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Creating BO Security Matrix using SBOPRepositoryExplorer

This post contains how we can create an useful security matrix in SAP BO BI using the SBOPRepositoryExplorer connector.

Shortly I want to show you next content for this example of security matrix:

  • Access Levels (ACLs) definition;
  • Groups and Users Relation;
  • Application Rights;
  • Folder Rights;
  • Universe Rights;
  • Connection Rights.

1. How to extract ACLs

Using the universe provided in SBOPRepositoryExplorer and WebIntelligence:


We could use next dimensions to extract the ACLs from our CMS repository:

Next step is create some required variables for our example:

=If ([Specific Right]=0 And [Right Group Name]<>"General")
     Then "Overwrite General"
               If ([Specific Right]=1 And [Right Group Name]<>"General")
                    Then "Specific Right"

=If  (Count([CRole Right ID]) Where([CRole Right Granted]=1))>0
     Then 1
               If (Count([CRole Right ID]) Where([CRole Right Granted]=0))>0
                    Then 0
                         Else Count([CRole Right ID])

Now we can create a cross-table like:

And for the values ( ) we can use conditional formatting rules:

2. Groups and Users Relation

For this kind of content we can use different perspectives/views in function of our requirements, but anyway, we can use next basic dimensions:

Here we have an example with:

“Group Name”

“User Name”

and for the value we can define next formula:

=If Count([Group Name])>=1
     Then "X"
          Else ""

Other example using full path:

3. Application Rights

For applications we can use next dimensions:

A possible example:

4. Folder Rights

For folder rights we can use the same logic than application rights:

5. Universe Rights

In next example we are showing rights for universe folders:

6. Connection Rights

Like the previous one we can use next dimensions:

This is a simple way to create online our security matrix for SAP BO BI.

Thanks and enjoy!

Jorge Sousa

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    • Many many thanks Hans!

      I’m working in a new release (at the end of this week) with more features: possibility to attach an XML file with your own SAP BO BI – CMS queries and an Excel with personal data to do on memory, for example some comparisons.

      Best regards,

      Jorge Sousa

  • Hi Jorge,

    I would like to see all the folders and sub folders and the groups mapped on these folders. Can you please guide me on how I can pull the data.

    • Dear Shahee,

      Sorry for the delay, but yes, you can use next objects in the universe:

      – From folders:

      + Folder Relative Path

      + Folder Name

      – From Rights ACLS –> Folders Rights

      + FolderRight Group Name

      + FolderRight Role Name

      + FolderRight Is Inherited

      I hope help you.


      Jorge Sousa

  • Hi,

    Really this a tool where admins are waiting  for…

    At the same can you help me out to find list of reports and instance count which are stored in users personal folder ?

    Moreover really thanks for your support to resolve RDBMS error ..


    • Hi,

      Ya, I think the same.

      You can select next objects in the universe:

      – Personal Folders –> PFolder Path

      – Personal Folders –> PFolder Name

      – Personal Documents –> PDocument Name

      – Personal Documents –> PDocument is Instance

      With “PDocument is Instance” you can filter with 0=No instance and 1=Is an instance.

      Thanks and regards,

      Jorge Sousa

  • Hi,

    If i try to edit the connection, i got the following error:


    Specified RDBMS is invalid : SBOP Repository Explorer


    Interface requested not found : csOCA


    Session ID was not specified

    any ideas?

    thx for reply!


    • Hi Michael,

      It seems that the connector was not found by the IDT. Please review the open.sbo or also do a backup of this and replace by the provided in the zip.

      Please, review the installation steps provided in the pdf with the connector.

      If you still have the error, send me a print screen with the folder where you deploy the connector and also the open.sbo file to the email

      Best regards,

      Jorge Sousa