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Released today: SAP IQ 16 SP08

SAP IQ 16 SP08 has just been released with the following new features:

  • SAP IQ’s In-Memory Row-Level Versioning Store for low latency concurrent writes, has been extended to IQ Multiplex for scale out IQ deployments.
  • Point-in-Time Recovery restores an IQ backup plus all committed database operations to a specified point in time.  This allows the DBA greater flexibility and control over database restore operations.
  • SAP IQ now includes an OData Server that allows web clients to communicate with an SAP IQ database server using the popular OData interface.
  • SAP IQ Cockpit is a new graphical administration tool for on-board management and monitoring of SAP IQ.  SAP IQ Cockpit is the first phase in the evolution of SAP Control Center towards enterprise scale administration and monitoring of all SAP database technology.

SAP IQ innovation continues, and we invite our customers to take advantage of these exciting capabilities and improvements!

Download a SAP IQ Trial and see for yourself 😘

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    • This is not in the “What’s New” guide for IQ 16 SP08.  I have heard that this is to be in the GA release of SP09 with a ramp up to begin with limited customers shortly.  HANA and IQ product management can speak to the exact release cycle for this new feature. I know that I can’t wait to get my hands on it and test it out!!

  • I looked at the bugs list and there is also a long list of resolved issues which is good news. A few questions!

    – Why the move to SP08? Is this to align with HANA?

    – What would be the benefits for NLS customers? I don’t see anything hugely beneficial?


    • John,

      A move was made to synchronize and align the IQ and HANA version numbers (SP numbers).  This was officially done in the SP08 release.  There is so much integration between the two products over the past few years, that it made sense to align the version numbers so as to keep things straight for our customers.

      With respect to BW NLS, there were features added.  First, there were numerous patches and performance enhancements to both SP08 releases.  Second, there were a few more integration points added like:

      • BW will control backups and restores of the primary AND the NLS database.  This is why the point in time recovery option now exists.
      • There was an IQ handler implemented in DBA Cockpit so that customers/administrators can administer IQ as they do other engines.
      • More features were added to the SDA and extended table framework for BW and NLS to make reporting faster.


      • Thanks Mark, that’s helpful. Agreed on the version sync, that makes it clear for customers. Provides an interesting question for my customer who moved to IQ SP03 for NLS, and is now migrating to HANA SPS08. Should they update IQ so they are on SPS08 of both, or does it not matter? By the way amusing that HANA uses SPS08 and IQ uses SP08!

        I think that if the IQ team moved to a similar structure to the HANA product management for releases, this information would be easier to disseminate. Currently you have to dig into text files attached to the SAP Note to get intel.

        Shame that the extended table concept only works on IQ/Linux! Any plans to port that to other platforms?