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SAP FIORI based Lean Request Scenarios for SAP Master Data Governance

As of May 2014, SAP Master Data Governance 7.0 is generally available with Support Package 2 (Feature Pack). MDG blogger Markus Kuppe has already provided useful information on the functional scope of MDG 7.0 and the enhancements added with MDG 7.0 SP02 (Feature Pack).

In this context, I’d like to add some news on the MDG 7.0 SP02 (Feature Pack) with a focus on the new SAP Fiori-based lean request scenarios for MDG. These new SAP Fiori apps extend the reach of SAP MDG to business contexts where business users with little or no SAP knowledge need to request master data directly on site (e.g., during a sales event) using their device of choice.

SAP MDG Fiori apps for master data requests

SAP Fiori apps for SAP Master Data Governance enable request scenarios for multiple master data domains, i.e., Business Partner, Supplier, Customer, Material, Cost Center, and Profit Center data. Business users can access these apps using the device of choice, such as a tablet or smart phone.

An offline demo clearly illustrates how a business user can use the SAP Fiori app, e.g., during a sales event to request the creation of a new B2B customer data record on a tablet PC.

Let’s assume the folowing situation:

Story flow:


  1. A sales rep (business user with little SAP knowledge) enters basic data on an iPad, runs a duplicate check to see if the master data already exists, attaches a business card to the form, and finally submits the request.
  2. This triggers the creation of an SAP MDG change request, which is automatically routed to a local data steward for checking and completion in the MDG back-end. Accordingly, the local data steward runs the checks and completes missing data. During the MDG workflow all changes made to the record are highlighted, so that processors can clearly see what has been changed, which is another usability feature coming with SP02 (Feature Pack).
  3. A global data steward checks the completed request and gives final approval to activate the record.
  4. Another SAP Fiori app allows the sales rep to track the processing status of his requests.

To run through this end-to-end process that starts with the SAP Fiori lean request for customer data, click the demo link.

(To navigate, simply click the dotted orange-coloured box)

Hope it is useful for you.



For more information about SAP FIORI, see also the SCN blog by Masayuki Sekihara

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  • A similar offline demo is now also available showing a SAP Fiori-based lean request scenario (and back-end processing) for supplier data. To run this demo, click the demo link. More to come....

    • Hello Markus,

      Thanks for sharing this information.

      We are creating one application which  Integrate the MDG(MDGM  , MDGC , MDGS) application with Fiori .And we are completely new to this area

      We have the  - SAP Fiori Apps for SAP Master Data Governance

      apps are- (attached is docs for MDG with Fiori apps)

            • MDG Request Business Partner
            • MDG Request Cost Center
            • MDG Request Material
            • MDG Track My Requests
            • MDG Request Profit Center
            • MDG Request Supplier

               Also Our System Landscape Requirements also ready for .

                  • Back-End Components Delivered with (Product Version Stack)
                  • Front-End Components Delivered with (ProductVersion Stack)
                  • SAP Fiori System Landscape Options

                    And IN MDG Configuration we are followoing the below steps ,  Which  happens in general  .                            Transaction Code- MDGIMG then

                          •       Data Modelling
                          •       UI Modelling (Using Webdynpro and FPM)
                          •       Process Modelling which includes(Work Flow , Change request , Badi Implemetation and BRF+ Validation)

                          as per my knowledge i know -  If Fiori Integration will happen we need to  design SAP Netweaver Gateway and ODATA Services.

                          I need below calrification :-

                                      1. If we will integrate our MDG Application with FIORI - Do we need to devlop our UI Part in Webdynpro/FPM or SAP UI5?

                                      2. If Webdynpro/FPM then- how the integration will happne in FIORI(Because FIORI dessign based on SAP UI5) and Is there any option for

                                                                                  SAP UI5 in MDGIMG

                                              Note- in our frontend and Backed sytem SAP_UI  740 and MDG_UX 618 with suppt. packg is ready.


                                      3. If SAP UI5 then - How we will do the design in MDGIMG in UI Configuration? What is the option for that?

                          Kindly share with us if any config guide ia available for MDG with Fiori apps.

                          Since i am new to this area ,- If i ask any wrong question , Please corect me.


                          • Hi Rakesh,

                            as outlined in the blog, the SAP Fiori Apps for Lean Requests in MDG are additional front-end scenarios. With regards to the graphic above, only steps 1 and 4 performed by the business user are based on SAP Fiori apps), the follow-up processing (steps 2 and 3) is done in the SAP MDG back-end.
                            UI used for the additional (optional) Fiori Apps is UI 5, MDG is FPM.

                            More info at:


                            SAP Fiori for SAP Master Data Governance 1.0 - SAP Library

                            • Hello Markus ,

                              Thanks For your reply.

                              I checked the documnet and it is alredy with me.

                              Can you please expalin your reply in details . it is not clear to me.



                              • Hi Rakesh,

                                see some details added to my previous comment.

                                With regards to the configuration of the MDG Fiori Apps: The SAP Fiori Launchpad is part of the front end server. The default configuration is delivered, if the role SAP_MDG_BCR_REQUESTOR_T role is assigned.

                              • Hello Markus,

                                Thanks for the clarification . I understood now.

                                From Component and Installation , Role/Auth Part - I am clear.

                                I have one doubt - Generally we designed our UI Application in MDG is Webdynpro(Not UI5).

                                                              And We attached this Webdynpro apps to NWBC to see the application(ex-                               Create Cr , Create/change/delete Material)

                                                              Form the devlopment Prospective- If we want to see the MDG application                                in    FIORI Launchpad (Frontend ) ,

                                                              Will the UI Application designed  in Webdynpro is ok ? or do we need                               to designed the UI Application in UI5 to see  the application in FIORI                               Launchpad (Frontend) ?

                                Because In the Procedure guide - They Suggested to Activate as below.

                                                1.Run transaction Maintain Services (SICF) on the front-end server.

                                                2.Press F8.

                                                3.Navigate to the following path  default_host sap bc ui5_ui5 sap .

                                                4.Under this node, navigate to the UI5 application for your app.

                                                5.To activate the service (UI5 application), choose  Service/host activate .




                              • Hello Rakesh,

                                You cannot embed an Webdynpro application in Fiori Launchpad. You need to build an Fiori application. The SICF configuration that you are talking above is needed only in case you want to activate the pre-delivered oData services. Fiori uses oData services as backend.

                                In case you have created a new Webdynpro application then attach them to the NWBC/portal roles.

                                Hope this clarifies your query.

                                Please go through the page for overview about Fiori



                              • Hello Jeson,

                                Thanks fo the clarification.

                                If so - then how to integrate MDG application  in Fiori lunchpad.?

                                is this something like- we need to design MDG UI Part  in UI5 to integrate with Fiori application instead doing MDG UI design in Webdynpro/FPM ?

                                Do you have any documnetation for this (how to integrate MDG with Fiori Launchpad),Could you please share with us.

                                I have a documnet which explains about

                                SAP Fiori Apps for SAP Master Data Governance.



                              • Hi Rakesh, there seems to be confusion here. As Jeson said, you cannot integrate MDG webdynpro application with Fiori. MDG Fiori applications are separate and they have 2 parts: The front end UI is developed using SAP UI5 and this UI get connected with backend using OData services. For MDG Fiori applications we have developed front end using SAP UI5 and we have also delivered OData services with MDG 7.0 SP02. To configure and use above MDG Fiori applications, what you need to do is:

                                1) Make sure that you are having MDG 7.0 SP02 installed in your MDG system

                                2) Make sure that you have MDGUI001 component installed in your NW Gateway (front end UI) system

                                3) Configure Fiori Launchpad in your NW Gateway (front end UI) system

                                4) Register and activate OData services for above MDG Fiori applications in your MDG backend system

                                5) Make sure, you have RFC connection maintained from NW Gateway system to your MDG backend system

                                Once you do above all, you will get a URL to run the Fiori Launchpad. In the Fiori Launchpad, you shall see the tiles to execute individual MDG Fiori apps for different domains like customer/supplier etc.

                                Please check the below documentation:

                                1) ""
                                2) ""

                                3) ""

                                Best Regards,


                      • Hi Markus

                        Thank you for sharing demo for lean request. Is it possible to share demo for approval of cost center/profit center through Fipori also?

                        Can it possbile to approve CR change raised in backend (MDG) for MDG-M,C,V in Fiori?