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Hopefully some of you already tried our existing SAP NetWeaver BW on SAP HANA with SAP BusinessObjects BI trial already and had a great experience using the software.

After the great success and feedback from our customers and partners, we decided that we are going to create additional trial offerings.

The first trial that I would like to introduce to you here is the new SAP ERP on SAP HANA Trial.

So what is included ? Lets start with the technical part:

  • SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 07
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP02
  • Fiori
  • SAP Lumira Server

What else is there ?

  • 80+ business processes across Finance, Controlling, Manufacturing, Order to Cash, and Procure to Pay
  • 60+ Fiori apps offering a personalized, responsive and simple user experience for enterprise-wide engagement
  • 50+ SAP HANA Live reports for real time operational reporting on live transactional data

So how can you get access ?

  1. You will need a Amazon AWS Account for this. So in case you do not have one yet – sign up here :
  2. You then navigate to the SAP ERP on SAP HANA Trial page in SAP HANA Marketplace : Try SAP ERP on HANA
  3. You order your systems and follow the steps – which you can also see in the “Getting Started Guide for SAP ERP on SAP HANA Trial“.
  4. Enjoy the system.
  5. Leverage the great Demo material that the team prepared to show the functionality : SAP ERP on SAP HANA – Scenario Guide

So how much will the system cost me ?

  • The software comes for free as a 30 day trial
  • You will have to pay for the Amazon EC2 infrastructure, which is around 3.20 USD per hour when the system is running. Remember that you have control when the system is running and when not.

Here some additional resources:

Enjoy it…

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  • This is great, thanks Ingo. Working really well so far. Loving the contrast between the alternate steps in Fiori and in SAPGUI (VA02, ME23N, MIGO etc). Deliberate or not, it made me smile 🙂

    One thing folks might need to do (as I did) is open up posting period 2014/06 with MMPI to be able to successfully post the GR.


    • Hi DJ,

      thanks for the feedback and glad it all worked for you so far and you like it.

      feel free to share any feedback or suggestions.



      • Thanks Ingo

        I can feel a LOT of work has gone into this to make such an involved (and useful / real world) scenario work out of the box with HANA, Fiori, standard MM/SD/PP/MRP processes, and even Lumira*! Bloody good work, team!

        I'll start with just a single suggestion: Would it be possible please to make the trial longer than 30 days? For example, I have started to play around, but have many client / other commitments over the next couple of weeks which means that the trial will be idle (and idle on AWS, hopefully I'll remember!**) and the trial countdown will still run. Will it be possible to get "extensions" or have a "developer style" trial (ongoing)?



        *D3 + UI5*** == loveliness

        **I think it does this automatically after 8 hours, right? Will check anyway

        *** Noticed a different version of UI5 on Fiori (1.18) vs Lumira (1.16)****

        **** Meta-notes, oh my!

        • Hi,

          correct - the default behavior is that after 8 hours the system will get stopped, unless you change the behavior setting.

          in terms of overall duration this is limited to 30 days as this is a trial - not a developer edition.

          In case people are interested in longer term usage of such a system - that is where the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription comes in.

          SAP Lumira is release 1.15 actually.



          • Thanks. Will look into the Subscription options.

            (On the release (1.1n) I was referring to the release of UI5, not Lumira.)

    • "One thing folks might need to do (as I did) is open up posting period 2014/06 with MMPI to be able to successfully post the GR."

      We checked with the team and this is their answer:

      It is the ERP function -- work as designed. You are not allowed to open the period when u are not there. It is written in demo guide how to do so.

      HTH, Hannes

      • Thanks Hannes and Ingo

        It is indeed in the demo guide on p17. I suppose the excitement of having a system so quickly made me skip every other page 🙂

    • Yes, the current period has to be opened, since the Solution has been created in April. TRansaction OMSY checks, which is the current period, and transaction MMPV is needed to open the "next" period (one after another needed)

  • Hello Ingo

    This is great. We have been looking for a Demo Environment like this for months. I created our instance and everything went perfect until we decided to stoped. Now I'm trying to access the client 120 and all I receive is an error message. I'm not sure if the reason could be that I skipped (by mistake) the step 2.2 (Update Password for Secondary Database Connection) from the User Guide. I'm attaching images with the error message I'm getting looking your feedback. Thanks in advance for your support.


    Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.44.18 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.44.28 PM.png

    • hi Sasha,

      can you please check if you can access BI? There was the same error happened to another user, but he waited for a while then the system went up without interfacing.

      In addition, the second DB connection is important to perform. In your case, you might already locked the user. If you can access the HDB, please perform the steps in HANA studio where you added your HDB.

      1. Logon to your HANA system using HANA Studio (see chapter “Connecting to HANA via SAP HANA Studio”)
      2. In the Navigation pane open your HANA system àSecurity à Users and double click on the SAP<SID> user (in this case SAPERP)
      3. In the new opened window on the right side click on the button “Activate User…” and confirm the popup

      regards, Vivian

      • Hi Vivian. Thanks for your reply.

        It seems there is no problem to access BI (please see attached image); however, I cannot give you fully assurance since I can't find the log in credentials (username, SAP System, SAP Client) on the User Guide (Script) provided.

        Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.11.06 AM.png

        As per your recommendation, I have checked the User Status in HANA Studio (see image bellow) and it shows an error message.

        Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.29.43 PM.png

        I'm not sure if the fastest solution is terminate the system and configure a new one (I'm not sure if I can do this). I truly appreciate you support on this matter.

        Thanks again


        • Hello Sasha,

          all the user credentials are in the user guide for the exercise - including those for the BI 4 server (see section 4.2).

          On the screenshot for the HANA System it looks like the HANA System has not been reached.

          I would suggest to terminate the instances you have right now and try to generate a new set of those.

          When you are in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library navigate to the "Instances" tab and terminate the existing instance. Then navigate to the "Solutions" tab and create a new set of instances.


          Ingo Hilgefort

          • Hi Ingo,

            I have been suffering the same issue as Sasha reported above (not connecting and getting WSAEWOULDBLOCK: Resource temporarily unavailable issue).

            I am successfully able to ping the instance, so don't believe that it is a firewall issue, but am completely unable to connect to the instance IP either via the SAP GUI or HANA Studio.

            I was able to connect once (the first day I setup the instance, but never since then).

            I've followed the advice above about terminating the instances,and re-creating them again (3 times now) - but unfortunately to no avail - still the WSAEWOULDBLOCK issue.

            I was wondering if you might have any other troubleshooting suggestions, as I'm really getting stuck now.

            It looks such a great demo system, that I really want to get into 🙂   - just can't seem to yet - with my 30 day clock ticking down.

            Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!


          • Hi Keith,

            we are working on it - in the mean time, could you check if this bog helps to solve the issue temporarily? Although the blog talks about suspend/resume, it might help in your case as well.

            Suspend and Resume does not work all the time in CAL

            Thanks and Regards,



            Best Regards / Freundliche Grüße / 敬具 / 此致敬礼 / Поздрави

            Hannes Kuehnemund | Product Owner - SAP Cloud Appliance Library
            Vote in our latest poll here: - Information on Instance Popup

          • Hi Hannes,

            Thank you very helpful.  Reading the updates to the blog - I was wondering though if there was an updated estimated timing for the updated version of the appliance that may fix this issue?    The fix in the blog is a little complex (my main attraction to the demo was that it was all pre-configured - avoiding this kind of setup 🙂 ) - so if it was only a day or two away I may just wait for the new version to be released.

            Thanks for your efforts in resolving the bug - and looking forward to getting into the new system!


  • Hello,

    could you please answer few questions regarding this demo solution:

    1) Is Smart Financials functionality activated in this trial version of SAP ERP on HANA?

    2) What permissions / restrictions does the user have in this demo system? Is it allowed to view IMG or system tables?

    3) I have a problem with AWS. They don't open cr1.8xlarge instance for me as I'm a new user, and this volume is too powerful and expensive for the new users... The only option for me is to work with smaller EC2 instances, but they are not suitable for SAP ERP on HANA. Is there any possibility to work with another cloud provider? Or to use VM of another type? Or to exert on AWS.AMAZON somehow so that they could increase the limit of cr1.8xlarge instances to SAP clients?  Any suggestions or advices would be helpful!

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards


    • Hello Evgeniya,

      - the trial does not include Simplified Financials.

      - You have all the SAP credentials. All of them are documented in the material and you have administrative access.

      - In regads to the instance types, you can ask Amazon to remove the restrictions by following this URL :


      Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

      • Hello Ingo,

        may thanks for your reply.

        I meant not Simplified Financials, but Smart Financials, an add-on for SAP ERP on HANA available since EhP7: Smart Financials 1.0 – SAP Help Portal Page. Do you know if it's available in this demo?

        Regarding the instance types, I also already asked Amazon to remove my restrictions with this standard URL. But according to their answer, they were not able to do it for such a powerful instance type, it because I'm a new user to AWS. Unfortunately now this is the only problem which doesn't let me to test this demo.

        Best regards


        • Hello Evgeniya,

          you can find the complete details here :

          I don't think that Smart Financials is included.

          On the instance type - you can also select a different instance type when starting.

          In regards to the limits there must be something else in your account as I created a brand new account - it got verified - and the default limit for the instance type cr1.8xlarge was 2.


          Ingo Hilgefort

        • Hi Evgeniya,

          I am a Solutions Architect with AWS and focus on SAP.  Can you send me the case # of the limit increase you requested?  Please send this information to my Amazon email address -



          • Hello Timm

            We are SAP Channel Partners. We are working with a customer to provide the exact solution (SAP ERP Foundation Extension  - based on the pre-assembled SAP ERP Foundation Extension rapid-deployment solution) in a MCaaS model. I wonder if we can have a discussion with to explore to host or solution on the AWS. Please advise. Regards


          • Hello Sasha,

            then I would suggest you talk to your SAP partner manager about the MCaas model and the options to leverage pre-configured systems from the Cloud Library.


            Ingo Hilgefort

          • potentially OT, but wouldn't the simple financials allow for 'skipping over' the smart financials or is the smart financials a prerequisite for the simple financials?



          • Helllo Christian,

            thanks a lot for your reply.

            Do you know if Smart Financials is activated for non-trial version of SAP EhP7 for SAP ERP 6.0 on HANA SP6? Or is it allowed to activate it in customizing if we purchase this solution by unblocking the full library?

            My target is to deploy SAP ERP system (including Smart Financials) on HANA. Could you please advice any other possible cloud solutions to do it? For example, if we deploy one of SAP HANA platform editions in CAL, can we connect our ERP system to it?

            Thank you!

            Regards Evgeniya

          • Hello Evgeniya,

            the appliance that is available in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription is technical identical to the trial version, which means that right now Smart Finance is not included.

            But remember that in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library you have the full access to the system and you could if you want to also install / configure items.

            In SAP CAL you could leverage the appliance, deploy Smart Finance and if you wanted you can also integrate it with your own data.


            Ingo Hilgefort

  • There is a product offering the full version of this product is here. If a customer was to buy three months of this product, please confirm if they also need to buy licenses for services such as HANA.

    What other costs would be mandatory, or optional if they bought this product "SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription Package"

    • hi Gabriel,

      the link you posted goes to SAP CAL Package. To purchase "SAP Cloud Appliance Library Subscription Package" is one of the prerequisites to consume the subscription solution of this ERP/HANA. In addition, you need full SAP software product licenses to consume the subscription solution. And you need pay to AWS hosting.

      Within the subscription solution (ERP/HANA) there is same scope, same technical landscape and you can expect the same experience as you have tried via the trial. But yet another commercial mode. see direct Link

      Since this solution (ERP/HANA) is a fully activated landscape, you can start to experience HANA directly, using the configuration and master data, preloaded in this landscape. I am not sure what kind of HANA service license you meant -- we can start a private conversation if you like. (

      regards, Xiaohua

    • In addition to Vivians comment, the licensing of ERP/HANA very much depends on how the customer wants to use this. A productive usage for sure requires a license of ERP + hana Runtime + ERP Foundation Extension - But this offer was especially built for Demo and or Proove of concept in a cloud environment.

      So Gabriel, you have to be more really get this question answered.

      best, Christian

  • What's the difference between this trial & SAP's old IDES environment?

    I know there's no IDES for SAP HANA DB.

    But how about the scenario?

    • Excellent question, Yoh:

      IDES system landscape still exists and is used primarily for Demo Purposes of specific LoB and Industry scenarios. There are many demo scripts available for SAP Internals (and some for Partners) through Solution Experience. The system represents a typical installed Base scenario, many master and transactional data over ~ 20 years. The scope is ERP + many Business Suite and/or Industry flavours.

      The ERP on Hana trial represents a preconfigured image on an ERP Best Practice environment, fully enabled with Fiori, BI, Lumira. Hana live, Smart Business sitting on Hana DB. The scope represents what SAP sells as SAP ERP Foundation Extension especially for Net New customers. Key difference is, that the best practice data represent a typical net new customer setup, some example master data and just a few example transactional data - developped and documented through Best Practices (BAiO and RDS). The trial can be used by any SAP Internal, Partner or Customer to play with. After having played with the trial, there are several follow up options: SAP Internals or SAP ERP selling partners can order copies as Demo systems(preconfigured image in Cloud or on DVD) or Proof of Concept systems (also for interested Customers). There are Test scripts available through RDS and BAiO.

  • Thanks Ingo. I am going to setup an instance and I will get back to you with my experiences.

    One question, what happens after the 30 day trial in AWS? Will I be able to retain my ERP on HANA AWS instance similar to my standalon HANA DB in AWS or will it expire and I loose the entire instance? Please let me know how this free trial works. I will also look for the FAQ section prior to setting up the AWS 30-day instance. Thanks.

    • Hello Rama,

      all license keys will expire after 30 days and also from a Terms and Conditions / Legal point of view this is a trial limited to 30 days.


      Ingo Hilgefort

      • Hi Ingo,

        Thanks for the confirmation. Awesome job on the overall setup of this instance and 30 day trial offer!! 🙂 🙂

        The overall setup was a breeze. I completed in 20 minutes. I am going to run all the demo and I will get back to you if I have any questions. Thanks, once again!

      • Ingo,

        I am having connection issues.  I am only seeing a IP address for the BOBJ with status unknown. The BOBJ IP address is not ping-able from my PC and I am unable to connect to it.  Also, I am not seeing an connect button next to my instance in the CALSAP console.

        Shouldnt I be able to ping the IP address? or should I atleast see the connect icon in the CALSAP console? something is wrong.

        Please let me know if I missed any steps or you want me to provide you additional steps. Looking forward to hearing from you.



        (SBOP BI Platform 4.1)
      • Ingo,

        I think I found out the problem. Will I need more than 1 instance in my AWS account to be available to activate the full demo? one for ERP and one for BI? Currently, my AWS account limit is only to host one instance - may be this is my problem? Please advice.

        I have terminated my instance. I will resume when I hear back from you. Thanks.

      • Hi Ingo,

        do you happen to know what kernel version and patch level the trail comes with? Last time I checked, the trial version was 741 patch level 11. I am asking because we want to test a CPI-C communication based package, which we know that it requires at least a kernel release 741 with patch level 20.

        Thank you,


        • Hello Christian,

          the easiest way to find that level of detail is to simply get your own trial system and then look into the system.


          Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

          • Hi Ingo,

            if there was a Dislike button at the bottom of your last post, I'd press it 🙂

            Is there really no way to find out in advance what kernel version we get? Let alone the 40 minutes boot time, I may be wasting an afternoon just to find that it doesn't fit our needs. BTW. what set of tables does the ERP trial version come with? Do we get tables from materials management, like MARA, etc.? Is this ERP on HANA configured like an IDES System? Up to now, I have only used the BW version.

            Best regards,

          • Hi Christian,

            the ERP system that you are getting is fully configured with SAP ERP Best Practices (tables and example data). See my reply above which compares it with IDES...

            We had pulled one of the pilot copysin April, two weeks prior relelase, and it was 741 patch 10.

            Christian Tiemann

          • Hi Christian,

            thanks for the info. Can we hope for getting a newer kernel patch level soon? Is it possible to apply a patch on a Amazon-hosted instance?

            One more question: I was experimenting with the ABAP statement OPEN CURSOR WITH HOLD and it seems like that does not work on HANA. The cursor actually is getting closed after the first loop (which executes a RFC call and therefore does an implicit COMMIT). My little test case works fine on an older 700 system. I wonder whether HANA or 741 causes this problem?

            Best regards,


          • Hello Christian,

            the focus of the trial is to showcase the scenarios - the focus is not a custom development scenario, so the actual kernel version is not that important here as the focus is different.

            If you would like to apply patches - you can do so, but keep in mind that these are trial versions and that the trial is available for 30 days and that these are systems that are not for custom development or prototype or a proof of concept.

            These systems are trial systems.


            Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

          • Hello Christian,

            each of the trials has a list of valid instance sizes based on the overall configuration and HANA DB size. In the Getting Started guide shown on the main page for the trial - - the cheapest option is shown.

            so you can not pick any of the available instances but there are different instance sizes available and you can then when starting the instance select from that validated list.


            Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

          • Hello Christian,

            In regards to the content that is included in the system, please take a look at the documentation for the trial - available at - which outlines the scenarios that are available.


            Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

  • I know this sort of thing is "free" in that SAP don't charge you, but does anyone know how much AWS charge?

    Is it a trivial amount, or do you get a horrible shock (really big bill) at the end of the first week of playing with a trial system if you have only been playing with your trial systemt an hour or two each evening?

    • AWS charged us about a thousand bucks a month for a single HANA instance running all the time. We tried to use scheduling and shut it down overnight and on weekends but it turned out, that the HANA instance doesn't come up in the moring, or, better, it does come up, but we get a "connection refused" when we try to access it using SAP GUI. AWS continues to charge for an inaccessible instance. I have seen a few other posts of users reporting this issue, so I'd recommed not to use scheduling until this is fixed.



    • Good question. This is quite a concern for the potential individual "tinkerers" who don't have corporate purchasing power behind them. (Not sure if they're the target demographics of this trial, but still.) Would be nice if there was an option, for example, to set up specific maximum budget.

      • Hi Jelena,


        Your suggestion to set a maximum budget in CAL for the runtime of a specific instance will definitely avoid situations like the one mentioned above. And we also thought about adding that particular feature to CAL. However we decided to not implement and I would like to share some of our thoughts on that topic with you and the community.


        Within CAL is it easy for us to implement a trigger that executes automatic operations on instances once certain threshold is exceeded. In order to execute a meaningful operation the defined threshold must be matched with data from a reliable data source. For this particular feature the data source would need to provide the currently accumulated costs for a certain instance. And here the problem appears. The cloud providers don’t provide such a feature through their API. Certainly, on the CAL side it might be possible to estimate the accumulated infrastructure costs of an instance using the current runtime multiplying it with the costs for the instance type that is used. This number will however be lower than the real costs because there are cost elements which are out of our reach: I/O and network charges. Customers with a heavy I/O and network usage patterns would hit a budget limit quickly while the cost calculation still reports that all is on the safe side.


        Bottom-line is, as long as the cloud providers don’t extend their API with a feature to receive the currently associated costs of an instance we cannot implement a reliable budget threshold feature. The budget limit we would report won’t be exact and then new complains would come in. 

        Each cloud provider however provides mechanism to set cost alerts on their platforms. How to set those up is described on their webpages.


        I hope that I clarified the situation with this answer.


        Thanks and Regards,


        Best Regards / Freundliche Grüße / 敬具 / 此致敬礼 / Поздрави

        Hannes Kuehnemund | Product Owner - SAP Cloud Appliance Library
        Vote in our latest poll here: - Information on Instance Popup

        • Hannes, thanks for a detailed response! Good to know about the cost alerts.

          By the way, just noticed an Amazon's ad here on SCN for $1000 service credit when trying HANA. It lead to a page that required personal information, so I stopped there, but it could be a nice bonus to someone on the fence. Not sure if it's limited to US customers or organizations only - there was no other info.

    • Hi Paul,

      within CAL there is a cost forecast feature available when starting an instance using the standard "Create Instance" guided procedure (starting from the SOLUTIONS tab). However when using a quick launch (e.g. when coming directly from the cost forecast feature is not available.

      We are currently working towards a new instance creation dialog with enhanced usability. This includes providing a better outlook on the costs even for the quick launch. We hope to have that out on before end of this year.

      Best Regards,


      Best Regards / Freundliche Grüße / 敬具 / 此致敬礼 / Поздрави

      Hannes Kuehnemund | Product Owner - SAP Cloud Appliance Library
      Vote in our latest poll here: - Information on Instance Popup

      • In your blog you give an indicative price of 3.20 US dollars for every hour the system is running.

        That does not seem too unreasonable if you can switch it on Saturday morning (say) tinker around all day and then switch it off again. You would lose all your work but in this day and age of SAPLINK that is not actually much of a problem.

        You would have to terminate the insatnce as the AWS page clearly says that "suspending" the instance does not suspend the charges.

        Even better if that is the actual price I can get my boss to authorise the company to pay for it.

        However I would love to here from anyone who has actually worked on a trial system for a length of time, and here how much they actually got charged. the gentleman above siad he got charge 1000 USD a month just for running the instance in working hours, and a back of the envelope calculation suggests that worked out as about thirty dollars an hour,ten times what you would expect.

        I have an urgent need for a trial 740 ABAP system, so I am going to have a crack at getting this working this weekend, and I will keep the SCN update as to what I actually get charged, in case there is some sort of hidden catch.

        I actually managed to get an AWS account (easy) and link it to a CAL account ( a nightmare, but I got there in the end by trying various illogical things until something worked).

        • Hi Paul,

          In June I started the AWS ERP on HANA Trial instance - I think I spent maybe 4-5 hours on it (starting it up, activating) and successfully ran through the tutorials Ingo provided - I just checked and my bill was $17.78 USD

          You do need to be sure you TERMINATE the instance if you don't want to incur charges anymore.


        • I've had one up for a few days and my charges are $8.60 for 7 hours of up time plus $.005 per hour for the IP.  So I have no problem just suspending my instance as I will only be charged 12 cents per 24 hours of idle time plus about $1.25 for each working hour (also my job is footing the bill).  My total bill for almost 63 hours is $8.91 but, again, that is only 7 hours of up time.

          • Yes, Amazon charges in both cases, but if you are in suspend state you will be charged for the storage and infrastructure, but if you are in running mode the costs will be much more, as Amazon provide you more "power" in virtual resources.

            Please, terminate your instances, only if you do not need them (and its content) - this is not reversible operation.

          • Yes, suspended instances still create costs, storage and unused elastic IPs are the usual drivers. An explanation of those costs is available on the AWS EC2 Pricing website.

        • Hi Paul,

          maybe you can write a personal/direct message to me about the "nightmare" you faced when linking the AWS account into your CAL account. I do this task each week during my demos and never faced a problematic situation.

          Logon to

          Navigate to Accounts

          Click on Create Account

          Enter Details


          But here is the catch, I do that every week so I might very well know what to do and even more important, what to avoid 😉 It would help us a lot if you provide me the details where you were struggling. This will help us understand and hopefully implement a better workflow in CAL.

          Of course the AWS account that is entered needs to be setup correctly. We've seen various cases where it takes a couple of hours between the "successful" AWS account creation and the time when you can really use it. Maybe you were trying to add the AWS account too early after creation to CAL.



          • In order to send you a direct message via SN I believ we have to "follow" each other. I will click the option to follow you in a few minutes, if you do the same back then we are good to go.

            I am a programmer by trade and naturally by the time I release my programs to the testers I am so familar with the screen flow it seems obvious to me. The same is true of the analyst who wrote the specification, and often we are amazed when the users say they hate it and can't figure out what to do etc...

            After a short while even th users become blind to the faults of commonly used applications because "that is just the way it is" and they learn to live with it.

            We had a heavily customized (Z programs) SAP solution, and everyone was happy with it after nine years. I then went to the UK and installed it their, and as this was the first time UK people had seen everything they kept pointing out little flaws here and there.

            I started off thinking I must have copied the program over inocrrectly, but logging into the Australian system I found all those little bugs had been there all along, nothing dramatic, but small enough so no one bothered telling IT.

            So in conclusion the best thing an It department can do is have an analsyt or programmer (or both) shadow someone at the coal face on their first day and see how much they struggle with the new system. Very few companies would be prepared to do this as their IT staff have "better things to do" but my company has one of our performance related targets as visting plants and asking end users what is wrong with the system. We think our system that we built is wonderful so when an end user repsonds to the question with a barrage of swear words it bring us down to Earth in a hurry.

            In this case it is the first time I tried to get the trial cloud SAP system working, so if any feedback I can give will help you make life easier for those who come after then it will be a good days work for both of us.

            As an aside, setting up the AWS account was so technologically advanced it was scary. You are looking at the screen, you give your mobile number and a robot phones you up. It talsk to you in a female Ameican voice and you communicate back my pressing numbers on your mobile phone and your computer screen starts changing based on your responses without me pressing any buttons. I suppose the web site must be constantly polling or responding to some sort of event sent from the AWS back end server, sort of like the cL_GUI_TIMER in SAP.

          • Today was the day I finally managed to get access to a CAL system. I noticed the ABAP 740 on HANA SP5 had been "centrally revoked" by SAP but there was a new one called ABAP 740 on HANA SP8 so that looked good, so I created an instance of that.

            After an hour the light had gone green and I tried to connect. My companies firewall seemed to block the IP address, but that is no big deal, I worked around that and got it.

            Then after finding the "hardware key" I went to the "mini SAP" site and requested a licence key file, which was emailed to be after five minutes so all good. I then cut and pasted the file into the remote desktop sesion, saved it, went back into SAP, loaded it again, then ran the transaction to eanble the developer user to have a developer key.

            As a test I then logged in as developer, created a few data elements to make sure the developer key worked, all good, I then activated them toegther with some indexes that were inactive when the snapshot was made that created this instance, all going really well.

            Now, I was in desperate need of seeing some features in the BOPF which needed a 740 system. I was in a very happy state that I had been able to create data elements, everything was going so well, then i typed in transaction BOB.

            No such thing in the 740 demo system - not surprising, i do system->status and the list of components tell me there is no business suite foundation component, hence no BOPF. I was not expecting that, even solution manager system have that component.

            Oh well, next cab off the rank I need to see some new things I belive are in BRF+ in 740. Oh dear - that did not work either. The transaction calls a Web Dynpro screen and fisrt you get the 403 not found error and then the screen goes crazy trying to set up Internet explorer 11, asking all sorts of things, like do I want to allow facebook as a trusted site. How did entering the BRF+ transaction code trigger that?

            I'm wondering if Web Dynpro works in this demo system. It might not, maybe it is obsolete now and so you can only play with UI5. I hope I can get Web Dynpro working, I want to play with all the new things the Floorplan Manager can do.

            Still the glass is half full - I will still be able to play with all the new ABAP constructs (I hope) and code a few CDS views and AMDP methods (I hope) and play with ABAP push channels (I hope).

            To conclude : four questions - maybe not for you but hopefully someone can answer them.

            Firstly, it seemed really strange to me why the BOPF was missing from an ABAP evaulation system - does SAP not take this framework seriously?

            And can I have been the first person to try the BRF+ transaction? This is a cloned template remote desktop environment so surely once you manage to log on to it it reacts the same for everyone?

            And does Web Dynpro work on this demonstration system?

            Lastly and more importantly - did I choose the wrong "solution" to create an instance of? Is there something with 740 ABAP and HANA and BOPF?

            Cheersy Cheers


          • Hi Paul,

            I'm replying to your BOPF issue. Originally BOPF has been created by application developers for their needs. So it is part of the Business Suite Foundation layer. Meanwhile BOPF is our recommended framework and it gains more and more importance. The component responsibility is in NetWeaver but due to the different products (Suite on HANA, EHP7 and NW 7.40) and their combinations, it was technically not possible to bring BOPF into the NetWeaver layer. We need a new EHP and a new ABAP codeline to do this. I'm confident, that this will happen next year.

            You might think that we could just put BOPF into the developer edition. I would like to do so but for legal reasons this developer edition must be the same product as what we deliver on premise.

            Kind regards Thea

          • Dear Thea,

            Thanks for coming back to me. I totally understand that if you give someone a trial system and then they decide to install it for real then the real system has to be the same as the trial system.

            My guess was the Business suite foundation was designed to be a set of re-usable components for building business applications that ends users would be using for business transactions - in this context the business suite foundation would be in ERP / CRM / SRM / PLM which are all transactional systems but not in PI / BW / MDM which have Netweaver installed but don;t get directly accessed by end users to do OLTP transactions.

            That does make me wonder why the business suite foundation is in Solution Manager. No business transactions would occur in such a system you would think.

            Anyway, I applaud the effort at SAP to try and "run simple" as your CEO says, and try and reduce the number of slightly different codelines, as was the case when 7.03 and 7.3 (which confused everybody) were brought back togtehr wuth 7.40.

            Going back to the title of this blog, it looked like back in june there was an evaluation system available where you could do business transactions, and that would have BOPF presumably, as well as ABAP v740.

            That is just what I am looking for, but it does not seem to be on the CAL menu any more. If you think about it, if you could have a demo HANA system with ERP functionality and ABAP 740, why would you want to try a system with just the HANA and ABAP 7.40, as the latter is a subset of the former?

            Cheersy Cheers


          • Hi Paul

            we have many products and codelines. And it is certainly not easy to see the difference. For us it would also be easier to maintain only one. But we have learned that one size does not fit all.

            I guess the trial containing an ERP system on HANA is the solution "SAP ERP Foundation Extension powered by SAP HANA - Fully activated Appliance Landscape Trial". The solution is based on EHP6 SP7. And certainly for a developer who needs the  Suite context, this fits. I hope this is the one you are looking for.

            But there are good reasons for a pure ABAP system - even if it is a subset of the ERP solution:

            - The ABAP trial CD has had a large community - students who want to see what ABAP is about, developers or consultants wanting to play with the newest ABAP features just to name two of them.

            - The pure ABAP system is smaller than a complete ERP, so the production is more light weight and faster. We already offer NW7.40 SP8.

            - For NW it is a platform to show what ABAP can do, with the ABAP on HANA scenarios for example.

            For us these are reasons enough to offer this solution.

            Just one remark concerninig the solution manager: the solution manager relies on CRM functionality, so CRM is included in the stack.

            Kind regards


          • I do not know who to ask about by next query, maybe you can point me in right direction.

            In the 740 evaluation system (ABAP 740 SP 08 and BW on HANA) if yoy try and create a rule in BRF+ you get a short dump.

            OSS Note 2049865 seems to be relevant here though I cannot be 100% sure. Naturally you cannot use SNOTE in the evaluation system you get an RFC error.

            How do I get around this? My guess is I cannot, the answer will be "this will get fixed at some unspecified time in the future e.g. 2017".

            As an aside, what is the patching procedure for these evaluation systems? I notice the GUI is 740 base release i.e. crawling with bugs. This really needs the patch level 1 applied otherwise the ABAP editor does not work properly.

            In an attempt to apply the note manually I looked up the correction instructions, and the text read - and this is not a joke - "these correction instructions contain correction instructions not listed in this note". If you don't believe me look for yourself. You have to wonder about the thinking behind writing a comment like that in an OSS note.

          • Here is another funny one. I tried to serach for the OSS note about BRF+ dumping in the SAP support portal and found that if you do a search on the class which causes the dump CL_FDT_WD_MODEL you find the note, but if you omit the last letter i.e. put in CL_FDT_WD_MODE which I did by accident no results at all are shown.

            Who do I talk to about changing the SAP support portal to make the search more "fuzzy" i.e. putting in CL_FDT_WD_MODE should do a SELECT WHERE XYZ LIKE "CL_FDT_WD_MODEL%".


          • It is a big of an effort to get the developer key set up. When you create an instance of the evaluation system, you have to log on as SAP* in client 000, make a note of an 11 digit code, got to an external website, put that code in, wait te minutes to get an email containing another file  full of secret codes, go back to client 000, upload that file, then go to another transaction, press F8, go into the forest, pull the branch on the thrid tree on the left twice, and only then does user DEVELOPER get the right to create custom objects.

            Why doesn't the DEVELOPER user have development rights by default? What other purpose would there be into going into an ABAP only development system (i.e. no transactions) except for to try and do some development for which you need an access key?

            Also there are a bunch of inactive objects in the demonstration system - indexes and the like. It might be an idea to delete them from the evluation system so as not to puzzle people.

            Another funny thing happens when one tries to opem a Web Dynpro application like BRFplus in the evaluation system. The web browser goes crazy and takes to you all sort of web sites. It is easy to work around but why does it not just work properly straight off?

          • I just re-read my comments above and they seem a bit harsh, so I can only apologise.

            I contacted Carsten (inventor of BRF+) and he is going to arrange for the correction instructions to be emailed to me, so that will solve by BRF+ woes.

            The last piece of the puzzle is trying to see what the BOPF is like in a 740 system. As mentioned above BOPF is not part of the developer edition on the CAL, only the Foundation Extension.

            However it looks like the foundation Extension is for doing business transactions, and there is no DEVELOPER user ID, so I presume you cannot develop using the BOPF in this system?

            Is there any CAL evaluation system where I could have (a) developer access and (b) BOPF?

            Cheersy Cheers


            PS If someone can tell me categorically that the BOPF screens look exactly the same in the 740 system as they do in a 702 system that would also solve my problem.

          • Hi Hardy,

            recently Tilmann published a list of BOPF tutorials. They contain many screen shots. If you just browse them, you'll get an impression of how BOPF looks like in 7.40.

            Or take the screen shot of our BOPF tool in Eclipse.




          • Hello Again!

            I had my S user expire, and got a new one, when my company changed (consolidated) their global SAP licence.

            So far so good, I lost my SCN account as that was linked to my old S number, but I got a new P number, and one day SCN says it will merge such accounts,

            More importantly, I can no longer get into the CAL web page. It was linked to my old S number. I now have two digital certificates, one for my old S number, one for my new one.

            Whichever I choose I get told "you have now been authenticated" and then after a while....

            I get a message saying that I cannot access the "tenant" but I have requested access as a user of this tenant. Presumably if and when I get such access I will be able to see the screen I saw before with the list of systems on it, and hopefully will be able to change the S number linked to my AWS account.

            The next message - amazingly - says that eventually I will be allowed access (its been about a week now since I first tried) - but when I do there will be no notification, I have to guess when this has been approved. That is a very user friendly message. My guess is it never will be unless I intervene somehow.

            The next part of the screen says that if I have any queries please contact the tenant administrator without any instructions on how to do so. The question has to be - does SAP have any interest at all in making their web sites user friendly? It appears not.

            I am not trying to be overtly negative, but this is somewhat depressing.

            Any advice you can give me and how to proceed would be most welcome.

            Cheersy Cheers


          • Hello Paul,

            Your SAP CAL tenant is owned by your old S-user and only this user can approve access requests coming from other users. Can you login SAP CAL with your old S-user?

            Also could you move this discussion to the forum as it is not related  to the article above.

            Best regards,


    • Hi Jerzy,

      I have a favor to ask, would you be able to post this question in our forum? There you can also upload screenshots and we definitely would need that for understanding what is happening in your case. Also, we should not use the comment function of a blog to do a root cause analysis 😉

      The CAL forum is here - or also accessible directly through the top of the SCN page SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)

      Thanks and Regards,


  • We get a page cannot be displayed error while trying to the BI platform link. I did check the AWS instance and looks like the security group has port 8080 open. Anything we need to be looking for?

    Is the BI Platform for the trial running on Linux or Windows?  I tried creating a new Windows instance on the same AWS account to see whether it was a network related issue, even that didnt work.


    • hi Deepu,

      the solution requires Linux on the OS level.

      With regards to the BI platform problem, it should be fixed already. Do you mind to create a new instance?



  • Hello,

    My understanding is that in order to use an AWS account (even for a trial test), entering a credit card is mandatory. Any other options ?



      • Hi Ingo Hilgefort,

        I am Sekhar calling from Bangalore, India.

        We had recently launched AWS SAP ERP on HANA Trail Instance via SAP CAL.

        We were using the instance since from 20 days & the trail will expires with in 10 days Approx.

        As we knew that the instance is a trail period for 30 days only, so once the trail expires can we Re-Launch the instance again.

        If we can launch, can we use the same AWS Login Credentials & same SAP CAL Login Credentials.

        Please provide us the information so that we can go ahead..........

        • Hi Sekhar,

          Since this is a trial solution, as per the terms & conditions you can only use this for 30 days (max.), after which time you have to terminate / destroy the instance. Trials are strictly meant for "try before you buy" scenario wherein you can play around with the solution and get some hands-on and explore the solution.

          So after 30 days, you will have to terminate your instance.

          However, you can create a new / fresh instance of the same solution using the same AWS/SAP-CAL account.

          Furthermore, I would recommend you to post your questions directly in the CAL discussion forum (link below) so as to get quick support from our team and we can track the discussions properly in the discussion forum.


          Full navigation path to CAL discussion forum:

  >  choose "start a discussion" on the top-right corner.

          Hope this helps and lemme know if you have any further questions!

          Best Regards,


          • Hi Adarsh Kapoor,

            Thank You for your valuable information.

            Actually when we are trying to access the sap fiori mobile app from andriod device, but when we are trying the fiori launchpad url we are facing 2 issues which are 1. sap fiori certificate error & 2. the page is not found. we are using the SAP ERP on HANA Trail Instance from AWS.

            The url which we are trying in the fiori app is  https://vhcalhdbdb.dummy.nodomain:1081/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/fiorilaunchpad.html.....

            we were working on the same issue since a week with all the possibilities what we are having, but still we could not able to resolve the issue still.

            I found some sap fiori certificate issues resolutions which asks us to change the Ushell service configuration part in SICF T-Code. but it did not help us.

            Can you pls guide us how to resolve this certificate issue in the server side & in the client side i,e in fiori app. i am very new to this certificate configuration part in SAP.

            Do we need to export any certificate from the server & it has to be imported in the client side.............

          • hi Sekhar,

            have you tried to check information about Fiori here:

            The ERP on HANA trial was not configured for mobile usage due to the fact that such configuration cannot be predicted.

            I would assume that if you replace the vhcalhdbdb.dummy.nodomain with IP address, the Fiori Launchpad will come up, but smart apps will have problem.

            regards, XH

  • Team,

    Earlier version of SAP IDES version was made easy hence lot of people both novice and expert users used to explore and that's how footprint of SAP crossed geographies. Infact lot of consultants used to own one on their personal machine and explore customer problems in tandem with SAP Incidents. Now that SAP HANA on new platform, availability is made bit challenging, at every step you need someone hand holding.

    With HANA and exchange innovation on top of it (SAP Fiori replacing) traditional SAP GUI screens lot of time is required by consultants to explore and play around the system, only then we can break the discussion with customers and power users.

    SAP should explore to make IDES version available shortly, else accessing system via CAL with AWS high cost (from India perspective) will bring in some unpleasant atmosphere.


    • Prabhakar,

      AWS costs are high in the US as well, and adding licensing fees on top of renting an instance from AWS raises the expense even further. maybe some clients should be charged back for those expenses as well? if not, it makes IDESaccess like websites even more attractive.

      but i wouldn't call the atmosphere unpleasant but simply more competitive.

      so, good luck finding an affordable ides system.


  • The cloud option is great, it takes the setup time down from hours to minutes.
    I tried out SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP2 and it very easy to setup, impressive !!

    Here is one question though please, looks like the only option to is to install this on Linux (both on AWS and Azure)

    Now to try out Web Intelligence for some quick hands on practice the option is to use the good ol' eFashion universe, which is based on a MS Access database. Now Access does not work on Linux, or does it ?

    Is there a way to have the trial on Windows please ?

    Thanks !