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Check Management in SAP

Under this we will go through check management for a bank account with below transactions

  • Maintain check number
  • Issuing check for payment account
  • Updating the check resister after check clearing
  • Printing check
  • Cancelling of check
  1. Go to transaction  à F110
  2. Click on environment tab à check information à number range

System will ask for the paying company code , house bank and the account ID for which we need to maintain the check lot.

Click on change option to go inside. Then click on create to create a check lot.

Give the check lot number along with along with starting and ending check number .

We can also maintain some details like short info and purchase date for the reference only . which will not effect to any account.

Click on and save to save the check lot. System will give a pop up that ‘check number have been saved.

The check number can update against payment document in two ways

  1. Check updation through automatic payment program

To maintain the check updations through automatic payment program select RFFOUS_C

  1. T-Code SE38 à execute à program name à  F8
  1. Manual check updation

Under this we will update check manually against a bank payment document

Before execute this post one invoice and do the payment manually ( kz document )

  1. Accounting à Financial Accounting à Banks à Environmentà Check balance à Create à FCH5 – Manual Checks

Make sure the bank account gl should be relevant to cash flow

*Otherwise system will show a message like the document is not a payment document

Give the payment document number, paying company code and fiscal year to track the payment document. Then give the house bank, bank id and check number to generate the particular check.

Press enter.

Here you can maintain the payee details in addition to the data saved in vendor master .

We can maintain the check amount and payment date.

Click on . System will give a message that check created manually along with company code house bank and bank id details.

To display the check details we have 3 option

  1. FCH1 – For Check.
  2. FCH2 – For Payment Document.
  3. FCHN – Check Register.

FCH1 – For Check

This code is used to know the details about a check if check number known

Here we can see the check encashment field is blank , means check is not cleared in bank.

FCH2 – For Payment Document

This code is used if the payment document number is known

From the payment document number system will show the related check details.

FCHN – Check Register

This is to know all the check details for a check lot

Here we have 2 option like –

  1. Without line items – to see the check balance only
  2. With line items here we can see the check balance with the clearing document

Press F8 or click on execute to go inside.

System will show all the check for the particular house bank and bank id , but the system will not show the related payment document details.

If with line item selected

Here system will give the check details along with the payment document.

FCH6 – Additional Info/Cash

Here we will maintain the additional data and the check encashment date after getting the conformation from the bank or from the current bank statement.

Give the paying company code , house bank and bank id with the check number. Press enter.

Update the check encashment date and Click on save.

If you see the check resister, you can see the encashment date maintained everywhere, means check got cleared.

Voiding of check

For voiding of check we have 3 types

  1. Unissued check cancellation
  2. Issued check cancellation
  3. Cancel payment
  4. 1. Unissued check cancellation

Unused check can be voided due to many reason like printing problem, destroyed or unusable etc.

Here we will give the paying company code , house bank and bank id along with the check number from and to with the void reason code to know why the check is voided.

After providing the details click on the void option

System will give a message that check voided.

So these cannot be use further .

  1. 2. Issued check cancellation

1st we will post a payment document and update a check against the payment document.

T-Code FCH1 to display the check details

As we see check encashment is not update means check is not clear,

As we come to know the check is stolen so we need to void the check first.

Give the check number and the reason code for voiding.

Click on to void the check

System will give a message like check is voided but payment is not reversed.

If we see the check resister

Here we can see the check voided and void date also update.

Now we can re issue a fresh check against the same payment document number .

After issuing a fresh check if we see the related check for a particular payment document system will show both the check.

  1. 3. Cancel payment

If you reverse a issued check the system will reverse the check only and will not reverse the financial document , the reversal of payment need to be done in finance .

And if you reverse a payment document in finance for which check is already issued the reversal cannot be done in finance unless until check is cancelled

Cancel payment option will only use if the check is already encashment complete.

Click on cancel payment to reverse the check

System will give a message like payment for check xxxxx was cancelled and document reverse.

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      Lakshmi Sama

      Hello Sovan,

      Nice attempt and requesting you to please add few more data by explaining the other t codes in check management.

      Keep share your knowledge 🙂


      Lakshmi S

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      Former Member

      Helpful cheat sheet for Check Management.






      Create check lots

      Separate check lots for ACH/ WIRE and CHECK



      Display check information

      Put any check number to know the details



      Payment document display

      View payment documents details




      Void check or range of checks



      Renumber checks

      Can assign new numbers



      Create check information

      Create information



      Change Check information

      Change information



      Reprint a check




      Cancel check payment

      Voids and reverses the payment, makes AP document Open again.



      Void issued check

      Voids only



      Check register

      See all checks



      Add reference to invoice

      Run this t-code to add check number to reference or assignment field in the invoice.



      Online cashed Checks

      Encashment date of the check

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      Former Member

      Excellent work, clear and concise