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End of support for Eclipse Juno in SAP HANA Cloud Platform Tools planned for end of June 2014

As you know, currently the Eclipse Tools for SAP HANA Cloud Platform support Juno and Kepler release trains of the Eclipse platform. Juno is the release from June 2012 and its end of maintenance was in February 2013, Kepler is the release from June 2013 with end of maintenance in February 2014, Luna is the current release under development which will be released in June 2014.

We would like to stop the support for Juno in the end of June 2014, when Luna will be released. This is more than one year after the end of support by We will reallocate the resources that will become free for the early adoption of Luna – to ensure that it will be released in June 2014 with the desired quality for SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Eclipse Train Released by End of Maintenance by Planned End of Support by SAP HANA Cloud Platform
Juno June 2012 February 2013 June 2014
Kepler June 2013 February 2014 June 2015
Luna June 2014 February 2015 June 2016

What does “end of support for Juno” exactly mean? We will stop delivering new versions (both features and fixes) of the Eclipse Tools for SAP HANA Cloud Platform on the Juno update site ( However, the update site will remain available as long as the last version of the tools for Juno continue working with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. When the cloud platform changes in a way that the Juno version of the tools does not work anymore, we will shut down this branch of the update site.

I encourage everybody who is still using Eclipse Juno to upgrade to Eclipse Kepler.

If anyone sees any problem with this plan, please speak up by posting a comment in this discussion.

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  1. cind q

    Dear Dobromir,

    When will the Luna version for ‘SAP HANA Cloud Platform Tool’ release?

    If possible would you please share the related update site (URL)?

    Many thanks.

        1. Former Member

          SAP HANA Cloud Platform tools are not yet available for Eclipse Luna. They should show up mid of July.

          Until SAP HANA Cloud Platform tools are available for Eclipse Luna, please use Eclipse Kepler. Unfortunately, doesn’t offer anymore a link to older (Kepler) packages as it did in the past. You can find the Kepler version of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers here:

          Best regards,


          1. Former Member

            I’ve also seen this message meanwhile… so we will wait until mid of july

            Is it possible in Kepler when using Link:


            to go back in versions and install version 1.74 of hana tools, because SP8 (ver. 1.81) shows some problems when synchronizing copied (clipboard) folder structures during ‘Commit and Push’ procedure..throws REPO MAINTAIN errors  so I don’t want to update all kepler installations until this issue is solved

            Thanks and Best Regards



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