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Have you ever faced the situation when it was the last date to fill your timesheet and it strikes in your mind when you just left your office? It happens very frequently with me. And I’m very sure something like this you people must also have faced. So the first question which strikes the mind is why can’t I access my timesheet application from my official mobile or from my tablet??

Yes the question is very justified also, if I’m able to access my Facebook or twitter account everywhere and at any time why not my business application? To answer this question we need something which can be access across the devices and also have homogeneous user experience across the device. Isn’t it?

So what SAP’s answer to this question? yes !! you got it right !!! FIORI.  SAP’s wide range of Fiori apps can be access from various devices, at any time and gives a very homogenous user experience across the devices.


Fiori apps includes a wide varieties of apps ranging from Employee’s app, manager’s app, procurement manger app, apps for sales representatives, all incorporated in one launch pad. 

so does it leads to ocean of productivity? yes it do. With Fiori you can get you job done from anywhere any time. your manager can approve your leave request while having his breakfast or while he is in gym. Isn’t that great!!!

And the best thing which I like about Fiori is that you get the same experience across the devices. So, if you were using it via your laptop you will not get any surprise when you access it through you IPhone for the first time. What is this?? This is never the question with fiori apps.

The Idea behind Fiori really excites me alot, accessing my business apps from any where, any time and from different devices and with same delightful user experince. Is your feeling also mutual with me ๐Ÿ™‚

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