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Design Studio 1.3 Release Information

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.3 has been released at 28th May 2014. Here you can find collection of all release information which is available.

Entry Point is the Product Availability Matrix with links to:

  • Essentials: PAM Additional Information (direct link)
    • in this document you can find the supported systems for data sources, platform and functionality prerequisites.
  • Documentation Site (direct link to Help Portal)
  • Release Notes
    • Release note for Initial Shipment (Note 1948049)
      • this note will also be actualized as soon some important information needs to be published
    • Release note for Support Package Schedule (Note 1760372)
  • Link to Download Area:

Additional Information

Important help in case of support – notes which help you and SAP in support process      

1773751 Design Studio – Support Note for Client
1894504 Design Studio – Support Note for BIP Add-On
1894594 Design Studio – Support Note for NetWeaver Add-On

Sizing Note

1177020 SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – Sizing Information

Known Issues and Solutions     Design Studio BI Platform Add-On

     Design Studio NetWeaver Add-On

     Design Studio Client (documentation will follow)

  • Installation does not start, currently the solution is to backup and remove 2 folders in user folder:
    • folder: %USERPROFILE%\Analysis-config
    • folder: %USERPROFILE%\Analysis-workspace
  • Upgrade Issue from Design Studio 1.1 release with support package smaller than SP3 – solution is to uninstall the 1.1 release first and then make fresh install of 1.2 release.

Feel free to ask any questions related to technical aspects of this release – I will try to answer and actualize this site.

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