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Workflow in SRM User Interface Add-On 1.0

This blog provides insights about workflow in SRM Shopping Cart UI Add-On, draws parallel with Webdynpro and talks about how different workflow scenarios are incorporated.To know the basics of SRM UI Add-On, check here.

To begin with SRM SC UI Add-On supports both AC and PC workflows. There is no additional configuration required. The existing configuration data is read and approver or approval chain is determined.You can also add adhoc approvers and reviewers. Let us take a look at what’s in store for workflow scenarios in SRM UI Add-On.

Approval preview:

The approval preview has a different look and feel as shown below:

Accounting data picked up in Novartis system.JPG

     Clicking on ‘Add approver’ will open up the following row where you can search for approver via  first name, last name or user ID:

Accounting data picked up in Novartis system.JPG

     Here if you have to add an adhoc approver above current level then you have to choose sequence number as ‘001’ from the drop down; if you want to add approver after current level then you choose sequence number as ‘002’ from the drop down and then click on add to add adhoc approver.

     In AC workflow, you can also replace existing approvers.

Workflow scenarios:

  • Recall scenario:

Once a shopping cart is ordered, you can edit and recall an awaiting approval cart as shown below:

     Accounting data picked up in Novartis system.JPG

We do not have ‘show my task’ button in UI addon, but we open an awaiting approval cart directly in edit mode from ‘my carts’ tab when user has recalled that cart and has a valid revision workitem associated with it. This holds good for AC and PC workflow.

PC workflow:

Changed data in carts with PC workflow is saved by using enter key and user can add new items to the cart.

AC workflow:

User has to click on save in order to save changed data and thereby cart will switch to display mode You cannot add new items after recalling an AC workflow cart.

  • Inquire scenario:

User can open accept/adjust workitem from Suite Inbox and UWL. You can accept the decision or edit the cart. This holds good only if cart is created from SRM UI Add-On.

user does not exist in Q7W clnt 803.PNG

UWL configuration:

Please refer note 1892681 to set up UWL for UI Add-On. This configuration is only for employee user. Employee can access Accept/Adjust and Revision workitems from UWL via UI Addon if shopping cart is created in UI Addon. Alternately you can also use Suite Inbox in order to access these workitems.

Do reach out in case of queries!


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  • Hi Amrutha,

    Thanks for your blog post.  I am hoping you can help.  I am evaluating the new UI in a sandbox environment to see if it will meet our business needs.  We have people who both order and approve, so they need access to their workflow in-box as well as the shop function.  I think the note you referenced only applies to the portal.  We are portal-independent.  Is it possible to have access to the in-box using the new UI without the portal?  Any and all help appreciated.  Thanks, -Jeff

    • Hi Jeff,

      It is definitely possible. Have you tried it? It should work out of the box. In case it does not, please open transaction, 'POWL_TYPE'; please search for type 'SAPSRM_IBO_FEEDER_WI' and view details. Check if feeder class is mentioned as '/SRMNXP/CL_IBO_DELEGATE_WI' and let me know.



      • Hi Amrutha,

        Thanks for your reply and the encouraging news.  I am testing order creation and tracking in the New UI and do not have any links to my POWL.  So I guess something is missing.  We do have POWL "SAPSRM_IBO_FEEDER_WI" set to feeder class "/SRMNXP/CL_IBO_DELEGATE_WI".  Any advice as to how best to proceed?  Thanks again,


        • Hi Jeff,

          Please create an OSS message, an expert will look at your system settings and can determine if something is missing.



  • Hi Amrutha,

    Thanks for the blog. Our customer has a requirement to make fields editable on Shopping cart  workflow for Approver. Requirement is to give functionality to Approver of Shopping cart,  to edit the SC fields during approval phase e.g. Source of supply tab mainly.

    Is it possible? We are on SRM server release 702 and we are using Approval Workflow.



  • Hi Amrutha,

    Thanks for your blog post. Our customer has a requirement to disable 'Replace' button in case of existing approvers for AC workflow. Is it possible?

  • Hello Amrutha S
    I have a problem , we have copied the "NXP - employee" role to a custom role, to the custom role some changes where made but not in regards to SC , we've basically added some new menus

    Now my problem is that with the custom role we order a SC , and if we open the SC which is in Awaiting approval , we cannot recall it ( EDIT button is missing )

    If i add to the user the standard NXP role next to the custom one the button appears but we cannot find where is the problem

    Any hint please ?