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Various NWBPM Patterns

This blog explains the various NWBPM patterns that can be used for business solutions.

In next blog I will explain how to configure each steps clearly.

Simple NWBPM with Operation mapping:

This pattern is to understand the basics of mapping and also how to import and use operation mapping developed in ESR in NWBPM.


Collect pattern based on time:

This pattern is used to collect messages for a particular period of time(say 60 seconds).And send the collected message to 2 different system using message split.


Collect based on count:

This pattern is used to collect the messages based on count. The same pattern can be extended to collect messages based on correlation and strict condition by giving condition at the start and intermediate message events respectively. These patterns are called as aggregator and strict conditional start patterns


SAP PI with NWBPM and BRM:

This pattern integrates PI with NWBPM and BRM.The complete PO package.And also collects the messages for a particualr period of time and sends it to a target.


NWBPM pattern to merge 2 system:

This pattern merges messages coming from 2 system based on a correlation condition(n:1).And sends the message to a single target system.


Split pattern based on Indexing:

This pattern splits the incoming message with multiple records to individual ones using indexing and count.And also each message is processed with a time delay of 5 seconds.



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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Raghu,

      I'm new to single stack SAP PO and BPM. I need to use BPM. My scenerio is a simple XMLfile with four records/loop in one single XML file and  I need to send it to a directory(local path in PO system). Through the BPM, based on the loop the single file will get four individual record with 10 seconds delay  between each message from BPM.

          I've built the BPM and deployed it successfully from NWDS. I created the wsdl file from of my ICO and testing from SOAPUI.

              In any Integration scenerio, one channel is to receive file from the sender and another channel  is to send file to the receiver.

              I've one 'Sender' SOAP channel- to receive file from SOAPUI and I've 'Receiver' channel with message protocol XI3.0 and in TargetURl field http://XXXXXX:50000/MessagingSystem/receive/JPR/XI

             In my ICO, I've assigned the sender channel and in the Outbound Processing tab I've assigned Receiver channel.

      I've worked on dual stack and ccBPM. So, I'm just relating to that. please help me to understand the step. This is my first BPM in single stack.

      My question is :

             If one channel is to receive file from SOAPUI and one channel is to send file to my NWBPM then how will I put my individual record file(the output of BPM process) onto my specified path.

      Author's profile photo Raghuraman S
      Raghuraman S
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Raj,

      First ICO->

      sender system->PI->BPM

      Sender Channel-File/Soap based on get the input message

      Receiver channel-Soap Receiver with Xi 3.0 protocol to send message to BPM.

      Second ICO->

      BPM->PI->Receiver system.

      Sender Channel-Soap channel

      Receiver system-File channel with the directory where file needs to be written

      Let me know if you have any further questions

      It is same like CCBPM,except that you need to have soap channels to send and received data from BPM.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Raghu, I created another ICO as said above. Basically I used the same Sender SOAP channel in both the Inbound Processing of ICO and in the second ICO I used my local file system to send the final individual files. As per the below link(Possible cause 4:)

      PI Messages are not delivered to SAP NetWeaver BPM - Technology Troubleshooting Guide - SCN Wiki

      Today I re-imported my Service Interface from ESR and again created the BPM  and successfully deployed it. But while testing I'm seeing the below same Error from yesterday.

      Note : In both of the ICO's 'Receiver Interface' tab I'm using the same OperationMapping.


      Author's profile photo Raghuraman S
      Raghuraman S
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Raj,

      I guess you dont need a mapping program in ESR

      In the first ICO;

      You are sending the message to BPM.So use the same message type in both service interface.So need of mapping.

      In the second ICO

      Your sending the processed message from BPM,So again dot use any mapping in the ESR,as both the message types will be same.

      Your Flow should be like

      SOAP->      PI->          BPM

      (Input_MT)                 (Input_MT)

      BPM->              PI ->       File

      (Output_MT)               (Output_MT)

      the message processing will be done in BPM(splitting or whatever it is)

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Raghu, In the second ICO, without using the Operation Mapping details in the "Receiver Interfaces" tab it won't allow us to activate. I'm trying the first link from your above blog references section. If you have already done that, can you please send me the screenshot? I can share my email id.

      Author's profile photo Raghuraman S
      Raghuraman S
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Raj,

      You can activate without OM in the second ICO also.what error it is showing?I have done many scenarios like that

      I can share,But which screenshot you want?

      Author's profile photo Rajesh PS
      Rajesh PS

      Hello Raghuraman S

      Your valuable thoughts on this please. Thanks!