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BOBJ Restful Portal – Going away present….unfinished

Im sorry to announce that I have to cease development of Restful portal for administrators and power users. Its functionality should have featured common operations on a big count of BOBJ objects (mostly on documents) – i.e. – mass scheduling, deleting, changing prompts or adding simple objects to documents or document parts (adding input controls,images..) without any scripting or additional Java apps.. Since BOBJ has not features functionality of report templates, this might be pretty useful.

Since we have been leaving BOBJ platform I have to focus more on other challenges and I cannot spend more time developing this app in freetime. So I decided to give you all the source code.

This app is pure javascript/ajax and does not require JAVA,JSP or anything else. It is “simple” HTML which takes benefit from RESTFUL API which is greatly enhanced since BI41.

If there was anyone willing to continue in development this portal, that would be great.

Using should be user-friendly and user should be notified about everything. This can be seen in notification area in the pecture below.


How can you install that? Simply copy that on your BOBJ server to some folder and thats basically all you need to do. Just run the html file then. You will need at least BI41SP2 I suppose.

Who can continue with its development?

ANYONE who understands a little bit about jQuery,HTML+CSS and is able to read documentation for RESTFUL API.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

You can download the whole source here.

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  • Hello,

    I've come across this article a bit over a year since it was posted.  Unfortunately, the link above does not seem to work anymore.

    Is there anywhere else to obtain this code?  I've been looking for a jumping-off point to using RESTful for queries into the CMS data and this seemed like a great start.  But...I'm a little too late.  😉

    Any alternate options for getting the source code would be great!


  • Hi Jakub,

    while I was looking for some restful code, I found this page. it would be helpful form me if you share the code. when I try to navigate to the page it shows the below message.

    This item might not exist or is no longer available.