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Author's profile photo Florian Henninger

more cool features of ABAP in Eclipse

Hi all,

today’s blog hits ABAP in eclipse, but hey it is not another blog about the feature explorer. Yeah, this is a very cool function Thomas and his team brought to the light. But do you know other cool functions implemented there?

In my first blog I mentioned twelve facts, which will bring the attention of your colleagues to AIE.

Didn’t read it, here’s a link: How to get your colleagues into ABAP in Eclipse

Today I want to share facts, which will bring you a little nearer to AIE. As a result of the first Codejam in Grafenrheinfeld I recognized that there are a lot more features inside Eclipse and a lot of people are interested in but do not really know how to get familiar with it. If you never used eclipse might be some of the mentioned features will confuse you a bit. No problem, install eclipse and take the tour with the mentioned feature explorer, afterwards work through the linked blog above and return reading this blog 🙂

1st feature ABAP Communication Log

This feature is bigger than you imagine. See the response-times and if you really face some problems here, this is how you can prove the options made by the basis-guys. (Of course, if you got smart basis-guys the will test it before 😛 )

2nd feature the new navigation-functionality

You will never be that fast in SE80. IT’s really easy to use. First I thought: “Do I really need this stuff above, it’s just a click away in the outline”. Today I’m smarter and I adopted it. It’s really a lot faster to “surf” through the methods and navigate inside my written stuff.

3rd feature Share a spot you found already

You can share a link to a specific spot in your system. You don’t need to show it on your screen or just to make screenshots with includes and so on. You just can send a link and one click later you both got exact the same spot in front of you 😎

Prerequisite: You need to activate this feature in your local Eclipse installation.

4th feature profile-function

The profile-function is a really big and well implemented functionality. You can see critical spots in a graphical presented mode. The cool thing here is that you can easily navigate from this view to the source and can draw your big picture about the program.

5th feature Webdynpro integration

This point will end in another blog for sure. I just want to write this point here, because some are thinking it is not implemented and others told me, that it is not working. So I’m not a webdynpro-pro at all, but as far as I can see, everything works fine. I developed a few webdynpro-applications and also tested different things and it all works fine. I mean, yes it remains webdynpro but is this a fault by eclipse? And that there must be some services activated is a one stop job 😉

6th feature ABAP Sourcecode Search

(Screen borrowed from Thomas 😎 )

Searching within the whole source code repository of the ABAP system was never so easy. But that is a story which was already told by Thomas. Here’s the link: ABAP Sourcecode Search

7th feature Feed Reader

This is a really cool feature. The feed-reader is very powerful and you are able to track different systems at the same time. What I really like is the feature that I’m able to set an own filter. I do not want to see Dumps and messages from my colleagues next to me, but the specific usergroup testing my new stuff I really want and need to see. Eclipse is my solution 😘

8th feature Transport Organizer

Ever searched a transport you don’t know the owner, but you are pretty sure that there is a transport already delivered? If so, you will love the feature, that you now can search through all available transports in less than a minute by just refreshing the views and typing your search term.

9th feature Local history

You might say, what is new here? Yes, that is a question I also asked in the first moment. The new thing is not the editor to compare two sources. The new thing is you got more versions than just the saved versions in your system. You got an also a local history. Every time you save your source, it generates a local entry. Now I’m very relaxed by throwing some lines away.

10th feature Problems View

Also an old function transferred to Eclipse. The cool thing here is not that it contains more information than the “old” one. It’s more a small detail I recognized by using it. IT updates itself all the time during my developing. In our Codejam I learned that it does that all the time and really, it is very smooth and save you a lot of time, because you correct your small mistakes on the fly.


That’s it. So these are some features which are really helpful and maybe not in the first line when using eclipse. There are so many new possibilities what to do with the new IDE. If you have anything to add or know a cool feature, please feel free to leave a comment. If I described something to less or wrong also leave a comment.

Perhaps I should say, leave a comment in any case you want to 😆



Additional Info:

Don’t mess with Eclipse because you got a language-mix in front of you

Yeah, I talked to a lot of people and this point is repeated by a lot of them. That is not a big deal, searching the web will give you an easy solution. But wait, because you work through this blog here is the solution: Just add this line in the eclipse.ini


This will solve the problem.

I’m not sure, if it is really a problem, it is more a kind of unnecessary noise. If you want to have another language there is a bit more to configure, here’s the how-to-guide: Install the language package for ABAP in Eclipse

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      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger
      Blog Post Author

      Hi all,

      don't get confused, I just renamed the title because I felt like it sounds a lot better now 🙂


      Author's profile photo Kenneth Moore
      Kenneth Moore

      At first, I was excited about ABAP in Eclipse, or maybe curious is more accurate.  Installation was a bit painful and it loads slow, but I see and continue to learn more benefits about it.  However, right now in it's current hybrid state, it is a bit too weird for me to go full-time into it.  Some tools/screens come up in JAVA screens and some jump you into SAP transactions.  Just weird and uncomfortable to me.  My old familiar shortcuts in the ABAP Editor are no longer (double-click into code, F3 to go back, etc.)  And it is true, the Web Dynpro plug-in is buggy right now.  Hangs for me often and somethings don't work.

      That being said, I am still hopeful SAP will eventually get it right and migrated.  I will continue to check-in from time to time and get updates to see!

      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kenneth,

      thank you for your comment. Pretty happy I'm not the only one thinking webdynpro is a little buggy at some parts.

      Jumping in the old world for unimplemented features is ok for me. I'm not limited to 6 modi, just that let me use AIE as often as I can. But I don't want to conceal that I'm a big fan of Eclipse.

      If you really want your old shortcuts back you can change all the stuff in eclipse. I got familiar with the "new" shortcuts in just a few days.

      I just don't like the switching, but that is a problem of the many different releases I need to maintain 🙁 .

      I think you can increase the speed using it. I'm using it in different systems and I see differences between. That's a pointer, that it has to do with the configuration. Perhaps you trace it with the communication-log feature (explained above 😆 ) and talk to the basis-guys if they can improve the speed.

      I think Thomas and his team will give the guys a hand if they don't know how to start.


      PS: SAP will get it right and migrated. A few weeks ago I got the chance to talk to some developers behind this tool 😉

      Author's profile photo Raghuvira BHAGAVAN
      Raghuvira BHAGAVAN

      Hi Florian, Kenneth,

      I am the product owner for Web Dynpro ABAP(WDA) tools in ABAP in Eclipse. I and our team are committed to give you the best developer experience when using our tools. We have tried to ensure our tools are robust and bug free but it looks like you have encountered some bugs when using the tools.

      We would like to know about them and we will provide fixes as soon as possible. Shall we have a call at your convenience to discuss this further? Could you please give me your email-id?

      I also encourage you to create OSS tickets on BC-DWB-AIE-WDA whenever you encounter any issues.

      Best Regards,


      PS: @Florian: The issue you mentioned in the blog about the WDA tools not working is not entirely clear to me. Perhaps a call with the developers will help identify the problem & its cause.

      Author's profile photo Florian Henninger
      Florian Henninger
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Raghuvira,

      thank you for posting a comment. It's good to see that SAP take care about the feedback. After my offtime.. starting in two days - 3 weeks long - I will publish my experience so far with the webdynpro-part in eclipse. When I call the WDA-Tools a bit buggy it is whining at a high level.

      Anyway, I will create tickets for stuff I really know how to replicate it. Some pop up from time to time and I have to dig for the reason. Maybe some option in my network are not correct, but that is at the moment just suggestions.

      Other things are not so handy to me, but as you know for sure, there are different meanings about usability out there 😉 .

      Also I do refresh my knowledge about webdynpro right now, so I need some time to get into the whole theme again 😛


      Author's profile photo Raghuvira BHAGAVAN
      Raghuvira BHAGAVAN

      Thanks Florian. I look forward to your blog and the tickets 🙂

      Author's profile photo Kenneth Moore
      Kenneth Moore


      Thanks for the reply and concern.  I will try to log any issues for you the next time I encounter them.  Right now I only play around with ABAP in Eclipse from time to time because it is "in progress".  I am not ready to switch from SE80 until it is more of a finished and polished product.