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Five Reasons to Deploy Complex (Syclo) Apps on SAP Mobile Platform – #SAPPHIRENOW

SAP continues to invest significantly to enhance features, technology and OS support of its complex mobile apps built on SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) such as SAP Work Manager.  The reason is not one mobile product fits all user needs.

We have been successful with mobile EAM and field service apps because they are targeted at specific target audience – workers in maintenance, field service and supply chain.  The ROI is high with a quick break-even point.  They go beyond simple tasks by supporting complex business processes and guiding users with workflows to improve compliance, efficiency and reduce errors.

So how do we address the needs of the field mobile worker?  It’s simple for the not so simple field worker environments.  SAP Work Manager app powered by SAP Mobile Platform.  The comprehensive capabilities of making mission critical processes persistently available anywhere using mobile transforms the workers user experience for these high ROI value field processes.

SAP Mobile Platform with Agentry built-in is the ONLY technology to do the job.  Here are the five reasons.

  1. Workers need a resilient solution that operates uninterrupted regardless of connectivity. Our Syclo applications can work in an always connected or always disconnected state – or anywhere in between. For instance, when the user is offline, the app should remain responsive with a smooth, fluid interaction without slowing down your work. Syclo applications offer the ultimate in application usability and are perfect for environments when network availability cannot be taken for granted and is out of your control (rural areas, oil rigs, etc.). When high availability of a mobile application is important, it can be configured to fail over to a different connection method when the preferred network such as Wi-Fi or 4G becomes unavailable.  Users continue working even if your backend systems, servers and networks fail.  Moreover, if consistent and reliable connectivity cannot be guaranteed, data integrity can definitely become an issue with errors, duplicate entries, incomplete transactions and partial data transfer. That is why SMP as end-to-end control over transactions and updates that it posts to back-end systems to ensure delivery and data integrity.  Also note HTML5 apps in a container can run offline.  However, what data do they store?  Last 15 minutes?  Last hour?  Is it enough for mission critical apps?  Syclo apps DO have the data needed to contine working while offline.
  2. A big part of productivity improvements with mobility is achieved by making sure that every technician follows the same process when completing daily tasks.   Syclo workflows with branching logic ensure that best practices are always enforced at the point of performance.  Also in order to transform user experience, the complex workflows can integrate peripherals and 3rd party applications into a single solution seamlessly. For instance, barcode and RFID speed up data entry related to parts and equipment and camera integration can be used for before and after documentation.  SMP’s Open UI integrates best-of-breed applications such as GIS and visualization tools that tie in screens and data to efficiently connect an end-to-end user experience.
  3. Usability in challenging environments is a must for these mission critical processes.  Unlike Web-based apps, Syclo apps minimize data chatter and data volume used by wireless, #1 source of draining batteries.  Thus, they are able to operate for a full shift or more.   Syclo apps also support older non-html rugged devices that remain popular.
  4. SMP apps such as SAP Work Manager are flexible and configurable to help you adapt to your specific business needs.  It does NOT require custom development. Agentry Editor simplifies development by making many common tasks visual rather than conceptual with model driven development. Complex rules are also easy to create with a wizard-driven interface that emphasizes point-and-click reliability over freehand code writing.   As mentioned before, Open UI is available to extend and integrate external apps such as GIS and 3d Visualization.  Additionally Syclo apps on SMP are designed to be upgradeable to minimize disruption while you evolve your solution with the latest technology.
  5. These apps are pre-built and pre-configured with best practices in place.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  Get up and running quickly with low risk solutions from SAP.  RDS solutions can be deployed in as little as 6 weeks.  As mentioned earlier, the model driven approach is how deployments can be quick and repeatable.

The advantage behind using SAP Mobile Platform with Syclo apps is clear since these mission critical business processes must always be available to keep work going.  It also makes users more efficient with new and improved comprehensive business practices.  Best of all, the technology offers a safe path to deploy and manage over time to meet your specific needs.

Come check them out and ask us questions at #SAPPHIRE 2014 at the Technology Campus Innovative Mobile Apps Test Drive (TEC344) and Line of Business Campus Mobile Asset Management Expert Table.  Learn where we have our demos at Mobile Asset Management and Field Service at #SAPPHIRENOW 2014 – See Syclo Apps in Action

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      Author's profile photo Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy
      Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy


      Thanks for the blog. Are we able to deploy multiple Agentry apps in the SMP3 platform? I believe the first version of SMP3 had a limitation of being able to support only one active agentry application at any give time..thanks

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      As of SP03 (GA Version) it is still a limitation.

      Author's profile photo Erik Schrampf
      Erik Schrampf

      Multiple Agentry App support is being delivered in SP04 for SMP 3.0, which is currently planned for the August timeframe.