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Customize Tabstrip with CSS in SAP BO Design Studio

Below is a screenshot (taken in IE10) which contains some different Tabstrip CSS customizations/designs for the Application Theme Platinum.

Feel free to use any of them.


Attached you can find the css definitions for the custom css classes.

I have created the following 8 custom css classes:

  • platinum-tabstrip-1
  • platinum-tabstrip-2
  • platinum-tabstrip-3
  • platinum-tabstrip-4
  • platinum-tabstrip-5
  • platinum-tabstrip-6
  • platinum-tabstrip-7
  • platinum-tabstrip-8

To use a design: copy the corresponding code into your custom css file which must be of course also linked to your design studio bi app and add/assign the css class name to your tabstrip component (clear browser cache if needed and view result in browser).

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