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SSO on SAP BI Mobile Server – Custom with Trusted Authentication

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SAP BI Mobile Server Single Sign On Support

This is a specific case where mobile server does not support what you want. This option allows you to write your own java class which implements the method “public String getUser(HttpServletRequest request)“. At run-time, when configured for custom scenario, mobile server will call this method of given class and provide it with HTTP Servlet Request. In this method you can write your custom code to parse the request and return the user id back. Mobile server will take this user id and log you on to BOE using trusted connection.

[Sample class attached]

The class can be packaged and deployed as follows

  • You need to place the class in respective package inside <WebAppsROOT>\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\classes
  • If you have any dependent libraries you should copy them to <WebAppsROOT>\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\lib. Just ensure that your libraries are not already present in this folder.
  • You must note that, when you upgrade mobile server. You need to backup the class and respective libraries that you had copied and apply the changes again to make SSO work.

Now, lets see how to configure mobile server for this scenario


  • Your environment should ensure the authentication of user
  • After authentication is done, your custom class is responsible for parsing the request and provide user Id
  • SAP Business Objects BI platform configured for trusted authentication

First step

is to enable the Authentication Scheme

  • Copy the from default folder in to custom folder (<WebAppsROOT>\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\config)
  • Then modify the file in custom folder
  • Un-comment line ‘TRUST_CUSTOM=com.businessobjects.mobilebi.server.logon.impl.TrustedCustom’
  • Save and close the file

Second Step

is to define the default SSO configuration

  • Copy the from default folder in to custom folder (<WebAppsROOT>\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\config)
  • Then modify the file in custom folder
  • Choose your default CMS identifier
    • default.cms.identifier=abc
  • Now define your authentication scheme (the one that you have enabled in first step)
    • abc.authentication.scheme=TRUST_CUSTOM
  • CMS can be provided as an Alias, IP or cluster name
    • Alias
    • IP
      • abc.aliases=
    • Cluster name
      • abc.aliases=@xyz
  • Now configure all the properties using this identifier as below
    • abc.authentication.type=secEnterprise
    • abc.product.locale=en_GB
    • abc.preferred.viewing.locale=en_GB
    • abc.trusted.auth.sharedsecret=<copy the shared secret here>
    • abc.authentication.type=secEnterprise
  • You need to additionally configure the header name that you shall be using to provide the user ID
    • abc.trusted.auth.user.param=<fully qualified name of your custom class>
    • abc.trusted.auth.user.retrieval=CUSTOM
  • Save the file.

Third Step

is to now deploy the MobileBIService again after changes mentioned above. Once done, you can validate if your SSO has been setup correctly by executing following URL from browser

http://<server>:<port>/MobileBIService/MessageHandlerServlet?message=CredentialsMessage&requestSrc=ipad&data=<logon logonViaSSO=”true”/>

Note: While executing the URL in browser, you should be sending the request with the authentication data that you expect your custom class to parse.

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  • Hi Ashutosh

    I’ve try your process on SSO via trust authentication via header, as outline in the link

    SSO on SAP BI Mobile Server – HTTP Header with Trusted Authentication

    Everything seem to be working fine except the header information contain extra information. So I try this approach to remove the extra information but got the error below.

    ‘getEnterpriseSession’. (MOB 00930)Cause

    Due to Invalid parameters, Class unable to invoke method ‘getEnterpriseSession’

    I search and found no reference to what is the cause. Env. BI41 SP5 (x64)

    Any suggestion?


      • Here are the field that enabled.

        On the SSO

        # Header with Custom



        On Auth Scheme are enable


        # allows you to configure Remote User with Trusted connection to BOE



        If you want the full file I can email that you you?

  • Hi Ashutosh

    I got the same error message as rs.

    “failed to invoke method getEnterpriseSession (MOB00930)”

    Auth Scheme are enable


    On the OSS






    I’ve try your process on SSO via trust authentication via header and everything seem to be working fine.

    I want to use custom login page in mobile, so I change to use sso via custom.

    But I have no ideal to redirect to custom login page and return the request to ExtactUser.getUser.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you.

    • Hi,

      Can you provide your use case in detail? I see that you have been able to use trusted authentication via header successfully. Now, you want to attempt custom approach, any specific reasons?



      • Hi Ashutosh

        I have a web service to authenticate the user name and password, so I want to use my custom login page to input the user data and call the web service.

        But I don’t know how to redirect sap to this custom login page, and then return back to sap mobile server.

        I don’t know if I use authentication via header, where the login page url  should I set?

        Do you have any suggestion?