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Release the Power of SAP CRM with WeChat Integration

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a free mobile social media App from Tecent Corp., China.  With WeChat, mobile users can send text/voice/image/video messages to their friends, groups, for free.

WeChat also provides public platform where companies can have their service accounts or subscription accounts here to serve and collaborate with their customers / end users. WeChat public platform also has payment, sharing, message pushing etc functions integrated.

Until Nov. 2013, WeChat already had more than 600million users globally, and is one of the biggest mobile user traffic entry point.

For details of WeChat, refer to their website:

Recently, the demand from customers to have WeChat and SAP CRM system integrated is keeping increasing. Therefore, I’m writing this blog to show some scenarios that can be realized via WeChat and SAP CRM integration.

What are the Demo Scenarios?

Following 6 scenarios will be demoed in the video:

  • Contacts and Memberships Management via WeChat
    • A WeChat user follows a company’s WeChat Service Account
    • An individual account and a membership is created in SAP CRM and the membership ID is returned back to the WeChat user
    • WeChat user can update their personal information via WeChat directly
    • WeChat user can check their membership information anytime on WeChat
  • Support O2O via guiding user traffic between WeChat and other channels (like Call Center, e-commerce, physical stores, etc).
    • Show the products defined in SAP CRM on user’s WeChat, and WeChat user can navigate to see the product details (possiblity to integrate with e-commerce platform here)
    • Click from WeChat to call the sales hotline
    • Check status of their sales orders on WeChat via menu or voice messages
    • Check the shops nearby
  • Self-service (e.g. register product, check order status, etc)
    • Register product via self-service
    • Check the user’s registered product on WeChat
    • Check Service order status via menu or voice messages
  • Online service via communication with service agents
    • WeChat user to communicate with Interaction Center agent via text/image/voice messages
  • Support marketing campaigns via WeChat (to all or some of your WeChat followers).
    • Use WeChat as a channel for marketing compaigns
    • WeChat user can choose to join a compaign or not and target group will be maintained automatically
    • WeChat user can check latest promotions/marketing events anytime on WeChat
    • Send personalized information to selected WeChat users
    • WeChat user can check their vouchers anytime on WeChat
  • Analysis of WeChat user behaviors.
    • Analyze usages of any WeChat menu item over different periods of time
    • Analyze usages of different WeChat menu items to optimize the WeChat functions


Following is the demo on

If is not accessable in your country, you can use the following link on


Following is a summary of WeChat Integration demo scenarios:


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      Warren Nash

      I love WeChat

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      Former Member

      any document for the configuration?

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      雅彦 高井

      Do you have any updates for WeChat interface?

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      Roberto Mazzali

      Hello, I'm interested to know if there are some  updates on this integration. Best Regards