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What does it mean to be a HANA Center of Excellence (HCOE)?

I recently began developing a strategy for HANA Center of Excellence which had an overall objective, a goal, a purpose and like any good story teller I tried to take the audience on a journey which had a beginning a middle and a end which summarized what I thought was a well thought out reason. However, whilst I was engrossed in telling the story and how it all made sense I was challenged on what I meant by the term ‘Center of Excellence’. So here I am on a Saturday afternoon trying to recount the story in the context of HCoE and I would welcome your thoughts/ comments.

The purpose of a HCoE should be to Promote collaboration between technical communities, both internally and with the customer. It wouldn’t exclusively mean a one stop shop for customers to come and play with the wonderful toys at its disposal and it also doesn’t mean a breeding ground for techies to learn new skills; however it should exemplifies a collaboration of the two. Our customers bring their ideas of what they need and the techies bring their raw knowledge and skill. Together the collaboration of ideas would give birth to produce something unique – the adoption of HANA.

Leading the adoption of SAP HANA would bring into context what our communities, customer and technical teams, would want to collaborate around, in a COE. It could mean delivering quality projects with our customers thereby underpinning our position as thought leaders in SAP HANA moving forward. It could also mean being recognized not just for collaborative selling or customer satisfaction but a combination of all factors that deliver a highly successful outcome for our customers, partners and us alike.

Another key aspect of HCOE is providing an environment to allow the Incubation of those ideas that will allow a qualitative delivery of projects i.e. Prototypes, Demos and Proofs-of-Concept applications across a wide range of industries, where those ideas take shape and promote increased collaboration.

It’s essential to continually, Host and Support, nourish those ideas and collaboration; whether built on Native and Suite of Applications in order that those solutions evolve. The evolution of ideas would provide a source of critique but also will provide a platform to showcase collaborative Excellence.

In my next blog I hope to talk about what are the ‘enablers’ in becoming a HANA Center of Excellence.

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      good to have CoE strategy , but I am not able to understand the difference between HANA CoE and any other CoE ...please put some light on it.

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      That would be a matter of perspective. Hence, why I deliberately chose to talk about HANA in the context of CoE rather than CoE on its own. Some would argue that the essence of CoE should be the same, but I would hesitate to think on those same lines.

      Why? As I mentioned earlier, it’s a matter of perspective, since the purpose or objective of what you want to derive from it may differ from one CoE to another. The context in which you are defining your area of expertise or excellence may require a different set of resources, conditions to justify its existence.

      Ultimately, what you want to achieve is 'Expertise' in whatever you chose to define as your ‘Center of Excellence’ how you get there is very subjective.

      For me the basis of a HCoE, as eluded in my blog, forms of 4 key elements;

      • Promote Collaboration
      • Leading the Adoption
      • Incubation of Ideas
      • Nourishment or Growth of those ideas

      In my next blog I will be talking about what it takes to achieve those 4 key elements i.e what are the enablers.

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      Great Post Adil,

      heres to making some big steps over the next 12 months to really increase awareness and get consultants talking about all things HANA