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Mailing big attachments using SAP Mobile Documents

Quite often we have to send big attachments in email and we face some common hurdles:

  • The mail system will restrict maximum size for the attachment
  • We need to copy these attachments to some team shared drive, ensure that the target recipient has the relevant permission and copy the link to the email. Hectic, isn’t it !

If we copy the documents to a shared drive, there are some unique requirements like

  • Controlling how long the attachment should be accessible
  • Making the attachment access password protected
  • Enabling the recipient to add some document to the location where the attachment is stored

SAP Mobile Documents provides an Outlook add-on which is a perfect solution for all of these requirements.

Firstly, you need to enable the outlook add-on. Now, whenever you send a big attachment in an email, the add-on automatically uploads it to the SAP Mobile

Documents storage and replaces the attachment in the email with a link to the public share where the document is stored. The recipient receives this link instead of the attachment itself.

This also helps you to minimize the storage consumption on your outlook server because the attachment is not stored on the exchange server but on the SAP Mobile Documents storage server.

The Outlook add-on is bundled along with the desktop client for SAP Mobile Documents. Use this download link to get the installation details.

Let’s have a walk through of how you can send attachments using the Outlook add-on in a unique way.

Enable SAP Mobile Documents Outlook add-on

You can enable the add-on from the Outlook ribbon entry via the “Mobile Docs On/Off” button.


Using Mobile Docs preferences, you can decide

  • What should be the minimum file size of attachments to be automatically uploaded to SAP Mobile Document storage server

When SAP Mobile Documents is enabled, while creating new email, you will see Mobile Documents tile. User can go to the tab to create shares and upload files. The add-in also enables more seamless flow for sharing big files using SAP Mobile Documents, which is explained later.


Mailing big attachments

When the outlook add-on is enabled and you attach a file bigger then minimum file size setting in the preferences, you will get a pop-up, asking if you want to use SAP Mobile Documents. Select Ok.


Enter Share Name and choose appriate share settings. Press Create to create the share. The files will start getting uploaded automatically after share creation.



Once the share is create, press the button Back to Message to go back to your email content. You will find the message updated with share details.


You can send the mail now. The recipient will get an email with only the link and not the actual attachment.


The recipient can now click on the link in the email to open the location of the attachment.


We just saw how easy sharing big file attachments are using SAP Mobile Documents. Do share your feedback when you use the add-on during your work.

Find more business use cases addressed by SAP Mobile Documents here: Use Cases and Business Scenarios with SAP Mobile Documents

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  • Great article. One key thing to highlight:

    You can enable the add-on from the Outlook ribbon entry via the “Mobile Docs On/Off” button. Using Mobile Docs preferences, you can decide:

    • What should be the minimum file size of attachments to be automatically uploaded to SAP Mobile Document storage server, and
    • What should be the default validity of the link

    Here's a screenshot of where you can changes those preferences in Outlook.

    mobile docs preferences.PNG

    mobile docs preferences.PNG
  • Hi Ashwani

    Great artikel. Thanks for that.

    We have just installed the Mobile docs Outlook add-on. If is try to create a share and select the second option (share with members) i'm not able to add members to this share. How can i use it?

    Do i mis something here?

    Kind regards Glenn,

      • If i sent the mail there is a error message, the mail is sent but the user is not added to the share. (it's dutch, i will translate it) Error while setting logon information for reciepient. I'm sure that the user who i'm sending it to has an account on the Mobile documents server.

        4-3-2016 9-29-33.png

        4-3-2016 9-29-33.png
        • Hi, Can you try following to check if the user configuration is correct. In Web UI, create a new Share and go to its settings. There add member with same email id which you were trying to use in Outlook Add-in. Does that work ?