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Thankyou SCN!!

Hello Community,

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for catapulting me to the list of “20 All Time Contributors”, something was unbelievable for me and somethiing that I never dreamt of

A journey to contribute that started in NJ,USA on July 1, 2010 just to kill the idle time, soon became an obsession and transformed into passion. The various recognitions that SCN offers for each milestone of contribution kept me moving and made me to fall in love with this wonderful community, where one can learn what they dont know and sharpen what they know and most importantly, keep the knowledge alive! (This is something credible Laure Cetin and Team has done to arouse the hunger inside to contribute)

Its good 4 years that I have not been hands-on with SAP system, but the knowledge inside is as fresh as it used to be, something I attribute to my SCN Addition!! 🙂

I will be honest enough to admit that this is the community that scared me way back in 2008 when I thought I would start contributing here. I created a User ID and the moment I logged in, I saw all stalwarts around answering complex questions, all of which went over the top! That one incident came as a jolt to me, showing me the mirror that I have a long way to go to strengthen my technical side.

I would like to especially thank my parent communities (areas of interest): SAP ERP Financials, SAP ERP Financials – Controlling and SAP ERP Financials  – Asset Accounting, because they are the ones who have made me to learn what I did not know and helped to sharpen what I knew

Thank you for loving me back!!

Br, Ajay M

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  • Dear Ajay,

    Great Achievement sir.

    Thank you for showing us such a wonderful inning 😉 .

    I feel like you are Sachin Tendulkar, showing his gratitude to audience after one of his century,sadly there is no emoticons available here for standing ovation or clapping 😆 here.But you understand my intend. 🙂

    Wish you many more centuries.Enjoy 😀

    I am sure you will be in first five soon.



  • Hi Ajay,

    Heartiest congratulations to you for achieving this milestone like many others. But I think it will be giving you most pleasure. You deserve sir.



  • for catapulting me to the list of “20 All Time Contributors”,

    Appearing in the above list is not an easy task to achieve and you really deserve this recognition. Keep contributing to SCN as you have been doing all these years.  Hearty congratulations 😆

    Eager to know the other 19 contributors.

    G. Lakshmipathi

    • You will find them on this page: About SCN Lakshmipathi G (you yourself are number 7!!! on the leaderboard which is an awesome, awesome accomplishment) You will note that the amazing Jürgen L who is number one,  joined SC(D)N back in 2005.

      It is fun to look at this list and understand the varied types of participation and leadership of the top members (of all time).  And as much as I would say I’m not a point monger (hunter) or this shouldn’t be my motivation or interest, it is fun to see oneself anywhere near the top 100 of our community.

      Obviously Ajay is very excited to be on “the list” and I very much enjoyed reading that you Ajay Maheshwari – SAP Trainer feel you have learned as well as shared and “taught”.

      Good Job!


      • I am privileged to appear in this list and yes I am happy to achieve this milestone and there is no words to express my sincere thanks to SCN for releasing this list. Undoubtedly, I learned a lot  in SAP only through SCN and I am sharing my knowledge whatever I learned all these years.

        My belated wishes to all other Top Contributors including Marilyn Pratt which I forget to add in my original post.  Special kudos to  Jürgen L

        G. Lakshmipathi

  • Hi Ajay,

    Congratulations for your achievement and you well deserve this. 🙂

    just keep sharing knowledge the way you always do and keep us educating with your superb skills.

    Keep up the good work 🙂 and Best of Luck. 🙂



  • Amazing Ajay. Many congratulations !! Your contribution to community has been really helpful and inspiring to people like me. I wish you best of Luck. 🙂

    Keep doing great work.



  • Wow, very good news! Congratulations Ajay. I am adding a screenshot of your moment of fame for posterity 🙂

    Thank you for all the kind words about SCN, the feeling is mutual.


    Top 20 all time with Ajay 2.jpg

    (click on the image to enlarge it)

  • Dear Ajay Maheswari

    You deserve it..keep rocking and keep teaching to the SAP ILLITERATES like me.

    You are the inspiration for so many members who came from Godavari Districts.


  • Hi Ajay

    Congratulations for reaching this milestone and my best wishes for many more to come…as usual, i missed this post also 🙁 .  It is difficult to pen down your contribution to the SCN Community. I to this day don’t understand how you can manage time and still be energetic.

    I have one more request…can you pen down a blog on “SAP Consultant-How to manage time”.. 🙂

    Best Regards


  • Hey Ajay !

    Congratulations on the achievement. Big milestone reached ! 🙂

    Great Going ! wish you all the best for more such accomplishments.

    Warm Regards,