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Design Studio 1.2/1.3 SDK – Design Studio Utility Pack


Jan 2015 – Much of this SDK code and new developments have moved to a new shared SCN GitHub Repository explained in detail here:  SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community — This blog post will remain up solely for historic purposes but all new development will happen there and this Utility Pack will remain as-is.  I’d highly recommend installing from the new version linked.

Original Posts and Updates Follow:

(11/26/2014) Data Source 1.4 SDK has been move to a separate Git Repo: entmike/DesignStudio1.4SDK · GitHub – This is required as to not impact 1.3 users.

Further 1.4 Components will be kept separate from this 1.2/1.3 pack so you will not be impacted.  This post will be reorganized soon as a few of us discuss a centralized SDK repository that multiple SDKers can collaborate together on – More on this later.

Update – November 2014:

     – 1.4 Datasource SDK Component added (Moved to entmike/DesignStudio1.4SDK · GitHub)

     – Progress Set/Bar Chart D3 SDK Component added

Update – October 2014:

You can directly link to my online repository to install these addons now.

In Design Studio menu, Click Tools -> Install Extension to Design Studio… -> Copy and Paste this URL in the Location box:

More information can be found about this method in this blog post: Design Studio SDK – Creating an online SDK Repository


This post is just a compilation, or round-up of my previous blog postings on SCN where I’ve release some source code, in various states and links.  It is also an update to let you know of a new consolidated location of these, as well as to say that I’ve included a deployable form of these that anyone can install.  If there are other SCN Members who would like to contribute to this Utility Pack, reach out to me and perhaps we could all pool our pieces in one deployable feature.  I know that from time to time other guys like Leandro Cardoso and Jeroen van der A and Manfred Schwarz and Mustafa Bensan share, so having a consolidated list (since SAP Code Exchange is gone) would be a nice thing.

First, a summary of what’s included, with links to the original posts:

Online Repo Method (prefered):

UPDATE (Nov 26 2014): Please Read:

The online repo supports separate bundles, so you can choose whether to install 1.4 features depending on your version – Example below:


New Github Repo containing all of these:

Old method (downloadable .ZIP file:)

To install in Design Studio, download the .ZIP, and go to Tools -> Install Extension to Design Studio -> ‘Archive…’

Addons that did not make the cut at this time:

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  • Hi Michael,

    I am new for SAP DS SDK.

    I am having a requirement to create SAP DS report through code.

    I have looked in DS SDK user guide, but it all talk about creating custom extension for DS.

    But my requirement is to create a DS report from scratch through code.



  • Hi Michael,

    i really appreciate your effort in all your blogs about DS and you really helped me a lot figuring out this tool.

    Unfortunately i’ve got a little problem taking advantage of it. I’m using DS 1.3 and tried to install your Utility Pack which i’ve downloaded as zip file. When i go to DS and try to install it as you’ve suggested, i get the message

    Failed to discover all connectors.

    RepositoryDiscoveryStrategy failed with an error

    Failed to process repository contents

    No repository found at file:/C:/ds_sdk/!/.

    Could you please help me.



  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for putting these together. Big help and much appreciated !!

    I am trying to use the Google Geo-maps on DS1.3 but as I bring in the Geo maps extension into DS, the status bar shows rendering and the applications goes into a bust state where I have to close the application to kill it. The maps dont show up.

    Is there anything I am missing to have the geo-maps working.

    Kindly let me know when you get a chance.



    • Gaurav,

      sorry for the late reply — The Google geocharts component was included as a simple POC answer to an SCN post and is not really meant for productive use for several reasons.

      That hat all being said, I’m interested in the error you are getting nonetheless. The geocharts component uses a CDN approach to include the google geocharts JS lib. Do you have aggressive firewalls in your organization?

  • Hi Michael,

    I installed the Utility Pack and I’m using the Speedometer component but, when I use a script which contains elaborations on this object, I get this error:


    But this error comes up only if I execute the application on the BI Platform. If I execute it locally it works fine.

    What could that be?



      • This most likely is the reason.  Also after installing on the platform, be sure to have the APS servers that run MDAS Services restarted.

        • I had installed the addons on the BI Server. But today I upgraded DS to 1.3 SP01 and I had to reinstall the addons and now it works.



          • I’m experiencing the exact same issue with the speedometer component. We installed DS 1.3 add-on to our BI server, and I’ve got DS 1.3 installed on my PC with the utility pack installed. The speedometer works great when run locally, but throws the above error message when running on our BI server. We have no problem with the SAP standard components running on the server, as some of the pre-delivered SAP Content works no problem.

            Is there anything specific to the utility pack that needs to be installed on the BI Server? Wondering if we’ve missed a step somewhere.


            Solution was for me to read the design studio administrator manual. “6.1.3 Deploying Extensions to the BI PlatformContext”. Steps below were done by me locally using design studio tool on my laptop.


            1.Start the design tool in the BI platform mode and choose ToolsPlatform Extensions.

            2.Select the required extensions that are installed on your local computer.

            3.Choose Install on Platform.

            4.In order to complete the installation process, you have to manually restart the BI platform Adaptive Processing Servers that host the Analysis Application Service. Accept the warning in the design tool.The selected extensions appear under Extensions Installed on Platform.

            5.Choose Close.

            6.Restart the BI platform Adaptive Processing Servers that host the Analysis Application Service.

  • I very much like your package about Design Studio Utility Add-ons and try to apply them in our project, but I don’t know how to modify the add-on function such as disabling the Legend of hichart, by default setup, i can’t do it.  Are you willing to share some experiences or documents for me?

    Thank you a million.

  • Hi Mike, thanks for your great contribution.

    Is there a way to download the Utility pack as project in Eclipse (just like with the samples). It will help to understand the code and customize the components.

    • There is a Github link where you should be able to pull the files down as a .ZIP and extract and pull them into a new DS project in Eclipse.

    • You can download the file again to the same location and file name and go Help -> About… -> Installation Details -> Highlight the addon -> Click ‘Update…’

      Note this will only work if the location and file name are the same.  Otherwise choose ‘Uninstall…’ and then install it again from whatever location/new file name you saved it as.

      Also this gets easier when using a Site Repository distribution technique.  I’ll be posting a blog about that this week as well as changing my Utility Pack over to that method so people do not even have to download stuff, they can just check for updates within the tool.

  • Hi Michael

    I tried to install extension through online and downloaded zip file. But facing some problem

    Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.

      Software currently installed: Analysis Designer (

      Missing requirement: Analysis Designer ( requires ‘ []’ but it could not be found

    please help me in this. I am using design studio 1.3



  • Hi Michael,

    You almost solved my problem, thank a lot.

    Only a thing that i want to ask that i have installed and got custom components in my components list. But it is not showing any component, it is empty, m i doing something wrong? or have i missed something to install?

    Pls help.



  • Hi Michael,

    Firstly I appreciate your great effort in creating the SDK components and making them available for every one. They are of a great help for beginners like me.

    I am using the Maps component that you packaged in the ZIP file. Even after binding a datasource to the map component and having the correct measures and dimensions in place, the map does not show any data. Do you think I need to do something else before I could see the data being displayed on the map?

    Your help is highly appreciated.



  • Hi Michael Howles,

    We have started working on designing Dashboard using Double sided tile component in our project.

    Can we add cross tab component in the Double sided component?Requirement for the project is in double sided component cross tab report has to be displayed.Is it possible?Please let me know your inputs.

    And want to know whether we required any license to include this component in the Design Studio?

    Please let me know your thoughts.


    Siva Sankar

  • Hi Michael

    I’ve downloaded the files and installed the add-ons to Design studio.

    The issue is that I can see and work with them in Design studio, but when I try to preview both in local mode and in the BI platform I don’t see the new components!

    I found out that the speedometer component does not appear when I try and give it auto width and auto height

    Did you hear any complaints about it?

    Any chance of a fix?