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HANA Project Experience

Hi All,

Just want to share a quick thing that we have recently faced on our HANA Production,

HANA Master node was frozen  and doesn’t accept any new incoming connections.

After SAP’s reply for the message, we have disabled transparent huge pages on all HANA Linux hosts.

Disable transparent hugepages on all nodes of your HANA system

according to SAP note 1824819


Srikanth M

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  • Hmm... maybe actually reading the "Server Installation Guide" would have prevented this hick-up.

    The SAP note is mentioned right in there under "2.3 Hardware and Software Requirements".

    However installed this system seem to have skipped that section...

      • Hard to say without seeing the GoLive report at hand.

        Does it say that they check the OS level setup?

        Usually when SAP HANA is installed by a partner, the OS level setup and configuration is completely left to the partner (that's the point of it... ).

        I am currently not aware that we offer a "double check service" for partner setup installations.