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BI Launchpad and CMC are not available, users cannot connect.

One fine day you you as a BO Admin will find the Tomcat is going down frequently ot couple to few times a week. And you may not have any clue what’s going.

In our case we had this issue and hence i thought to share it with you all.

This is likely due to the compression bug in tomcat .

Or check the logs and see if there is any indication of a problem with max permgen being reached (OOM – out of memory).

As a resolution First thing is to disable compression in server.xml (/path/to/tomcat/server.xml ) – Look for the connectors that have

compression=on and change it to compression=off .

Second thing to do will be to up the max permgen space for Tomcat. This can typically be done in the environment shell script ( .

Knowing all these, we modified the server.xml from Tomact/conf/server.xml to off the compression. From compression=on to compression=off.

We cleared out the cache of tomcat Tomcat/work/catalina/localhost.

Then, we were able to login to CMC. 🙂

Then we changed the value for -Xmx to 4096 and added one parameter

-Xms to 256 in following variable-

JAVA_OPTS in tomcat/bin/ script.

For more , we can refer SAP note-1750952 – BI4 Setting JAVA_OPTS for tomcat

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