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User-fields in Catalog Tabs of Notifications – QQMA0008,10,11 and 12


Recently I went through a Query, where the subject information was sought. i.e., How to have additional fields for Tasks ?. In fact SAP has provided the facility to have additional fields for line items of all Catalog tabs, namely Item, Cause, Task and Activity. The concerned enhancements are as under.

Enhancement Description
QQMA0008 QM/PM/SM  User Subscreen for Additional Data on Notif. Item
QQMA0010 QM/PM/SM  User Subscreen for Additional Data on Cause
QQMA0011 QM/PM/SM  User Subscreen for Additional Data on Task
QQMA0012 QM/PM/SM  User Subscreen for Additional Data on Activity

.The SPRO setting to have these Subscreen fields is very simple as shown below.

m2 spro.JPG


This documentation is intended to enable the readers to create the Custom fields for the line items of different Catalog Tabs of Maintenance Notification.

For Demo we are taking  the Tasks Catalog.


Create Custom fields in the Notification Table

The tables we need to append with our Z fields are as under:

For Item Catalog — Table QMFE

For Cause Catalog — Table QMUR

For Tasks Catalog — Table QMSM

For Activities Catalog — Table QMMA

The process of creating any custom field starts with creating a Data Element with desired Type and Length or with a Domain name and with the Field Labels we want to have for the Customer fields. For our Demo, we have created 2 Data Elements, namely :

  1. Z_DELAY  – Type DEC Len 3 Dec 1  and Field Label ‘Delay(H)
  2. Z_REASON – Domain TXT40 and Field Label ‘Reason for Delay’)

Because we are understanding this implementation through Tasks Catalog, the table of our context is QMSM. We need to append our Z-fields to this through the Append structure in this Table. So I created an append Structure ZQMSM and assigned my Z fields as under..


As seen in the picture, we have created Two Customer-Fields namely ZZDELAY and ZZREASON. It is essential for all Customer fields used in Enhancement purposes to be prefixed with ZZ.


Enhancement and Screen-Exit

Run Tcode SMOD., Give value QQMA0011 and click on Test.  Here you will see number of screen-exits as under, provided for this purpose. Let’s create the screen-0410 shown below. Also 2 Function Exits are provided for the purpose of Data Export to Table and Import to Notification. (Activate the Exit if found in Deactivated condition)


Refer to document User-Fields in PM/CS/QM Notifications : Screen-Exit QQMA0001 Part2 step4 onwards for details of creating a sub-screen. Remember that  your present table QMSM in place of the QMEL table of that document.

So we have created a sub-screen (screen no.410) with like this.


The input fields should be referred to the Dictionary fields we have just created. (QMSM-ZZDELAY and QMSM-ZZREASON) as shown above.

Activate the screen-painter.


Codes to be given in Function-Exits

Go to the following screen through SMOD.


Double click on the Function-Exit  EXIT_SAPMIWO0_015  and put the following code in the include   ZXQQMU14 .





Similarly put the following code in the include  ZXQQMU14   of the Function-Exit  EXIT_SAPMIWO0_016.





SPRO setting to be done

Navigate to the Overview of Notification Type in SPRO.


Select your Notification Type (Here we are doing it in M2) and Enter the Screen Structure for Extended view


Give the screen number we have created (0410) in the Tasks Screen Area as shown below.


All Done

Let’s see the effect of work done so far.

Create a Maintenance Notification (IW21). Go to Catalogs & Codes  tab –> Give some item details in the Object Part & Damage  tab –> Go to Tasks tab fill a line item –> Select this line –> Click on the Lens icon in the left bottom (shown in the picture.


We see this in the pop-up


Success, Our user fields are appearing and ready for inputs. We get these user fields for all line items we have in this tab (Taks). Procedure is same for other Catalogs. Only Tables and Exits change as detailed in the beginning.

Test it

Create an M2 Notification, Give values to these User fields and Save. Now run IW22  go to the the User-fields pop-up and verify. The values you’ve put while creating the Notification will be seen there. Means the values are now a part of the QMSM table database.

These Screen-Exit documents are relevant to Quality Notification also.


1. As this is largely a Technical job, it is recommended to be developed through an experienced ABAPer,

2. The Environment of Author is ECC 6.0 with no EHPs, hence the document applicability.

Hope this document too is helpful to many of our members.

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