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Tailor-making of SCM SNP Deployment Heuristics – Technical Insights


  • The deployment function in SNP plans the short term distribution of the produced or procured products to the distribution centers.
  • It determines “when” and “in what” quantity, inventory and planned receipts can be deployed to distribution centers and VMI accounts.
  • There are several deployment strategies that can be used, such as, Fair share, Push deployment and pull-push deployment etc.
  • As it is not necessary that all business scenarios fall under these strategies, SAP has given a provision for USER-DEFINED distribution for both Fair share and Push deployments.



  • Recently, we have adopted this strategy for one of the clients, where in, the business case goes as follows,

          –     The production happens every alternate day. So, Fair share & push deployment also should work both in tandem in alternative days.
                 Meaning, one today, Fair share should be applied and the next day, push deployment should be applied.”

  • As there are no documents available about these strategies, I thought of making one, so it will be beneficial for the needy



Product Master Setting:  SNP2 Tab-> SNP Deployment Profile

1)     Push Distribution: should be maintained as ‘U’.


2)     Fair Share Distribution: should be maintained as ‘X’.


3) Maintain required category groups for ATD Receipt and ATD Issue in product master, with respective order category groups.


ATD Qty  = ( ATD Receipt – ATD Issue ) is considered as net qty, available for deployment.

One can define order category groups in customizing,

SPRO->Advanced Planning and Optimization->Supply Network Planning (SNP)->Basic Settings->Maintain Category Groups.


Technical Details:

Badi’s to be implemented in the system –

      • /SAPAPO/SDP_DISTR  for Push distribution
      • /SAPAPO/FS_USER      for Fair share.

          Custom logic has to be incorporated in the following methods of the badis,

      • Method: DEPLOY_USER_DEFINED           for Badi /SAPAPO/FS_USER.

             The signature of both methods comprises of most important parameter ‘CT_DEPLOG’ of type Changing.  The custom logic in the badi, should           manipulate with this table parameter data.


  • The field ‘CONFMNG’ of CT_DEPLOG is actually refers to the Deployment Confirmed Quantity for a product-location combination of a particular deployed date. One should populate this field with the right quantity, to get desired results. (Don’t mess up with other fields like RDDMDDI).


  • The field ‘DMDDI’ of CT_DEPLOG refers to the demand for that product-location in that particular deployed date.


  • The changing parameter, ‘CT_ATD’ gives the Available to deploy (ATD) quantity, for deployment.
  • The other changing parameter, ‘CT_DEPLSTOCK’ gives the information about the Stock Levels at Destination Locations Converted to the Source.

Log Details:

  • Once deployment is run is through /SAPAPO/SNP02, the application log is available in the same T-Code (Display Logs button) or also can be accessed by ‘/SAPAPO/SNPAPLOG’.
  • Deployment Stock Transfer gives the information about the deployment orders,that got created in that run.
  • Deployment Results (Details) gives the information in more detailed level(like ATD,Roll forward,Deployed Qty, Storage Qty, Target Stk etc).
  • To enable the Deployment Results (Details) for USER-DEFINED deployment strategy, as shown in the screenshot, populate the changing table parameter ‘CT_ATD’ with ATD quantity for each bucket.


Technical aspects of Application Logs:

  • All Application logs are stored in various CLUSTER TABLES like BAL_INDX, BALHDR, BALDAT etc. So in order to access, log
    data has to be imported into memory from these clusters. SAP has provided various function modules,
      • BAL_LOG_EXIS
      • BAL_DB_LOAD
      • /SAPAPO/MSDP_LOG_DISPLAY in handling all these application logs.


       For all available function modules information, please follow this link,




     SCM 230  Supply Network Planning (APO SNP)

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      Author's profile photo Umesh Sharma
      Umesh Sharma

      Good document Santosh, thanks for sharing!



      Author's profile photo santosh baratam
      santosh baratam
      Blog Post Author

      Many thanks for your support, umesh.

      Author's profile photo Satish Waghmare
      Satish Waghmare

      Santosh,  Nice stuff...!!!  Many thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo santosh baratam
      santosh baratam
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Satish. Thanks for your support.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Santosh,

      Great stuff. I am facing a problem where after running location hueristic, I am getting forecast & production planned numbers in planning book at customer level. but it is not updating distribution receipt (planned) at Customer - product level.

      Also, I m not getting any data at DC & Prod. Plant level.

      why productio plan is coming to Customer level and not any data at DC & Prod Plant - product level.

      Please help.

      Author's profile photo santosh baratam
      santosh baratam
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hemanth,

      I hope,you have got the reply from the post.


      Santosh KB.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Excellent and well detailed document for an area which we generally don't propose to as we are generally not aware about this.


      Mukesh Pandey

      Author's profile photo santosh baratam
      santosh baratam
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Mukesh. Great to hear from you.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Good one Santosh.. Very Informative and interesting document..

      Author's profile photo PK SAP
      PK SAP

      Hi Santosh,

      Very good document, thanks a lot for sharing.

      Can you please share how did you manage to switch from Push distribution BadI to Fair Share BadI when supply and demand change at the source location. We have an issue calling our fair share badi from the push distribution badi automatically when demand exceeds supply at source location.