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My Experience – ‘SAP CODE JAM-HYD, Hands on ABAP ON HANA’

              Recently I have attended SAP CODE JAM -Hands on ABAP on HANA and I would like to share my thoughts and learning’s from the session.

SAP CODE JAM – First Ever SAP HANA CodeJam in Hyderabad

           I wondered what SAP CODE JAM is when I have first heard about it. How is it different from SAP INSIDE TRACK or SAP TECHED / SAP D-CODE.Well, After attending my first ever SAP CODE JAM,now I know the difference.

                    SAP CODE JAM is all about listing out few topics and hands-on those topics whole day. We can collaborate with other participants to know different aspects of the topic as well. And the best part – there will be Experts from SAP who shall guide us in any difficulty. I know, I know. you people might wonder how can we have hands-on on HANA ? where can we get related software installations and server details? Guess what- SAP Provides Server details for free for the whole day. Isn’t it Great ? We will have access to HANA servers and having Content to approach listed out topics and Experts from SAP, What else we need ???


                   I was bemused when I arrive to the event. But within few minutes when we started working on the ADT ( ABAp Development Tools in Eclipse ), I felt good. Though I have never worked on Eclipse, I did get a chance to know about it by surfing few topics on it . ABAP Development Tools Tutorials – Learn how to use ABAP in Eclipse ; Lab preview: SDK for ABAP development tools; Get Started with the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver

                                       But in the session I have got the experience to see myself what ADT is all bout. Later on I worked on CDS View too. There were other topics as well which session intended to provide Hands-on. But each topic on which I worked, amazed me and I couldn’t leave it before I understand it completely. At the end of the session I could get hands-on only on ADT,CDS and SWLT( SQL Performance tuning Worklist).


                                       I felt bad as I couldn’t complete all the topics.But Experts, then said event was all about getting hands-on a topic and to maximize the benefit out of it. 7-8 hrs may not sufficient to cover all the topics, but definitely we can have an idea about all the topics and can get insight in one topic.

MY LEARNING’S – [  While Working with ADT, I have observed few things which I would like to share it here. ]

->For those people who feel Pattern is very useful tool in ABAP as one can save lot of efforts and can be out of confusion to use which parameters are put in use and in which direction in FM’s and how to write a call method in case of Classes. Here is the magic from Eclipse.


          ->For FUNCTION MODULE – Type in CALL FUNCTION and start ‘ and enter few lines of the Function module name and press CTRL + SPACE buttons, we can see a pop up window which lists out all possible Function modules. We need to select the required function module and press SHIFT + ENTER to complete the call Function pattern.

           As we type CAL -> we can see ‘CALL’ keyword as in ABAP, we can press TAB to auto complete the command

                         6-3-2014 2-28-35 PM.jpg

         ->As we type Fu -> we can see ‘FUCNTION’ key word as in ABAP. We can press TAB to auto complete.

                            6-3-2014 2-30-52 PM.jpg

   ->As we type in ‘resue_ and press CTRL + SHIFT => we can get list of available FM’s with its element information. [ This is the feature I am talking about in ADT, I think this is totally cool ]

6-3-2014 2-32-07 PM.jpg                                 ->Press SHIFT + ENTER => Auto completes the pattern.

                                 6-3-2014 2-32-37 PM.jpg

                    >Now, Let’s check the CALL METHOD

                           ->Type M =>ADT suggests ‘METHOD’ keyword=>By pressing TAB =>auto completion of the keyword

                                       6-3-2014 3-55-34 PM.jpg

        ->As we type in CL_GUI ->Press CTRL + SPACE => Below options are shown in pop up.                                      

6-3-2014 3-56-32 PM.jpg

   ->when we type in ‘=>’ and press CTRL + SPACE => it shows list of static attributes,methods =>upon selecting a method=>press SHIFT + ENTER

   6-3-2014 3-58-20 PM.jpg                                        

             ->As shown in below, entire pattern is completed for the selected method

       6-3-2014 3-58-41 PM.jpg

-> From the above images -> we can see a RED CROSS mark on the left hands side of the scroll bar. => Syntax error

     In Eclipse, we do not need to used syntax check as syntax check is always ON while we type in and the errors are displayed in the error window, as shown above.

                      I guess this piece of information will excite you and will make you explore ADT further by yourself. Please do share with me your experiences.

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      Good one Siva , Thanks for sharing your exp & knowledge.