‘Override’ flag for that particular view key as shown :


There are alternative approach of hiding the view or hiding a particular field in the view with Extensibility in SAP SRM User Interface Add-On 1.0. For that   Custom JS approach would be appropriate. To understand, please refer to point no. 2 Extensibility in SAP SRM User Interface Addon 1.0.

Ofcourse there are some views if hidden then lead to some javascript errors. Please be aware of that.

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    • Hi Anikeev,

      This is a simple customizing using which you can hide the view. For controlling it on UI dynamically the customJS approach is appropriate.

      Kindly let me know the exact requirement or scenario. I would be able to provide a better answer for that.

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Ankit,

    I am facing two issues.

    1. I need to hide a UI element in the search help attached to Preferred supplier in " CAN'T FIND" screen.

    2. I need to hide a UI element in " CAN't FIND" screen .

    How can i do that? do we have some BADI or we can control it using SPRO config.


    Ajay Kumar

    • HiĀ @Ajay Kumar,

      i'm facing the same issue.

      I want to hide a UI element in "Can't find" tab screen.

      Have you already done this?



  • Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Do you have any advice regarding how to add a new view to a
    new navigation item? I have created the new navigation item and a new view. But
    I’m wondering how to attach the new view to the navigation item and how to add functionality to it.

    More information can be found here:

    Any suggestions are must welcome,

    Best regards, Emilie