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#1 Planning in Design Studio 1.3

Hello Everyone,

So as a first of the series I am here to introduce to you one of the biggest features for Design Studio 1.3, that being BI Integrated Planning.

Here I am going to cover the very basic steps you need to do to get started with your very first design studio planning application.

1. First of all you need to configure the Connection that you will be using for planning in your application under the application properties.


          Note:  You can only use one BW system connection in an application for write back purpose even though you can have data sources from multiple connections in the same application.

2. Now insert the input enabled query in your application and assign it to a Crosstab. Go to the properties of Crosstab now.

      You should see a new property for planning with options to define the following :


    In the example I am setting the number of new lines to be 5 and the position of the new lines to be on top.


    1. The newlines and the input enabled cells will appear in the runtime only and will not reflect during the design time in Design Studio designer.
    2. The lock for your input enabled query will not get created unless you execute the application in the runtime browser. You can check this in sm12 transaction in the backend.

3. Configure the data source to be executed in the input enabled mode directly upon execution in the browser by giving the following command in the Application On Startup event :


      Note: This command can be configured to any other component such as a Button etc as well to mimic the behavior of Display and Change functionality for planning applications. For the Change mode you can have the Boolean value as true and for the display mode as false.

4. Execute the Application locally or on Netweaver and you can see the query available in change mode with 5 new lines on the top position of the crosstab as designed earlier.


New lines and input enabled cells

As discussed earlier after specifying the new line property under crosstab and enabling the data source for planning by using the command : DS_1.configureInputReadiness(true);

You are good to go to try out the planning via new line and the input enabled cells.

Input enabled cell :

    a. You can click on any of the input enabled cell and the value can be entered in it. Data validation happens when you hit enter or click tab.

    b. If the value is wrongly entered say any text in the input enabled cell for transactional data, than an error message will come up when you hit enter or hit tab or simply move the focus out of the cell and the input enabled cell will have a red border to show the cells affected with the error.


          eg: Here,an invalid value for currency EURO (Not EUR) has been entered for which there exists no masterdata and which has been shown with the red borders around the cells for new line. An error message for the same will pop up as well.

    c. Navigating between the cells of the crosstab can be done one by one, row-wise using tab

    d. When an input-enabled cell receives focus via keyboard navigation, it behaves as if it were clicked (input field gains focus, all text is selected) and a cross appears to delete the value as well.


    e. Its possible to navigate between input ready as well as read only cells using the top-down and left-right arrow keyboard keys

    f. It is also possible to copy and paste the value, from a single, read only or input enabled cell to an input enabled cell in the crosstab or in the newline as well.

Newline entry :

  1. In order to plan data using the newline, enter data directly in the input enabled cell for the dimension respectively.
  2. When entering a value without using the value help, the external key of the dimension member must be entered
  3. Enter the value either using value help or direct manual entry of dimension values and enter the transaction data and Recalculate, the data entered via the newline should be transferred now and be a part of the crosstab.
  4. Entry and transfer of values for multiple New lines is supported as well
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  • Thanks for sharing this information! Can this be achieved using BPC as well? If so, then there will be no need to create BAdis henceforth!

    • Hi Anders do you mean you want to set data using script? if yes then its not possible currently.

      Do let me know if i got you wrong though.



      • Thank you. Yes I meant instead of typing in numbers manually the user would choose between a pre-defined set of number using a drop-down menu, that would be use as input.

  • Hi Kriti,

    Thanks for such a good article.

    I  need to do the same write-back functionality in Design Studio without using integrated planing.

    So can we make the cross-tab grid cell editable without using input-enabled query?



    • You would have to use custom sdk’s for such a scenario. Creating an extra column and making it editable, stuff like that. Even in that case i am not sure how the write back part could be achieved. Atleast in the BW scenario. I dont think it would be possible.

      In HANA case it should be possible though.

  • Hello Kriti,

    Thanks for the very informative blog.  i was going through the admin guide and i found the following sentence which suggests to me that planning applications are not mobile yet. Can you please shed some light on this? “With SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio you can create desktop browser applications for planning business data” .

    This suggests that the planning applications work only on desktop browser. With out current client, What we are trying to achieve is , try to somehow create an approval process with design studio as interface. for example: user clicks on an approve button  which writes back data.

  • Hi Kriti,

    thanks for the great post!

    I have one question to planning connection and planning model. There are few BW connections available on our side, like 7.3 7.4, none of it support planning model. Do you know if we have to customize our backend first? or what might be the reason?

    Thanks in advance!


      • Hi Kriti,

        yes, I mean BW 7.3 and 7.4.

        I just cleared out the reason of non-suppoted planning model: we are working with Enterprise version, thus NetWeaver add-on should solve this issue. 😉
        I will update as soon as we have NW add on installed.

  • Hello Kriti, thank you very much for this interesting how to. 🙂

    I am actually building my first data entry tool in design studio and i have severals question :

    • Are you aware of a way to get the copy and paste functionnality(from an excel file tot the data input) that we used to have for the WAD.
    • When i try to enter forecast moving from one cell to another i have some latency(2 seconds) like if the system is refreshing the data, i want to avoid this kind of refresh to permit the enduser to enter faster the forecast. Are you aware of a way to avoid this latency? Is there an option avoid data refresh untill the user save it ?

    Thank you very much by advance for your answer. 

    • 1. Do you mean copy from clipboard kind of a functionality? or just a single copy paste?

      2. Do you mean the data validation check that happens when you step out of an input enabled cell?

      • Hello Kriti, the reply to your question is yes for both.

        1. Copy and paste from the clipboard like we used to have on the WAD.
        2. Yes Data Validation check. This data Validation has a small latency that i don’t used to have on the WAD side.

        Do you face the same issue ? Is it link to the fact that i execute the report on local Host ?

        Will it get improved when i will publish my report to the portal(for the moment the report can not be executed on the portal we need to have an Higher Support Package ) ?

        Thank by advance for your feedback.

    • Hi Hichem,

      regarding your first question, copying and pasting of multiple cells like you are used to from WAD is not yet possible with Design Studio. I suppose this will change some time in the future.

      For the moment, you could use the SDK to implement the missing functionality. We have developed a corresponding component:

      Cheers, Daniel

  • Hi,

    the “New_LINE” functionality does not work for me!

    I am on 7.4 SP9 and DS 1.4.

    I tried deployment on NW and on a BW Server…

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you sincerely,


    • Hi Daniel,

      I am using 740 SP10 and DS 1.4 and it works fine for me.

      I am assuming you have specified the new line property in the crosstab ? Is the query input enabled?

      • I have rechecked every possible setting in the Aggregation level, the DSO below it, the input ready query and the planning-enabled design studio application.

        Without success…

        I am guessing the problem is SP09:

        Can you recommend any notes to get this working?

        Thank you sincerely,


        • Hi Daniel,

          It works fine for me on an Direct update DSO as well. I can see the new lines and transfer values etc

          It does not work for you in local as well as NW mode right?

          There should not be any conflict with the characteristic relationships if you have defined any in your provider, also you can make sure if all the dimensions that are part of your aggregation level are in the query as well.

          Other then this the option could be try it with BEx Analyzer or web analyzer or analysis office and see if it works there.



          • Hi Kriti,

            I managed to get it working!

            I believe my troubles are due to me using a “planning DSO” in combination with a “characteristic as keyfigure”.

            error ds 1.4 input MD.PNG

            I also managed to create a workaround for this issue by including a normal dummy key figure (counter) that is hidden in the query.

            Now that I have step 1 – step 2 will be to save data, that does not yet exist as master data.

            Thanks and best regards,


          • Hi Daniel,

            Did you use characteristic as keyfigure to capture end user comments ? Also when you say you added Counter KF, is it in the DSO or cube?  How did you use it in the query?  Can you also share the definition of KF counter?

            We have similar requirement and wondering how you manged to resolve this.



  • Hi Kriti,

    changing the data in input ready cells within Design Studio Applications does not work as customers would expect!

    i.e. If I already have entered a comment inside a input ready query-field: “Test 01” and I wnat to change it to “Test 02” – I can do that but I will only see this change after saving and refreshing my query.

    Is there any way around this weird behaviour?

    Thank you sincerely!

    Best regards,


    • Hi Daniel,

      I can see that you are trying to do planning on comments.Attribute planning is not yet supported for Design studio. This is a part of the road map for next releases though.



  • Are input ready queries and BW-IP supported on the Design Studio on BO Platform?  Or only the DS on NW platform?

    Our input ready query dashboard only shows as inputtable on the NW implementation.  BO version does not allow input.

  • Hi Kriti

    We are also trying to use planning in DS to register comments in an input ready cube, however DS will not allow me to assign the the comment text to an variable value on a planning function, because no masterdata exists for this value. Is there any way to bypass this masterdata check. If I input the value manually the variables for the planning function in backend it works fine. We are using version 1.4



  • Hi Kriti,

    We are on BW 7.4 and DS1.6. We also use direct update DSO to capture comments against each row. We followed the steps as per link

    And user are able to add comments and it gets saved in the DSO.

    As per your blog post I tried the planning setting for Cross tab in my application and the application is not showing any new lines for entry?

    Did this scenario work any one else?

    Is there a work around to resolve this?