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How to Print in Design Studio 1.3

One of the new features in Design Studio 1.3 is printing.  However, you will want to read the SAP Help, depending on the browser you are using.

The help is at

See page 71:


Source: SAP Help

Since my default browser is Chrome, I use the APPLICATION.print(); code and place it on a button:


It really is “What you see is what you get”.  To print to a PDF, I save it to a PDF instead of printing:


When I print to a PDF the file opens in Adobe Acrobat:



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  • It’s a shame we can’t hide the print button on the printout:




    Still shows… 🙁

    Maybe some @media print CSS trickery on the Button would solve that.

      • Good idea with the @media print

        Here the css code that I tested and works.

        So I tried the following in Chrome > Save as PDF – and it works (the button is not in the saved pdf file).

        I added the following into my custom css file:

        @media print {

          .printButton {display: none;}


        And I assigned the css class “printButton” to the Button Component used for printing (which has the APPLICATION.print(); method in the on click event).

        Additionally I have also hidden a chart which I didn’t want to see in the exported pdf file:

        @media print {

          .ourChartClass1 {display: none;}


        Of course you can write these two rules also as follows:

        @media print {

          .printButton {display: none;} /* hide print button in the printed file */

          .ourChartClass1 {display: none;} /* hide charts with this css class in printed file */


        or like this:

        @media print {

          /* hide stuff in the printed file */

          .printButton, .ourChartClass1 {display: none;}


        Reminder for some: don’t forget to clear browser cache in your browser when adding new css on the go to your custom css file so that you can see the effects of the changes after reloading the page in your browser…

  • Hello Tammy,

    I am running on IE 11 and when i try to print it only generates 1 page and rest of the items are missing if it is more than one page.

    Have you faced that problem ??



  • Excellent suggestion ! I have updated our CSS with entry;

    @media print {.noPrint {display: none;}}

    Now I can select all elements that I don’t want printed in Design Studio and add noPrint to its CSS-class. These will now all be skipped when printing.