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A (Kinda) Funny Thing Happened on the Way to #SAPPHIRENOW

I had always heard the countless stories about folks wrenching their backs, twisting ankles, getting food poisoning  or breaking something on a business trip. For me, I’ve been a lucky flier until “It” got me.

I never though that I’d be one of “those” people who got hurt on a business trip.  I was excited to go as I am one of the Social Media Ambassadors at #SAPPHIRENOW. Well, my number came up on Sunday when I was flying out of Charlotte and as I was stowing my luggage into the overhead compartment, I felt a ripping feeling of something inside my arm just above my left bicep. Rip, rip, and then another rip as pushed my bag with the last nit of force I had in my body. I didn;t want to let the bag go as it would have knocked the stuffing out of an older woman who was sitting right under my bag so I pushed with all I had and my left arm went limp.

Torn Bicep Tendon

I grabbed it and inwardly screamed in pain and didn’t know what to do and sat down clutching my left arm as I began to sweat profusely and we were about to take off.   Long story short, I tore the tendon that holds my bicep. And, my bicep drooped down a couple of inches from where it was supposed to be.  I dropped by the First Aid station at the convention center and got my left arm wrapped in an ace band and I began eating Ibuprophen as if it were candy. I kept want to roll up my bicep to where it was supppose to be.

On Monday, my colleague Allison Gapter, did a fantastic job of wrapping my arm as I couldn’t do it myself when I got to the SAP Partneredge Selling Innovation Summit for our partners.  That morning, trying to find a sports medicine doctor who would take me in as a walk-in was a joke. After about a dozen calls to local offices, I decided to self medicate, read on the Interent any article about torn bicep and figured it was better than sitting in ER waiting for 8 hoursonly to be told to do what I am doing to nurse it while I am here at SAPPHIRE NOW.

Torn Backside of Pants

So, my attention was focused on my torn bicep muscle. Not being able to work out and getting an appoitnment with my sports med doc in Asheville, NC, when I get back home on Friday.  Well, I thought I was in the clear. Nope. I got another rip, but those one was in the backside of my nice pants. I don’t know how I did it, but there it was a nice draft coming in as it looked like  the backside of my pants was sliced by  a nice box cutter. Sheesh! Well, good thing is no one noticed. My suit jacket cover a nice portion of it.

What’s Next

Well, I don’t know what’s next, but torn bicep, torn pants, that’s small stuff. I’m not gonna sweat, I’m going to have the best ever SAPPHIRE NOW, tweeting about it @Jerry__Rosa,  and I trust that you will have the best of times here.

Not going, watch it live:

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