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Exception code Issue on RF

Exception code is not working properly while picking.

Here the scenario we are performing is Fixed bin replenishment. During RF picking a stock shortage is encountered and an exception code is needed to be entered.

After entering the exception code it using internal code od BIDU or BIDF and an giving an error and WT is remail open. The detailed steps i mentioned below.

We have configured separate full pallet storage and partial pallet storage types in our warehouse.  When fixed bin replenishment is run, warehouse tasks/warehouse orders are created.  The system will create them for the available quantity in a bin.   Storage types are configured to have available quantity at storage bin level (HU – neutral).  The entire HU is required to be picked and splitting is not allowed.   If there is insufficient stock in an HU that is picked the picker is not allowed to enter an exception code to bypass this warehouse task.  This is what we need fixed.

Steps to recreate the issue:

Transaction:  /SCWM/RFUI

Whse No. = XXXX

Resource = XXXXX

DefPresDvc = XXXXX

Press enter

Select 01 System-Guided

Enter Queue = XXXXXXXX

Press F4 Next (do NOT create a pick hu). 

The pick screen will appear.

Warehouse orders exist for this queue, 200000xxxx and 200000xxxx.  These are for fixed bin replenishment in case picking. 

(Look at the Monitor for HU’s to scan, instructions below)

Enter the SrceHU and press Enter, use an HU with an unrestricted batch. 

Enter AQty (Ensure that you do NOT take the full quantity in the HU because you need to get an error message), then press Enter. 

You will receive an error message: ‘E: Enter exception code for reporting di’.

[We configured 2 exception codes: ZFUL which uses BIDF and ZRMV which uses BIDU.  Both react the same]

Enter Exception Code: ZFUL

Press Enter

You will receive an error message: ‘E: Full bin denial and quantity not perm’.

** The transaction at this point should close the current warehouse task and continue on with the next warehouse order in the current queue. ** 

Exception Code ZFUL was configured to cancel the Warehouse Task.

One note:  If I use exception code NEXT, the picker receives a screen with this message ‘Do you want to send the rest of work back to the pool (split WO)?’.  If the user selects Yes, the current task is closed, a new one is opened but the picker is taken completely out of the transaction. This is almost what we want, except the user should remain in the same queue and the next WO should be ready to execute.

If the user selects No, The current task remains open but the picker is taken completely out of the transaction.  It should close the task, no new task should be created and user should remain in the same queue and the next WO should be ready to execute.

We need the solution working like NEXT ( EXP Code Intl Process code) Here the problem with NEXT is it is going to appropriate stock discrepancy buring picking for fixed bin replenishment But it is coming out from Queue from RF ( Here we need it should be proceed or continue to next WOfor replenishment).

Is there any Exception code which may fix the issue?. Any Ideas will be appreciated.

Please suggest your ideas on this.

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