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SAP Cloud for Customer – August 2014 Release Planned Functionality Briefing and Planned Timeline

Dear Community,

We briefed our customers about the August 2014 Release of the solution offering and you can find the video of the conversation below.

You can download a copy of the presentation at this link.

Please find documentation outlining the solution functionality available in the Cloud for Customer – August 2014 release published on the SAP Service Marketplace at . You will also find a lot of other related documentation at the link including the updated user, admin, analytics and integration guides incl. related content.

You can read about What’s New for End Users by accessing the document below at this link.


You can also read up What’s New for Key Users and Administrators by accessing the document below at this link.


Please find a visual of the planned timeline of solution release for the planned August 2014 release of the Cloud for Customer solution offering. We will keep updating this space with additional information as we get closer to the timeline outlined below.


Please feel free to reach out via comments, observations and questions as a follow up to this blog post and we will be happy to provide you further guidance on the content of this presentation.

Some other useful sources of information and engagement are highlighted below:

SAP Service Marketplace:

SAP Community Network:

SAP Cloud for Customer on YouTube:

SAP Help Portal:

SAP Idea Place:

SAP HANA Marketplace:

We look forward to engaging deeply and meaningfully around this next generation solution portfolio offering powered by the HANA Cloud Platform.

Thank you for your time and attention

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      • Are we closer yet? 🙂
        Btw, expecting a lot of service features this time... Would love to get some info on the SAP strategy for this product's evolution. Do they want to transfer key features from CRM on-premise system to cloud or keep giving limited features only.. The product also needs to come to comparable features of SFDC.

  • FYI all customers should have received their upgrade email from SAP Cloud Customer Success this week.  It communicated the following:

    • The customer info session for system administrators is August 6
    • Upgrade of test tenants is August 22-23
    • Upgrade of production tenants is September 6-7

    The email went to the person who is maintained in your SAP Cloud for Customer tenant as the IT Contact under the Service Control Center work center.

    • Hi Angela,

      I received the notice but when I click on the link for the details, it just brings me to a page that says "We are unable to locate the page you requested".    Is there a page where it gives the login details?   I need to share with other co-workers.


      • The link takes you to the Business Center, where you receive a message:

        "Please log in to access this page.  You currently don't have permission to view the content."

        You must click "Login" in the upper right corner and enter your Business Center user ID with password. 

  • The post has been updated with a video that talks to some of the planned functionality that will be available with the August 2014 release of the SAP Cloud for Customer soluton portfolio offering.

    Thank you.

  • Dear All,

    Except this video, is there any existing documentation or presentation related to the new features coming with this 14.08 Release ?

    I mean, some kind of detailed explanations about each of the functionalities, with screenshots... ?


    • The referenced documentation and collateral will be available after the solution is released to market/customer, planned for 22nd August 2014. Thank you.

  • Please find updated information and links pointing you to the official collateral that is now avaialble for the Cloud for Customer - August 2014 solution release on the Service marketplace. Thank you.

    • Pushkar,

      I found the What's New for Admin document within our C4C test tenant under the help section.    There was one point that I was interested in around the new integration between Jam and C4C - Work Patterns.   The help guide mentions it but does not provide a link to the document.  I search the help section for this document and cannot find it. 

      Could you provide me a link where I can look at this document.   Below is what the Help doc is suggesting

      Work Pattern note from Guide.PNG

      Work Pattern note from Guide.PNG
        • Pushkar,

          Thanks for the link.  It was helpful but a bit confusing.  Can you direct me where I can find more info.   Here is my issue.   Looking at the guide, the first step ( page 4 says to configure OAuth Server by going to the Administrator work center and selecting OAuth 2.0 Client Registration view.   We do not have this view at all so we cannot get past this step.

          Are the instructions incorrect or am I missing something ?



          • Jeff,

            Please find the navigation path to the configuration screens outlined below:

            Admin work center:


            Click on the workcenter name to open the rest of the menu


            On the right hand side are the OAuth related links that allow you access to the setup screens:


            When you click on the client registration link the screen should look approximately like


            Further to the right is the "Configure OAuth...." link as highlighted below


            Clicking on the link should give you a screen that approximately looks like this below


            Clicking on "New OAuth 2.0...." and the screen should approximately look like the below:


            Please advise if this does not help.

            Thank you.

          • Thanks but as I stated in my previous message, I do not have the " OAuth 2.0 Client Registration" option in my Administrator Work Center so I cannot even get past the first step.    What should we do?Admin Work Center.PNG

            Attaching my screen shot.

            Admin Work Center.PNG
  • Hi Jeff,

    You have to assign the view to the work center. To do so:

    1) From the Administrator work center navigate to General Settings>Business Users (which is under the Users section).

    2) Use the Find option to for search your business user and click Edit>Access Rights.

    3) Under the Work Center and View Assignment tab, click Find and enter the ID - SECURITY_OAUTH_CLNT_REG. Click Locate.

    4) Select the view OAuth2.0 Client Registration by checking the Assigned to User check box.

    5) Click Save.

    After you have saved the information, log off from the Cloud for Customer system and login again. You will be able to see the view and a common task under the Administrator work center.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance on this.