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Lumira Desktop 1.17 – A First Look at BEx Query

When I launched Lumira Desktop this morning it prompted me for an update, which I applied:


Next, you will notice some new connections:


I select Connect to SAP Business Warehouse, as I want to connect to a BEx Query.  Previously Lumira only supported connections to BW Universes.


You can select either by role or InfoArea.  In this case I am searching for Solution Manager BEx queries.


The above shows Lumira 1.17 connects to the BEx Query,but you only have access to the Visualize room, not compose, preparation, etc.  I believe this is just the first step towards future functionality.


I can do a line chart an see we had a spike in SolMan tickets October 31st (Halloween)!


I can also look at a pie chart of tickets closed (green) and open (blue)

More to come…

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