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Power of Infographics using SAP Lumira

With the upcoming trend of using data to communicate information and knowledge, it also becomes a challenge on how you can effectively convey this huge amount of information to your target audience. Creating content which is eye-catchy, easy to read and simple to grasp is not the easiest task. One needs to have a deep-dive knowledge and understanding of the topic and different ways you can represent information in a manner that  is unique and attractive at the same time. This is where Infographics can help you! A powerful way of representing complex data in a visual format which makes understanding simple and fast.

What is an Infographic?

Information + Graphics : Infographics are visual elements which represent complex data. They help improve user cognition by condensing large amounts of information into a form where it will be more easily absorbed by the reader. It is usually a collection of data, pictograms, data points created in a meaningful visual format.

Create An Infographic using SAP Lumira :

Once you have created your visualizations you can start creating an Infographic by switching to the Compose Room. Note that you can create both Infographics and regular storyboards in the Compose room.


Two types of templates have been provided to create an Infographic page.

I have  selected a blank template to start with. This is how a blank template looks like.


On the left hand side you will find all the charts previously created under the Visualize room. You can start embedding these charts these charts in the Infographic page by dragging and dropping the required chart in the white space.


You can start customizing a chart by selecting it by clicking anywhere in the chart area.  On the right side you is a  Visualization properties panel where you can change and customize chart properties.


A number of customization properties can be applied to your chart. Here I have changed the bars in my bar chart to a pictogram from the pictogram gallery :


Here , I have changed the background color of the page. New titles/captions/annotations can be added directly by dragging and dropping text field on the page.


A rich gallery of pictograms have been provided as a part of the product. You can also add your own svg format pictograms from the below highlighted ” + ” Add button.


I have created the following Infographics using SAP Lumira.

You can also try these Infographics and Interactive Storyboards here : Demo Library : SAP Lumira

You can also add pictures from Fotolia Gallery:


Just type in a keyword and hit “Enter”. Double-click and add images to your local gallery :

fotolia 1.JPG

Here are some snapshots :

1. Airlines Industry


2.  Human Resources


3. Sales and Advertising


4. Pharmaceutical Industry


Certain images displayed in these pages (“Infographics”) are presented for demonstration purposes only. These webpages, SAP’s strategy, and possible future developments may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice SAP has no obligation to pursue any course of business or to develop or release any functionality displayed on these pages.

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