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SAP HANA Developer Edition v1.8.80

I’ve just finished the final touches for the latest  update, SAP HANA SPS8 revision 80 which is now available! We’ve kept most every change we made in the last edition and we added a handful of more changes.

From a user perspective you have the “SYSTEM” and “CODEJAMMER” user like before but since we’ve already pre-loaded SAP River into the server you also have a new user “RDLCODER” for trying out the SAP River Developer Language.

You’ll be able to find this new version in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library for both the Amazon EC2 landscape as well as the Microsoft Azure platform.

To sign up for a new developer edition, or to register a new developer edition running SPS08, please visit the SAP HANA Developer Edition Page.

We’ve completely revamped the “landing page” of the server and remove the required login to see that page.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.36.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.37.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.37.28 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.37.37 PM.png

Now once you activate and then create your instance in the CAL service you’ll be able to choose the “connect” link and load this page automatically which will then provide you with the user(s) information, server hostname and instance number of your new developer edition as well as lots of preloaded content, sample applications, links to the WebIDE, Admin center, desktop tools, developer license information OpenSAP and Native Development Workshops (and solutions) and much much more!

You can even create your own SAP River development user with the SQL scripts listed there!

We are striving to bring you more of what you want/need to these development editions so please keep the feedback coming!

To get your own system please follow this link.

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      • Thanks again Craig – but I don’t see it out on the site either.  I am on Studio version 1.0.7300  Win7 64bit.   I tried to do an “Update Software” and “Install New Software” but neither one had an update except to 1.0.7400 Developer Edition.

        Am I missing it?

  • Hey Craig,

    in SAP CAL I cannot find SP8 Developer Edition.

    I have “SAP HANA, platform edition 1.0 SP8 revision 80 (paravirtual)” (which is no developer edition and subscription only) and “SAP HANA, developer edition 1.0 Rev 72” (this is what I currently have).

    Where can I find the SP8 Dev Edition?

      • Thanks Craig, now it is available in the list.

        Other things i noticed: When I restore the backup from Rev. 72…

        …  the license is invalid, you need to request a new one. Would be handy to restore without overwriting the existing license (or request the new license directly in CAL?)

        … your new “landing page” is overwritten with the one from Rev. 72, because it is restored along with the backup, too. Maybe cou could deliver the landing page as DU stored on the server, then we could redeploy it after recovery.

        • We don’t provide an upgrade/restore path as we constantly are changing things (config, content, etc) and adding/modifying content based on new requests, experience, etc. We stopped the upgrade/restore path as of SPS7 RV70.

          We are also adjusting volume sizes and server configurations to find the right balance to provide a more cost effective solution going forward.

          So you lost more than just the “new landing page” but also content, configurations, optimizations, etc.

  • Hi Craig!

    Thank you and thank your whole team for this “gift package” !

    Is there a chance that someone will cooperate with CloudShare and prepare an updated image with HANA SPS8, thus making even more people happy ? 🙂


  • Hey,

    we are currently use the 72 revision. It is possible to update these instance or must we create a new instance at cal?

    When we have to create a new instance how we can get our data from the old instance into the new one?



  • Craig, thanks very much for this revision so quickly.

    Further to earlier comment regarding update to Studio, I see three options (administration, app dev, database dev or all 3??) but only for rev74 still?

    kepler update.JPG

    kepler update.JPG
    • I’m honestly scratching my head on this I was told one if not both locations were going to be updated – I really apologize for the delays.

      • Did you get any feedback on when the rev 80 updates for Studio would be available? Install all of the SAP HANA Tools plugins (admin, app, db) or specific one?  Cheers.

        • Still scratching your head Craig or can we hope for rev 80 soon, as I’m itching to play with SDA, River and some Geospatial fixes/features.  Cheers.

          • Should be there sometime today or tomorrow if I read the last of the email thread right. We’ve also become investigating faster delivery options.

  • Hi Craig,

    I’ve just signed up on AWS and created an instance for SAP HANA SPS8 – but the mentioned landing page isn’t there at all (or I’m to stupid to find it – in SPS7 I’ve just put the server url in the browser and the landing page was served…)

    Do I miss something? Thanks!