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Latest Knowledge Base Articles for Business Intelligence

Below are Knowledge base articles from BI-BIP-* components from 2014.

1898232 In Internet Explorer 10, when modifying a WebI report in Design Mode, users are unable to drag and drop objects
2018635 Event Viewer error: Failed to determine file system status. Please check for file system corruption
1644271 Is it possible to have a specific system and client specified in the SAP System and SAP Client text boxes when launching InfoView with SAP authentication in BOE XI 3.1?
1387622 How to use secondary credentials for database connections and how to auto populate the secondary credentials in AD/LDAP/NT/Enterprise
1744009 SAP Users cannot login to BI Launch Pad or Explorer or CMC in BI 4.0
1782311 Is Google Chrome supported on BI4?
1945918 It can’t get correct result when searching a user’s Full Name with double bytes words, like Japanese and Chinese
2007709 Adaptive Processing Server crashing while Search Server is indexing content
2007695 Customizing SAP BI4 BILaunchpad
2007670 How to retrieve a list of Documents and other objects within a User’s Inbox in BI4.x Query Builder/AdminTools
1668750 Sessions not being released in SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.0
1999090 Java 8 supportability for SAP BI product
1498460 Upgrading BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 to SP3 does not upgrade Crystal Reports 2008 Designer.
1632699 Large *.hprof files filling up disk space in XI 4.0
1998677 Unable to search for Explorer Objects (information space or view) in BI 4.0
1998530 Extra guid information inserted in physical file name of report after being migrated by Promotion Management
1931237 StackTrace displayed on BI Launchpad home page
1991337 Cannot force the option “Enforce mixed-case passwords” while filling in password for Enterprise Account
1992388 Dashboard viewevent is recorded only one time
1982245 Webi report cannot display Tahoma font correctly in PDF format
1972316 Getting this error “Erreur: Cliquez pour obtenir plus d’informations” when  creating or viewing Webi report from Infoview
1266946 How to set Webi server properties (Max document before recycle )
1797304 The maximum number of concurrent scheduling jobs were limited to about 30 and never reached the value “Maximum Concurrent Jobs” set in Adaptive Job Server
1942949 Support for Cloned VM server
1250113 Cached data displayed in CMC and Infoview when using Websphere
1979702 Cut and Paste folders causes issues in BI 4.1 Platform
1586824 BI 4.0 / 4.1 – How to customize and add company logos to BI Launch Pad / Logon Page
1976528 Opendocument is not picking up correct product locale in BIP4.1
1931830 Browser option to ‘View Source’on BI Launchpad exposes CMS name and port number
1973795 Where do download XI 3.1 SP06 patch for Solaris from the SAP Service Market Place?
1939970 Administrator users cannot view Publication History if scheduled using Dynamic Recipients
1915029 Error: “Failed to retrieve cluster name from the database. Reason: .” after installing FP6.2
1967990 Server Configuration Wizard  immediately errors when opening
1968062 Error in changing webi auto save notification setting when the user has no access rights for user’s preferences
1863726 How does BI 4.0/4.1 Platform Search Application indexing work?
1688698 How to increase the session timeout for BI Launchpad or CMC in BI 4.0 deployed on Web Application Container Server (WACS)
1953888 Fail to recreate Server Intelligence Agent
1961720 Cannot specify decimals values within prompts when using HTML viewing/editing mode for Web Intelligence reports 4.x
1942545 Recurring schedule fails after crystal report is edited when Hotbackup is enabled
1961070 ConnectionServer Stuck in Initializing State on SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Platform 4.0/4.1
1850003 After re-creating CMS Data Source, Web Intelligence Processing Service is not listed in the Select Service when selecting Web Intelligece Services in CMC
1959409 In BI 4.0, when viewing crystal report based on universe using non-admin user, recieve error “Failed to open connection. xxxx.rpt”
1960595 Error: “Cannot load linked universe UNV0011” when opening a master universe in Designer
1960524 Can not export Web Intelligence report in BI Launchpad when using Rich Internet Application mode
1955599 Error “The requested resource (/CmcAppActions/jsp/Shared_Rights/rights.faces) is not available” when click on user security of Application in CMC
1960636 Cannot select a folder as a start page in Home Tab in BI Launchpad ‘s preferences
1960723 After exporting as Archive CSV file, Japanese file name is corrupted when open by Windows Explorer
1744801 AD logins are slow or failing following upgrading XI 3.1 SP3 to SP5
1688079 Configuring BI4 Analysis Edition for OLAP for End-to-End SSO to MS SQL Server Analysis Services
1833968 BI 4 – Where to put TrustedPrincipal.conf using default settings and how to change the location Tomcat will look for the file
1960579 Get error “Java Exception : java.lang.RuntimeException:” when refreshing Web Intelligence documents using SSO to HANA
1968074 The secLdap plugin failed to get the dn for the group secLDAP:
1199995 Error: “The Active Directory Authentication plug in could not authenticate at this time” (FQDN registry key)
1970968 Can not select report parts when creating a BI Workspace based on Web Intelligence reports with Refresh on Open enabled
1961462 HTTP 500 error when add an OLAP Analysis report to BI Workspace in BIP4.1
1998668 Duplicate Profile in Summary of publication
2019190 How to use Introscope Transaction Tracer for E2E Tracing in BI Platform 4.x
1986632 SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform managed system setup and verification check gives error “No CR content for product Instance BOBJ DATA SERVICES 40”
2018082 Default values for SAP System and SAP Client on the BI Launch Pad logon page
1717666 How to delete remote CMS entry from CCM in BI 4.0
1775428 Are Vertica Databases supported by BOXI 3.1 or SAP BI 4.0?
2015863 Compatibility of BW7.4 with BOBJ3.1X
2016123 How to manage the SQL Anywhere CMS and Audit DBs.
2014953 Installation of server and client components of BI 4.x on the same physical machine
2016105 How to troubleshoot high CPU utilization issues with SAP JVM (Tomcat, Adaptive Processing Server, Adaptive Job Server, WACS)
2015633 Adaptive Processing Servers do not start and go into a “Failed” state in BI 4.0/BI 4.1
2012671 webi reports fail with change preferences rights issues when opened from sharepoint
2010653 BI 4.0 – “Failed to access WSDL” in Web Service Publisher within WebI
1954346 How to manually configure external Tomcat for BOE XI 3.1 and BI 4.0 on UNIX/Linux
1831101 BI 4 – In BI Launchpad and CMC the folder tree keeps spinning upon clicking on + to expand the folder
1812969 HTTP Status 500 error when accessing WACS BI launchpad or WACS CMC of BI 4.0
1839946 Error: “Destination ABAP_AS_WITHOUT_POOL could not be created: java.lang.RuntimeException”
1982791 Error “Failed to retrieve the cluster name of the database.Cause: Unable to initialize the analyzer ” after upgrading to BI 4.1 SP2
1288787 Xcelsius error: Transport Error; Communication Failure
1997870 Error “Encountered errors during the installation process” during BI Platform installation
1324404 Webintelligence report images are lost after save the report as PDF
1980077 The server sent HTTP status code 504: Gateway Time-out error when running long running reports
1971209 WebI Rich Client version does not match the server version
1967521 Cannot open CMC and get HTTP 500 error after applying DataService 4.1 SP01 Patch 5
1755733 How-to restart svn (svnserve) after is has been shutdown in SAP BusinessObjects BusinessIntelligence BI 4.x on Unix/Linux
1866712 BI4 Linux Segmentation faults during installation
1960686 Error: “The Enterprise plug-in does not exist in the CMS (FWM 02017)” while executing the BIAR command line in BI 4.0
1960693 How to create a new SQL Anywhere database and Service and point it to the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) in BO XI 3.1
1956106 How to automate promotion of new reports being added to a folder ?
1955910 All the variables in a web intelligence report are missing upon promotion
1959465 Error “HTTP status 500- while trying to invoke the method of an object loaded from local variable’globalProperties’
1937261 Import fails with BIAR to LIVE option in UMT
2004204 Tomcat is unable to generate cache underdirectory
1960713 Error:- SDK – failed to get document file.(error: RWI 00314) (Error:INF)
1961370 Unable to connect to the remote system at URI The error was “login exception (Error: FWB 00012)” when using Federation in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0
2013176 BI 4.x Can’t Open Universe that Was Moved from One CMS to Another
1994555 IDT failover is currently not supported when connecting via SAML SSO
1967601 Information Design Tool: “error while converting universe” when trying to convert a migrated universe
1930721 Error “Could not open the editor: Argument cannot be null” and could not open JCO connection which is migrated to BI4.1
1968561 Can Not Edit Row Level Security Restriction In Information Design Tool (IDT)
1964196 Cannot open the IDT in BI 4.x after changing the license key.
1972096 Query exceeded fixed time limit: . (IES 10902) when runnig a Web intelligence query based on Teradata
2009657 Receive error “Account information not recognized: All servers with CMS “CMSname:port”, cluster @”clustername:port”, kind cms which host service null, are down or disabled”
1292144 JCO error when Importing SAP Roles in CMC
1371127 RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION when trying to login with SAP or manually creating SAP users
2012629 IOMS installer appears to be stuck for a long time during patch install
2013088 How to speed up the install – going from Service Pack 3 (SP3) to Service Pack X with additional FixPacks
1983169 Patch History Analysis Tool
1983183 Weblogic returns Error 500 – Internal Server Error for BILaunchpad and CMC
1976757 BI 4.1: Recommended characters used for the cluster key
1967874 Unable to print from Crystal Reports on BILaunchpad after upgrade
1964229 How to restrict access to SAP BI4.X widgets?
1872087 Promotion of a UNX Universe gives Partial Success and displays Failure for the Business Layer object
1971798 Crystal reports override does not update some reports despite using same connection
1980163 sometimes promotion overrides do not update all fields on some reports
1975893 Promote & export overrides fails with spinning behavior after changing the overrides database location
1868210 In PowerPoint 2003, Live Office adds  tab on cells  containing carriage return in Webi report
1959503 Live Office report connections are not released in WebIntelligenceProcessingServer 3.1
1960466 SAP BI app for iOS error “An internal error occurred while calling ‘updateRS’ API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)” while entering the prompt values on second refresh
2007576 Is Dashboard report supported on android smart phone?
1962958 Host metrics not working for all nodes when using clustered landscape
2019220 Analysis for Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint login times out
2013077 An exception was caught during post-processing. (FBE60401) for all publications in a new SAP BI 4.1 environment
1972470 Error FBE60401 scheduling publication
1894988 File event based schedules do not run sometimes
1992453 Multi-byte characters are corrupted in outlook when running CR reports publication to mhtml format via email
1982946 When scheduling a report, default values for prompts are empty
1979653 XI 3.1: Publication/Schedule fails with “An internal error occured while calling ‘processDPCommands’ API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270) (FBE60502)”
1960989 Intermittent error: An internal error occured while calling ‘initInstance’ API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270) when scheduling Webi documents
1999058 BI4: Platform Search not working correctly for Arabic and Hebrew
1289950 Incorrect SQL generation after migrating universes from Business Objects XI Release 2 to Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1
2007731 receive error “CS: COM Provider CLSID not specified or erroneous” when creating oledb connection to SQL 2012 in universe designer
1978829 Universe Shows Different Value in BOLANGUAGE
1974186 How do you enable Oracle 11g JDBC Thin Client traces with the Web Intelligence Processing Server?
1971073 Circular references: check the references to other business layer objects in the expression. (IES 01003)
1964490 The Description provided in Business Layer (BLX ) from IDT is not visible in WebI and CMC
1869830 Cannot view Informix database tables in Designer, when using ODBC driver
1952878 Error: “DBD: Java exception: ‘The device is not ready:’ ” when testing Connection to MonitoringTrendData Universe
1970914 How to: Disable Auditing in XI 3.1 Windows environment
2004935 Cannot display variable value  in Web Intelligence document when there’s duplicated translated names
1961468 Translated document name and description is not shown from BI Launch Pad and CMC report property page
1970453 Cannot Login to Designer
1960412 Prompts in migrated Web Intelligence report do noty show all the values.
1960544 Connections greyed out for multisource universe in IDT.
1998240 Error message :”Can’t load library: \PocoFoundation64.dll” with Life Cycle Management -BI4.0
1973435 How to migrate users and user groups without bringing in user dependencies like favorites, inboxes and personal categories ?
1882488 UMT issue with Personal Folders
1964197 Upgrade Management Tool hangs during ‘Export’ phase with ‘An exception occurred that prevents the reading or writing of an object to or from storage’

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