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Integration between PP and SD module


This document explains the integration between PP and Sales and Distribution (SD) module…..

Overview: Integration between PP and SD happens in the following scenarios….

A) Demand Management : Make to order manufacturing…

B) Variant Configuration : Based on the characteristic values assigned in the sales order , picking of the components from Super BOM and picking of the operations from Super routing…

A) Demand Management : In make to order scenario you manufacture a product only for a particular customer that too after receiving the order from the customer…here there is no forecasting or planning is done for the material….

we will look in to the settings we need to make for this and the process flow….

maintain strategy group 20 in the MRP 3 view in the material master  as shown for the finished material…

Sales order is created for the material through VA01 once the customer order is received..

sales order is shown in MD04 screen…

MRP executed for the material…

Execution of MRP results in creation of planned order…

Now convert the planned order to production order. Here you can observe the sales order no reference in the production order as shown below… this means this production order executed exclusively for the particular customer….

Once after completing all the production activities like GI, confirmation and GR…you will get the sales order stock instead of unrestricted use stock as shown below….this sales order stock can be delivered to the particular sales order for which it is produced.. you can not make the delivery of this stock to a another different sales order…

B) Variant Configuration: During variant configuration, based on the values assigned to the characteristics during creation of sales order, picking of the components from Super BOM and picking of the operations from Super routing happens during creation of production order, based on the various types of object dependencies created in the system…..

Configurable material having Super BOM is as shown below…Super BOM of a configurable material contains all the components that are required to manufacture the material. The BOM contains components that are only used in specific variants (variant parts), as well as components that are used in all variants (non-variable parts).

Super routing will contain all the operations for producing all variants of the Product as shown below….

During the variant configuration, while creation of sales order user will do the value assignment to the characteristics as per the requirement….

Once the sale order is saved  and it is shown in MD04 screen….

Once after completion of MRP run and then when we convert the resulted planned order to production order, system will select only components which are required to produce the particular variant instead of selecting all the components as shown below….

In the operations you can observe system selects the operations, which are required to produce the particular variant, instead of selecting all the operations as shown below….

this case also you can observe the reference of sales order in the production order as shown below….



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      Author's profile photo ASM s
      ASM s

      Dear Kumar,

      Great work you have done here.  Kindly extend the detail how to select the Bom and operations automatically while creating the production order in Variant config?

      It would be helpful to understand that scenario too .

      Thanks & Regards,

      Arvind S

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear K Kumar,

      Great effort. Keep sharing

      Cheers 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Bro keep posting..

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      nice document kumar.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Good document, it would be great if you explain about the parameters in Requirment class and Requirment type.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Kumar,

      The Requirement type linked to the requirement class .

      While creation of the customer order, system has the option to assign the default requirement type based on the:

      1.    Strategy Group (Assigned in MRP3 view in material master) OR

      2.    Item Category and MRP Type Combination (Configuration setting, please refer below IMG screen)

      Below screen shot , the system has given the option to control the requirement type .

      0 : It means, the requirement type takes from the material master strategy .If system not find the strategy then it will Item category and MRP type.

      1 : If we maintain 1 , the system find the combination of item catagory and MRP type and afterthat sales order picks the requirement type


      This is the integration configuartion of PP and SD .

      Please let me know if you you need more clarification.



      Author's profile photo SAP WARRIOR

      Dear Anil

      Its really good document. As i am new to PP. Can you throw some light how material and operation are picked from super bom and super routing based on the characteristics. It would be easier if you can explaint varaint part.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Variant configuration is for manufacturing complex products. The customer chooses the features of the product and combines these features as required.

      Variant Configuration is useful if we have a large number of combinations of parts that make a product. It means different permutations and combinations of the parts for same material. Usually involves Make to Order Production Process.

      But VC gives the option of Make to stock.  A material variant is a material that can be kept in stock and that arises from an individual configuration of a configurable product.

      It means, we need to define the characteristic value in each material variant

      Advantage of variant configuration is that no need to create separate master data for each variant of a product.

      Material selection in BOM:

      we need to write the OD (Object Dependencies) with respect to the characteristic and its value in the super BOM.

      Suppose we defined the characteristic and its value in the material master know as  material variant . As per the characteristic value of the material , we need to define the OD (Object Dependencies) . whenever create the sales order with the configurable material with same option code which is in material variant , then system will replace with material variant with configurable material . while MRP run the system will pick the component accordingly as per OD defined in the super BOM and create the planned order.

      Selection of Super Routing :

      we need to create the super routing for the configurable material and material variant both with same routing group . so that when the MRP run , it will go and search for routing .

      Hope this will clear little bit . Please try to run the scenario then you will get find more clear onto this.

      Thanks and Regards

      Anil Chourasia

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice Document Kumar . Thanks for sharing

      Author's profile photo Alina Scott
      Alina Scott

      Amazing Info..Thanks For Sharing

      Production Planning is the process of aligning demand with manufacturing capacity to create production and procurement schedules for finished products and component materials