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Here are the slow behavior  of the CMC which โ€‹was giving a hard time to work.

It takes 30 seconds to more than 1 minute to login in CMC / BI Launchpad.

Once logged in, navigation is slow between different sections.

Tomcat manager came up fast; however login page also takes time to come up.

Things to check: ~

Multiple boe_cmsd observed on the server box. One remains constant while other come and go.

Checked that Platform search was is set to continue crawling.

#Our APS service is split; however no separate APS for Platform search service.

As our BO server runs on 2 nodes cluster; we stopped the 2nd node to see if the performance improves.

It was observed in the past that restarting SIA resolves the issue temporarily; however issue comes up again after few days.

We restarted SIA but no visible change observed in the system.

We Disabled ‘Enable auto-save for users who have sufficient privileges’ for Webi Report referring KBA 1342368.

# Refer KBA 1956237 for information on auto-save in Web Intelligence is triggered the Server hangs.

How did we resolve this issue: ~

Removed the Platform Search Service from # APS and create separate #APS with the Platform Search Service.
In order to do this, Login to CMC go to Application > Platform Search Application > properties > check scheduled crawling. Save and Close.

Navigate to the program object for the Platform search under folder’s in CMC and schedule it for after working hours.โ€‹

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  1. Former Member

    This is the usual practice Tilak and I always prefer scheduling the platform search for weekends and set it to run at least 8 hours a day – one more thing to add, Monitoring service is another one which consumes most resources, if you get a chance split that as well like you did with Platform Search Service – It will help.

  2. Moritz Hoedel

    Which release/SP/patch do you have in use?

    You should always split your default APS, based on following guide from Jan De Vilder:

    Best Practices for SAPBO BI 4.0 Adaptive Processing Servers

    And regarding the platform search, there are already good resources available about how to do it in the right way:

    What is the optimal configuration for Platform Search in BI4.x?


    1640934 – How to safely use Platform Search Service in BI 4.0 without overloading the server?

    Also interesting when dealing with this:

    1863726 – How does BI 4.0/4.1 Platform Search Application indexing work?



    1. Former Member

      Thanks Moritz, all the links are quite helpful – additionally, SAP Note: 1694041 is my favorite one, I remember it by-heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Moritz Hoedel

    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for your appreciation.

    I’m aware of the mentioned note, but I didn’t list it because I just like the document Best Practices for SAPBO BI 4.0 Adaptive Processing Servers more, since it’s more comprehensive.

    And the note is also referring to it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Depending on the release, 1757272 – “Error occurred during retrieval of MBean Details.” occurs while opening monitoring in Central Management Console, should also be taken into consideration.

    Otherwise the monitoring dashboard isn’t usable.


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