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Integrating Google Glasses with SAP

If you are an SAP Developer, and you read the Basar Ozgur Kahraman blog: Google Glass quick start demo on HANA, you can feel a little neglected.

There are several libraries developed by Google to leverage Mirror APIs, such as Java, Javascript, Php, Objective C and so on, but no one has thought about the “good old” ABAP!

So how can we do to leverage the Mirror APIs from SAP? Imagine how many things you could do if you can control the Google Glasses directly from ABAP!

Ok, maybe is a little early from a business perspective, but I think that everybody should anticipate the ideas, and I don’t like to leave ABAP as the last programming language in the world, so I am glad to present to you:



The google-api-ABAP-client is available on GitHub at the following link Gh14Cc10/google-api-ABAP-client · GitHub, and this is a short demo that will make you understand what you can do using SAP with a real Google Glasses device:



1. What is google-api-ABAP-client?

R. it’s a library written in ABAP to leverage Google APIs (it’s a newborn project so for now it supports only Mirror APIs)

2. What can I do with this library?

R. at this moment you can only do operations on the users google glasses timeline that are in the Google Cloud

3.Is the library secure?

R. the library leverages OAuth2 authentication protocol using an encrypted connection (HTTP over SSL)

4. How is the project structured

R. the library is directly translated from the official Google PHP library (google-api-PHP-client) and uses the existing zJSON project se38/zJSON · GitHub

5. Is it possible to collaborate?

R. Yes of course we are happy to have you in this project, so please join us asap on GitHub! 🙂

                                                                                         How to use

It is very simple to use google-api-ABAP-client:

1. download the nugget and import all the objects using SAPLink: Home | SAPlink Project | Assembla

2. install the certificates using the S_TRUST T-Code

3. if needed change the proxy settings

4. run the demo report ZGOOGLE_TEST and enjoy!

I made a short video to make things more understandable:


If you want to test your ABAP-GLASSES developments without a real device you can use Google Playground (but it is a little limited, for example the Google Playground is not able to renderize menu items or maps) or Xenologer (zhuowei/Xenologer · GitHub) that is the real google glasses OS modified to run on an android device (unfortunately html 5 and maps at the moment are not supported, so probably you will have some rendering inconsistencies, but at least menu items are working).

Many thanks to Alessandra Turri Ivan Femia and Basar Ozgur Kahraman for the great contribution they have made to enable the realization of this project.

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