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When I launched Lumira Desktop this morning it prompted me for an update, which I applied:


Next, you will notice some new connections:


I select Connect to SAP Business Warehouse, as I want to connect to a BEx Query.  Previously Lumira only supported connections to BW Universes.


You can select either by role or InfoArea.  In this case I am searching for Solution Manager BEx queries.


The above shows Lumira 1.17 connects to the BEx Query,but you only have access to the Visualize room, not compose, preparation, etc.  I believe this is just the first step towards future functionality.


I can do a line chart an see we had a spike in SolMan tickets October 31st (Halloween)!


I can also look at a pie chart of tickets closed (green) and open (blue)

More to come…

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  1. Former Member

    Thank you Tammy!  You are right. This release will expose basic capability of allowing users to connect to BEx Query, see hierarchical data in the cross tab or visualize information using charts. This is our first step.  A lot more to come in upcoming releases!

    Thank you for your time and perspective as usual!

  2. Former Member

    Why is always the Rum gone?

    Dear Tammy – my BW System does not display any ressources when I am connected within Lumira? – Are there any additional BW  rights necessary – I have a lot of bics connections from my BOBI System – works fine. So what  could be the cause that I can’t see any bw ressources in Lumira?

    – Wobi

    1. Antoine CHABERT

      Hi Wolfgang,

      The connections are read from the SAP logon. Do you have a SAP Logon installed and configured in the client machine where you are trying to connect SAP Lumira to SAP BW?



    1. Former Member

      Hello All,

      Can I ask what particular BW version & SPS Version you have?


      Do they see anything when they alter to ‘View:’ type ‘InfoAreas’

      What occurs when you attempt to ‘Find’ / search when either in
      view type

      As you should see applicable roles/infoareas
      as per Tammy’s 3rd screen shot

      My contact details are on my Bio.

      Many Thanks in advance,


      1. Former Member


        I just sent an email.  We are on 7.30 SP 9.  Nothing comes up when I alter to ‘View:’ type ‘InfoAreas’.

        When I attempt to ‘Find’ in either roles/infoareas no results come back.


    1. Antoine CHABERT

      I would suggest these SAP BW online specific questions are asked and tracked in separate posts. This will make their handling easier.

      Best regards,


    1. Antoine CHABERT

      Hi Miguel,

      The note is released for customers. Thanks for raising this.

      Here is the SAP BW specific information:

      Connect to SAP Business Warehouse

      i) When acquiring data from a SAP Business Warehouse system, only Visualize tab is available. Prepare, Compose, Predict and Share tab features are not available.

      ii) SSO Support in 64bit is restricted to SAP Secure Login Client SSO

      Release restrictions are also available from our help page SAP Lumira – SAP Help Portal Page:



      1. James Batchelor

        Got to get with our basis guys and figure out why I get UNKNOWN ERROR when trying to connect to our BW system.  I believe we are on the good patch level.  Could be 64 bit related restriction.  Not sure yet.

  3. Former Member

    Hi Tammy, great post as always !

    We are experiencing some issues when accesing BEx Queries that are build on top a Virtual Provider based on a HANA View.

    Anyone experienced something like this ?

    After opening the query, the filter screen pops up ok, you select whatever is needed then clic OK and it starts aquiring but then all of a sudden it terminates and goes straight into a white canvas that says: /


    1. Former Member

      Hello Santiago,

      Can I ask you to raise a customer incident (Lumira Desktop component) for
      your issue, so as to best support you.

      Many thanks in advance,


  4. Reshoi R

    Dear Tammy

    Thanks for sharing the info. Please Let me know if Lumira is free with Bobj Enterprise Edition or How is it possible to get the Keycode.


    Reshoi R

  5. Henry Banks

    Hi Tammy,

    just a suggestion, but I think it would be useful to see a hierarchy in the table component, and maybe the variable input screen too?



  6. samson r

    Hi All,

    Can somebody let me know whether ‘Prepare, Compose, Predict and Share’ tab features of Lumira are available in the latest version of Lumira using “connect to SAP Business Warehouse ” option?


    1. Henry Banks


      Yes, sure it does – for quite some months now this is possible. save also Save to to Biplatform, then view, edit and refresh from BIlaunchpad.

      Note that  we re-implemented it as ‘download from bw’ . ( this particular blog dates back to June ’14 ).  to add also : the predict tab is part of Predictive Analytics 2,x not Lumira .




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