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Smart Style Where Used


Yesterday (Jun 14, 2014)  selva kumar ask about where used for “SAP Smart Styles” Smart stlye where used list in smart form

as far as I know there is no such thing in SAP standard.

So today I thought why not write a simple tool to do something about it .

The program Y_R_EITAN_TEST_31_07 ( attached ) is my attempt .

The program is based on idea borrowed from RFRECPSFTLXML .

Program flow:

– Selecting form names from table STXFADM .

– For each form use clases cl_ssf_fb_smart_form and cl_ixml to parse and collect style info .

   It seems that styles use ‘STDSTYLE’ as xml tag name .

– Display the result using cl_salv_table .



I will appreciate any feed back about bugs (I am getting old….)

I hope that this will be helpful .

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  • Marvelous, thank you 🙂 . It should not affect the xml hierarchy, but there is hardcoded language in CALL METHOD ob_smart_form->load.

    The reason I didn’t go down this route (apart from being lazy) is that, if the forms are not trivial, knowing that Style or Text Module is used somewhere in the Form is just the first step… In the search results one would need to show, per form found, all the nodes found with the node hierarchy leading to them – to show where in the form the use is located. Because search functionality in Form Builder is not implemented!


    And there I said: ok, I have no time for this – Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are good enough…

    To the SAP “product manager” (or whoever is responsible for missing searches, missing where used lists, missing SE80 and Version Management integration, missing generation in target system after transport) goes: how could you… how could you deliver something like that… and then just leave it for all not so few customers having to work with it to see?



      • Hi,

        I wanted to jump in on Ravi Shankar’s thread, but then got diverted on some SD output stuff and now I’ve lost the plot a bit 🙂 In case you haven’t seen it yet, I “discovered” SSF_FIELD_LIST FM accidentally yesterday – it’s supposed to return list of interface data really used in the form. Just 99% or so right IMO, but can be helpful when looking to find stuff in SFs nevertheless. I wonder what other goodies get exported to which DB during SF generation…